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Raw 9-16-13


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What's the deal with Dolph Ziggler? I think I know his face from one the Spirit Squad kids but can't name him at all, he's cool though, looks like an 80's guy all orange with bleached blond hair and bumps like a motherfucker.


 BTW why does RVD have his own personal hispanic announcer?

Who's that survivalist looking guy? He kinda looks like Dutch Mantell.


Bayou looking dude was fun. Who's this?

Ziggler was Nicky in the Spirit Squad. He was a super cocky heel until a few months ago (and World Heavyweight Champ) now he's a face who bumps around and loses alot.


RVD's personal announcer is Alberto Del Rio's former personal announcer but they split them up, probably to make ADR more evil.


That is Dutch Mantel. He now is Zeb Coulter an exaggeration of the far right political crazies.


Bayou dude is Bray Wyatt, you need should seek out all of the videos and promos of his, he's quality stuff. Probably my fav thing WWE's got, even over Daniel Bryan Super-face

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Abeyance!  Someone got a new word of the day desk calendar.


Gonna be so many new hobos wandering the streets after next Monday:

- D-Brine, the smelly little shrimp.

- Zig Zag, zigging and zagging through traffic to get to cars to wash their windshields with his pink rags.

- Coffee Can Kingston just standing on the corner shaking his coffee can for spare change.

- "Unhappy Cause He's Nappy" D-Young

- "Will Trade Redemption Points For A Hot Meal" Titus O'Neil

- Zack Ryder

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