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Thankful that the word out of Japan was that Ben-K suffered a concussion and the injury wasn't worse than it was, but also worried as while digging for more info, the dude seems to have a history of multiple concussions.

And that first unprotected knee to the stomach looked as gross as the clothesline that knocked him out.

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On 12/21/2020 at 2:16 PM, Pete said:


That wasn’t’ even the finish of the match.  About the double knees, Shun went the top rope, performed a moonsault and covers Ben-K.  The referee counts two, then just stops counting.  So Shun went back to the top rope and did another moonsault and pinned him.

Apparently, the planned finish involved a 2.9 count and the ref thought Ben-k was selling and was just late kicking out  (Ben-k obviously never moves a muscle).


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