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I finally caught up with David Lapham's most recent work on Stray Bullets. Stray Bullets was one of the comics I bought when I was still collecting comics. I'm glad he's still producing it after all these years. His art and storytelling have improved immensely from the early issues. The most recent arc was bloated compared to the original series, especially given it was a prequel, and the obligatory Amy Racecar issues grated after a while, but when it was good, it was really, really good.

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Steve Lightle's son just posted on FB that his father passed away last night after a heart attack. This really is a bummer as I always loved his work, especially on LSH

RIP Mr. Lightle




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Been reading a collection of both issues of Skywald's Crime Machine series from 71. Grabbed it cheap about a year ago. Didn't know until I started reading it that it just reprints a bunch of Avon published Pre-Code Crime comics. Still the 8 or 9 page stories make it perfect quick reading.

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On 11/25/2020 at 10:12 PM, bobholly138 said:

Got in the Complete Neat Stuff Collection. Love it. And almost broke a toe when it fell out of the shipping box and landed on my foot.

I went on a big Bagge run last march during the initial lockdown.  I bought a ton of the trades for a decent price.  

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What would you say are the must read arcs from The Walking Dead? I've had The Walking Dead, Volume 1: Days Gone By, The Walking Dead, Volume 2: Miles Behind Us and The Walking Dead, Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars sitting in my cupboard which I've never read. I also have the first five issues of The Walking Dead Deluxe which I didn't think I'd asked for on my pull list. How's the books compared to the show? I watched seasons 1-3. Thanks for the help in advance.

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I am completely up to date with Attack on Titan. I think the last chapter comes out next month. Wow. So many twists and turns. I have no idea who is good or bad, right or wrong. The story became so big that it could have easily spiraled out of control, but it was gripping up until the penultimate chapter. One of the great manga series.

I also started reading Comico's Jonny Quest. That second issue. Wow. A tearjerker that early? 

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Hit up the good comic shop north of me.

The cheap bins hadn;t been restocked since I was there 5 weeks ago. So checked the cheap/clearence TPB shelf.

Got for 7 bucks each

The One-Rick Veitch King Hell printing

Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book vol 1


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On 3/5/2021 at 4:29 PM, odessasteps said:


I need to put a preorder in for this.  Thanks to Cartoon Kayfabe with Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg, I have been buying up a few  Love & Rockets trades here and there.

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Hit up a good comic shop,you know one that actually mostly sells comics.... and Books a Million.

50 Cents each
Baby Snoots and Uptite Mouse #17
Barney and Betty Rubble #3-Charlton
Devil Kids Starring Hot STuff #60&#65
The Flintstones and Pebbles #18&#33-Charlton
The Funky Phantom #3
Harvey Collectors Comics #3
Hot Stuff the Lil Devil #123,#124,#133
Huckleberry Hound #2_Charlton
Justice League Adventures #3
Pirates of Dark Water #2
Richie Rich #137
Richie Rich Bank Books #30
Richie Rich Billions #5&#21
Richie Rich Collectors Comics #6
Richie Rich Diamonds #20
Richie Rich & Jackie Jokers #15
Richie Rich as Super Richie #16
Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery # 9
Underdog #3-Charlton
Wacky Adventures of Cracky #11
Walt Disney Showcase #30-Reprints a pile of Barks Magica De Spell stories

Then hit up a Books a Million which had a big cart of Comic TPBs,Hardcovers and OGNs on clearance. Used my buddy's member card to get another discount off the price.

Comics Buck each
Avengelyne Power-No clue but I'm stupid and trying to get 1 copy of everything Liefeld shat out while at and after he left Image.
Prophet #5-See above
Razor Vol 2 #7-Says final issue on the cover and being dumb and trying to piece together a full reading set of London Night Studio stuff.
Rock N roll Comics #11-Aerosmith issue
Trouble issues 2 and 4-This is that Epic mini from Mark Millar.

Dakota North TPB-Appears to reprint all of her short lived series and most of her other appearances. Was 6 bucks.
The Dark Tower The Long Road Home Hardcover-Was 7 bucks IIRC
Manifest Destiny Vol 1 TPB-Was marked as used and clearance. So was 3 bucks.
Miracleman Book 1 A Dream of Flying Hardcover-The Marvel version still in the shrink,they had 10 copies,was 6 bucks IIRC.
Starchild Mythopolis II TPB-This was also marked used and clearance. Ended up being a buck.
Suicide Squad The Nightshade Odyssey TPB-Was 4 bucks.

So didn't do bad.

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The other day, a shop had a bunch of early 80s Archie family books and digests in their .25 boxes. Was tempted but not old enough to buy for laughs. 

Bought 2 1980s Tower Thunder Agents books and a late 70s B&B with the Blackhawks and E-2 Bats. This 

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Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1

this issue, when it is remembered, will be known for the drama involving Rob Liefield, rather than its contents. After Liefield left the planned miniseries, Archie Comics downgraded it to a one-shot. Unfortunately, it feels like they didn't change the story at all. It reads like it's setting up a grand mystery involving multiple timelines or universes, because it is pulling inspiration from the numerous relaunches of the Crusaders/Red Circle/Dark Circle line. It's titular hero is represented by three incarnations, so it's supposed to be tough to tell which would have been the long-term protagonist. In actuality, it's not. It's Joe Higgins, the original and most famous Shield. The rest of the Crusaders team gets a brief introductory blip and cameo.

Liefield's art is exactly what you would expect. How you like the art here is exactly how you feel about any of his projects over the last 30 years. Personally, i'm fine with it. A bit static for my tastes, but it was perfectly serviceable. I wasn't specifically looking for them, but i didn't notice any pouches. There's a multi-page fight scene between Shield (Joe Higgins) and some bad guy commandos, including taking down a helicopter, but none of it has any gravitas.

Liefield's writing is very basic. It's done twofold, with Shield (Joe Higgins) monologuing the majority of the issue, but Shield (Victoria Adams, leader of the Crusaders) narrating the other bits as a presentation to her team. It doesn't engross you and there's not really enough there for you to get to know any of the characters, with the exception of the Shield (Joe Higgins). The big secret twist that Liefield quit over seems incredibly obvious (it's not revealed in this issue, but is likely that Shield (William Higgins. i think this is a new character? he's only seen in the very first panel of the comic) is attacking Shield (Joe Higgins). 

Knowing how these Archie reboots go, i'm not expecting a follow-up to this story, although i would check it out.  YMMV if you're not familiar with the characters.

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So couldn't sleep last night,Tuesday,at 6am after cooking breakfast for everybody I sat out on the porch and read some TPBs.


Negative Burn Summer Special 2005-Image

I loved Negative Burn when Calibur was putting it out. But forgot Image published it after Calibur went under. Got this couple hundred page tpb for 3 bucks. Has  a Brian Bolland Mister Moullensan,I doubt I spelled that right,one page strip. And the rest was all people I hadn't heard of ,or ones I knew the name but not well. Good stuff. 

Worth the cheap price. And kinda wanna go see how many issues of the original run I need to have them all.

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