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  2. Norwegian Rudo


    If they were only action shots I would be doubtful it meant much, but they're also featured in "glamour" shots at the end. I'd say they're probably in. Not really about the MYC, but someone to keep your eye on is AQA, or Angela, from Reality of Wrestling. She debuted only a few months ago, and had a really good match on the most recent TV show. It's the first match on the show: I hate to say it because it's such a cliche about black athletes, but she's super athletic and also shows a lot of skill for such a green wrestler.
  3. CreativeControl


    And people wonder why CM Punk sucks as a UFC fighter... Add me to the people who don’t ‘get’ Seinfeld
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  5. RIShane


    Asuka's hair looking like an outtake cover for My Life in the Bush of Ghosts:
  6. Niners Fan in CT


    Add me to the people who didn't "get" CM Punk. He was obviously good on the microphone but once the bell rang I saw a dude with average athleticism trying to perform moves he couldn't hit cleanly and who also had a variety of other sloppy offense. I couldn't buy him as an ass-kicker or a brawler and I couldn't buy him against dudes who were not only much larger than him but also quicker and more athletic. A prime example of this is the match vs. Brock Lesnar where CM Punk has an extended stay on offense and it does not look good at all. I think CM Punk works as a cult leader. I think CM Punk works as a chicken shit heel with a big mouth. I don't think he ever worked as a babyface.
  7. Niners Fan in CT


    Mad About You?
  8. Brian Fowler

    Random music thoughts

    I considered those other paragraphs before making my post. Even trying either of those methods, I'm not sure you'd get any meaningful results. I'm not saying definitely don't do it, I'm just far from convinced we'd really learn much about the board on a whole.
  9. Death From Above

    Random music thoughts

    If anyone else wants to to it go ahead, but I'm just going to say I have zero interest in running another best of the decade poll personally. I put in my time and found the lack of participation too frustrating for my tastes, though I am thankful for those who did.
  10. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    thus the following paragraphs
  11. Brian Fowler

    Rock God who Least Looked the Part

    I'll never understand how Glenn in Black Sabbath worked so poorly.
  12. Brian Fowler

    Random music thoughts

    With this really being the decade that "popular" became almost meaningless, I wonder if there would even be enough consensus to bother.
  13. Brian Fowler


    A few years ago a couple guys on the board here had a pretty deep conversation about stoicism in Japanese culture and about Misawa in particular that was fascinating, but I'm not sure if it was before or after the last crash.
  14. Ryan


    At least he jumped through the middle and not right through one of the damn spark streams.
  15. Hail Sabin

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 5

    Hammer and Shields won to set up their 4 title fight at some point.
  16. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    Here is a horrific thing to invoke, that I'm willing to take awful awful horrible credit for: we're kind of running out of Decade here, so I was wondering about how we'd handle a best of the decade thing around these parts. The thing is, I don't know that enough people can justify making a list of like 50 or whatever. If I'm wrong, someone else can do that, because ultimately I don't want to. What I was thinking about doing instead was polling people for interest and submitting a top one-to-three albums of the decade, building a DVDVR Canon of That Decade, and then have people make a ballot out of those records. There's a third option that might give DeathFromAbove flashbacks: we could also totally skip the albums and just do a decade songs tournament. I don't know that I'd be willing to run this. Either way, just things floating in my mind to convince me to be invested in the future. Any thoughts?
  17. Brian Fowler


    Fine, I'll play. Unless he was with Kawada or Misawa, I've never much liked Taue. Not so far as to say he was bad, but I thought he was pretty easily the weakest of the Pillars, and I'm not positive I don't actually prefer Akiyama as well. But I also haven't given him a fair shake in over a decade, and my tastes have definitely shifted over that time, so really I should try again.
  18. Ryan


    That's literally part of Misawa's character. It's a very Japanese thing that I can't due any justice trying to explain. This might help a little bit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaman_(term)
  19. EVENT #50 UFC Fight Night 132: Cowboy vs. Edwards (6/23/2018) - Kallang, Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium)Donald Cerrone vs. Leon Edwards - Cerrone SUB R3 Ovince St. Preux vs. Tyson Pedro - OSP SUB R2 Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Jessica Eye - Clark TKO R3 Jingliang Li vs. Daichi Abe - Li TKO R2 Teruto Ishihara vs. Petr Yan - Ishihara DEC Felipe Arantes vs. Song Yadong - Yadong DEC Rolando Dy vs. Shane Young - Dy SUB R1 Song Kenan vs. Hector Aldana - Aldana TKO R2 Shinsho Anzai vs. Jake Matthews - Matthews TKO R1 Xiaonan Yan vs. Viviane Pereira - Yan DEC Matt Schnell vs. Naoki Inoue - Inoue TKO R3 Jenel Lausa vs. Yuta Sasaki - Sasaki DEC Ji Yeon Kim vs. Melinda Fabian - Kim DEC
  20. Ace


    Add me to the list of people who don't "get" Gargano. I couldn't get into Misawa either. Too stoic.
  21. Brian Fowler

    Hair Metal

    We're way off topic, but I believe I have every officially released Jones era studio track on vinyl
  22. Death From Above

    NHL OFFSEASON (New Season Stars 10/08/18)

    To be really blunt I've paid zero attention to jr hockey in the last year so I have nothing insightful to say about the draft tonight, but it seems like the Oilers did the correct thing so I can't ask for much more.
  23. Ryan

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Cody's going to win the belt and unite it with the ROH and NWA Belts at All In to create a new Triple Crown that no one will give a shit about.
  24. Ryan

    So, How's It Going?

    My aunt is in hospice after an extremely long and grueling battle with aggressive leukemia the past 9-10 months. She was doomed from the start, but they did literally every possible thing(bone marrow transplants, all the chemo, experimental stuff) they could try. Lots of false hope. Depressing as Hell. Any day now she will pass away at 63 after beating cancer 4 times previously, but GETTING cancer a fifth time from the drugs used to beat it. What a fucking cruel joke of a world. All I can do is think of my uncle(the blood relative) and her daughters and super young grandchildren and just barely stop myself from crying. I'm usually okay with funerals, but having been through this type of ordeal before, I dread going through it more times in the future. I don't know how my family copes with this stuff. They're all religious, but when your odds are like 5% or less, no amount of praying's going to change a damn thing. You either beat the odds or you don't. I just hope her suffering ends quickly as this has aged my uncle about 20 years as he was her sole caregiver most of the past 5 months out of sheer dedication to the woman. It's how he was raised, but if you know what all goes into taking care of someone that weakened and on a ton of cancer drugs and chemo all at once, you know exactly how horrible it is. I couldn't do it. I'm not that strong. Not looking forward to the next 3-7 days or whatever she has left if not less. I'm rambling, but felt the need to just let it out somewhere else than with family and friends who already understand. Mental Illness is no friend during times like this.
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