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  2. Ah, Code Red. Okay. I thought they were the same thing (and I remember him busting it out in the E now too). EDIT: I see now, one is a powerbomb and one is a piledriver.
  3. Christ do I love Jim Breaks! I love thart match he had with Adrian Street that hopefully is still on Youtube. Just everything about Breaks is the opposite of what we've been told to think a wrstler should look like the last 30 years James
  4. UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 11: Gustafsson vs. Smith June 1, 2019 Stockholm, Sweden (Ericsson Globe) Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Smith Volkan Oezdemir vs. Ilir Latifi Jimi Manuwa vs. Aleksandar Rakić Makwan Amirkhani vs. Chris Fishgold Damir Hadžović vs. Christos Giagos Daniel Teymur vs. Sung Bin Jo ESPN2 Preliminary Card: Tonya Evinger vs. Lina Länsberg Stevie Ray vs. Leonardo Santos Nick Hein vs. Frank Camacho Bea Malecki vs. Eduarda Santana Darko Stošić vs. Devin Clark Joel Alvarez vs. Danilo Belluardo Rostem Akman vs. Sergey Khandozhko Event Bonuses ($50,000) Performance of the Night: Performance of the Night: Fight of the Night: Attendance: Gate: Cancelled Fights: Nick Hein vs. Luigi Vendramini - Injury to Vendramini (Knee) Bartosz Fabiński vs. Sergey Khandozhko - Injury to Fabiński
  5. The wackiness that is Jim Breaks vs Sayama.
  6. Fridays Arena Mexico show Caristico vs Cavernario at 1:49:00
  7. There's a big difference between only watching WWE and being a "total disciple of McMahonism," whatever that even means. I'm halfway through Double or Nothing. I don't post in the AEW threads and probably won't until the weekly show, because all I ever saw in those threads when I checked them was fantasy booking and people arguing with Thibs.
  8. The Robbie X vs Sean Kustom rematch is almost as awesome as last weeks match. The rest of the wrestling on the show is perfectly fine. ---------------------------- Hey, Ultimo Dragon wrestled in Mexico recently. He looks pretty good and this match is a wreck.
  9. He sold off the entrance gear and entrance in an angle.
  10. Oh good, I'm not going crazy or forgetting something from a match I watched literally a few hours ago. I know he hit it a few times at least in WWE as well.
  11. Wasn't that a Code Red, not a Canadian Destroyer?
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  13. I forgot to mention Kip Sabian's entrance theme being a markout moment for me. The riff is from Body Count's "There Goes the Neighborhood".
  14. Section 217 (my area code) was a little dusty over here too. Thanks for whoever hipped me to that match being on Youtube, besides the Moxley thing that was what I needed to see from this show. The Canadian Destroyer was actually great as a "you still got it" moment. Excalibur and JR seemed fine, production was great, turnout was great, fans getting emotional was great... these guys and gals are taking off with flying colors. Particularly red.
  15. There are 3 CMLL streams on YouTube every week. Most of it is average. Every so often, you get a really good match, like Caristico vs Cavernario this past Friday.
  16. We may have seen the last of the Dusty Classic, which I'd be fine with anyway. HHH has a bigger problem to deal with than taking shots at Cody. He needs to figure out how to stop his father-in-law from destroying everyone he builds up in nxt once they get to the main roster.
  17. I watch the AAA channel on Pluto sometimes, and generally I find their house style to be inscrutable, but sometimes, there's a bloody brawl that's cool or some rudo walks around booting dudes stiffly in the face, and it's entertaining enough.
  18. Ospreay vs. Eagles was awesome. I don't think it's a stretch saying that was Robbie's best match in New Japan. I'm really looking forward to an Eagles/ELP feud. I want tag matches with Eagles/Ospreay vs. ELP/Ishimori.
  19. The question was times Bret faced Dusty, right? I added some bonus Japan stuff when I went looking for possible times that they had faced each other. To be fair, I never went looking for times that they faced each other in the WWF. You could potentially have some battle royals maybe? Hey, here we go: WWF @ Boston, MA - Boston Garden - November 11, 1990 (6,500; 5,000 paid) Earthquake won a bunkhouse battle royal; other participants included: Roddy Piper, the Legion of Doom, Tugboat, Jim Duggan, Saba Simba, Dusty Rhodes, WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart, the Black Demon, Dino Bravo, Demolition Ax & Crush, Tito Santana, the Warlord, Boris Zhukov, Ted Dibiase, Virgil, Greg Valentine, & the Honkytonk Man There's your answer. It's possible? I watched a Hashimoto vs The Barbarian match tonight? It was ok but just ok. Next up is Cam-Am Express vs the State Patrol. Since we're publicly shaming people or something. I've never seen Kenny Omega wrestle. I'm good.
  20. Does this mean at the next Takeover Hunter comes out and smashes the Dusty statue? Also fuck ppl saying WCW effects. If it was WCW they would have had the worst looking HHH mannequin in the chair with the announcers selling it as a real person and Hogan would run over it with a monster truck and they would have spent like half a million dollars on it and the rest of the show talking over everything about it even though it couldn’t actually lead to a match.
  21. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take this. If you're actually curious I mainly just watch WWE and Stardom. I watch other stuff, but there is so much of the other two that I don't get to much else, even stuff I would probably love like BJW & AJPW. Occasionally I'll watch NJPW's AXS show, but fell quite a bit behind (I have quite a few episodes I'll need to catch up on soon). I watch current joshi matches others seem to rank high if I can find them on youtube. Occasionally I'll catch a women's indy match, usually because the talent involved got my interest from working Stardom. With the summer coming up I'll probably make time to start watching older stuff again like I normally do around this time. That has leaned towards joshi the past couple of years (early 90s AJW mostly). May try to catch something else this time around. There is a ton of NA wrestling I have never caught. I really should take advantage of the WWE network subscription beyond current events more and check out whats on there. There is also plenty of lucha libre I've never caught. Feel free to make some suggestions if you have any.
  22. You kinda missed the most important one: Rhodes/Harts/Koko vs. DiBiase/Taker/Valentine/Honky at Survivor Series 90. That to me was the match where Bret became BRET. That final 4 minutes with Bret vs. DiBiase was when he absolutely became a singles star.
  23. The only thing I'll add to the Invasion stuff: I'm pretty sure it was the highest non-WM PPV in history. My opinion is you bring in Goldberg, figure out the finances, put him against Austin and you have the largest buyrate ever that still would stand. IMO.
  24. Angelico has always been kinda iffy. He’s more known for jumping off high places than anything else.
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