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Thanks to @J.T. for lifting this thing on his shoulder and carrying it forward so spectacularly. I'm sure Mr. Pelan would have enjoyed it.  Thanks also for taking on @odessasteps pick. I want to make sure that everyone that submitted a review gets their film reviewed as well so that just leaves @driver to take care of. Unfortunately for him, while Mr. Coales ultimately got to pick his reviewer, Mr. driver is going to be stuck with me. But it is a film I like a lot so it's going to be favorable if possibly lacking in eloquence.

But first other business. When we started this project and the question of chanbara films came up, I said no. I love me some samurai films but it doesn't fit the criteria I had in mind. Sure, there is plenty of sword-play in Chinese martial arts films, especially from the period of the 60's to early 70's, but I view it as an extension of those characters Kung Fu skills (even when there is very little hand-to-hand)  so those films are fine. My review thread, my logic. But. as we have seen a serious loss of steam for these projects in general, I figured what the hell? Let's do it because this thing may be at death's door and there isn't much chance that an edged weapons theme is going to get any traction.

So imagine my surprise when the guy that advocated for samurai films every year picked Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. Now, I enjoy the hell out of that film, I really do, but huh?!! Really??!! That's kind of like picking The Karate Kid as the first film for this project or Bubba Ho-Tep as your favorite Elvis film. I know I said no Akira Kurosawa but that is hardly limiting. Anyway, this isn't meant to be an attack on Mr. Coales. He picked a great film and was rewarded with a tremendous review. But, if we are going to include samurai films then we are going to have some fucking samurai films. So stay tuned to this space as I get that out of my system, then take care of driver's pick and then possibly finish off the two reviews that were meant to be companion pieces to Iron Monkey.

In the meantime, as J.T. has set the precedent, if someone wants to toss up a review of their own, feel free to do so.

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6 hours ago, odessasteps said:

I like thinking outside the box. I think Throne of Blood was my original pick before switching it to Ghost Dog. 

I need to pay to get you a 90 day subscription to HIYAA!! or something.

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7 hours ago, Execproducer said:

Thanks to @J.T. for lifting this thing on his shoulder and carrying it forward so spectacularly. I'm sure Mr. Pelan would have enjoyed it. 

High praise.  This is one of my favorite projects to participate in, so I did not want it to wither on the vine this year..

If we do this next year, you know I am on board.

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