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10 hours ago, Greggulator said:

Some dude behind me when I saw NXT live in Asbury was going on about how The Drifter had no charisma.

Dude was getting booed out of the arena. Really great level of heat.

Elias rules. He knows how to get booed and does it really well.

Elias Sampson gets more heel heat than any dude on the main roster.  No one in the building even thinks about cheering that dude.

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Today are tapings at Full Sail? Aren't they also taping stuff in Japan and Australia the next few weeks? I wonder how all of that will be integrated.

Either way, this taping could be a completely fresh start for NXT in a lot of ways, if everyone who's now on 205live including Aries, is gone from NXT.

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Yes - they are taping at Full Sail today

I am not sure what they are doing with the Japan and Aussie shows

Meltzer just said they are taping the show in Osaka and the show in Melbourne - but that could also be for use in some sort of Network special collection

Their next TV taping at Full Sail is Jan 5 so they need 5 weeks of TV (assuming they don't do a Year End show around the holidays)

If they do 3 weeks tonight, Osaka could be one week and Melbourne another

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Just now, Infinit said:

Did they end up taping an episode last week in Ottawa?

Yes - that is the show airing tonight. 

The matches being advertised

* Eric Young vs. No Way Jose
* NXT Champion Samoa Joe vs. Tye Dillinger
* NXT Women's Champion Asuka vs. Nicole Matthews (listed of course as "local talent")

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Some news from Tonight's tapings

Percy Watson returned as the third man on the commentary team

Bobby Roode is the new number 1 contender. He beat Roderick Strong, Tye Dillenger and Andrade Cien Almas in a fatal 4 way. They had 4 1 on 1 matches to see who was in the 4 way. Good match. Joe didn't appear so we don't know if he's going to be the champ that Roode faces or not.

Looks like Sawyer Fulton is out of SANITY.  Wolfe and Eric Young came out the first taping and beat Rich swann and no Way Jose. Fulton's replacement is Big Damo. He helped out Sanity two times.

DIY beat revival clean in a rematch from Takeover. Seems like it was Revival's last match at Full sail. It was real good as expected.

Ember Moon beat Kimber Lee is a decent match. Kimber got in some offense.

Authors of Pain beat Johnny Vandal and Anthony Bowens in one of the most brutal squash matches I've seen in a while. Bowens got legit knocked out when one of the AOP accidently powerbombed Vandal onto his face. I don't think this will air cause they ended the match right there.

No Joe or Asuka on the taping.

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Looking at results,


I'm disappointed if Fulton is already gone from Sanity. He carried himself rather well in group with the creepy grins and how he was the only one who could actually hold back Nikki.

Also with Roode challenging next, Nakamura has to be beating Joe in both of those rematches.


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