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  2. My problem is that it is too similar to the WWE and has a bunch of WWE cast outs. Like there is a plethora of Indy talent which WWE is also poaching. What should differentiate AEW is having folks that just wouldn’t thrive under the E. Guys like Darby Allin who Vince would look at and not get it. Or a Priscilla Kelly whose shock seductress style would be sanitized like it was in was in the Mae Young Classic. Like AEW has embraced several working styles that aren’t just WWE adjacent story telling. They present the full Lucha style without making amendments to it. They glorify spotfests whether it is hardcore or a bunch of dives. Then you have strong style of Japan or American brawler or technical wrestling. Every other match feels different. But a lot of the WWE guys like Hager carry too much baggage. I’ve seen Hager in Lucha Underground and I have to say that he stuck out. He didn’t fit amongst the craziness and shenanigans of a promotion that was whacky like LU. And in AEW, he is still prototypical in a promotion touting to be an alternative to WWE. And yes, I do appreciate that he won’t be present in matches. But there are big guys in the Indies that just as likely could have that spot like Jeff Cobb, Jacob Fatu, Moose, Alexander Hammerstone, or Tim Thatcher who all may not be as tall but have the added benefit of being active as well. I don’t know. I see too many familiar faces than I care to want to see in AEW. Again, I get that this is the beginning and they are likely to expand but it’s weird I see the likes of Hager, Spears, Rhodes, and to some extent Moxley as kind of redundant because are prototypical WWE cast offs. But this is just a nit pick. Overall the shows have been enjoyable and I say this as someone who never really enjoyed a Kenny Omega or Young Bucks match. I was surprised to see the variety in what I thought would be styles catering to them.
  3. hammer already mentioned it but it is still making me giggle
  4. It could be worse - I could be a dumb ass Pirates fan. ... or a Tigers fan
  5. Today
  6. Even mustache-less Thomas Magnum is drawing fans on the undercard for the Hawaii Hawaii Old Magnum 3-hour block over Smackdown. Vince should raid those writers for Raw, brother.
  7. What they most want are consistent wins in the 18-49 demo. SD is giving them that so far. They'll monitor the overall viewership, but it's not the main concern. Having buyer's remorse three weeks into a five-year contract would be premature.
  8. Cool news though all the details are still being put together. It was great to see Stardom grow and expand on their own but getting acquired by the biggest promotion in Japan cant hurt. With the increase in presentation and production value their business will continue to grow. Keeping them separate yet marketing them together internationally is smart. Doesn't hurt that these girls will likely be looking at better pay, health care, etc that comes with being signed to full time contracts.
  9. Who’s the dude with the Mohawk? He looks like Horace Hogan, Maxx, and Kevin Sullivan fell into a teleportation device together.
  10. Cool lighting effect. I noticed them first at Fyter Fest. I guess this is the new en vogue thing in fighting sports production.
  11. Oh okay, I kept putting the slash after the 2nd spoiler instead of before the 2nd spoiler.
  12. [ spoiler] Spoiler item here. [/ spoiler] Remove the spaces, @LoneWolf&Subs.
  13. Sold it, realized that there's a button combination you can press at the title screen that fixes the framerate, bought back the same copy I sold. Only time I've done that. Great game. Really glad I looked up modern rail shooters and found out about Gal Gun. Sure is something.
  14. Yeovil Town's FA Cup qualifier called off after racial taunts and the other team's goalie apparently hit by missile.
  15. First the haircut and now this? He is breaking my heart
  16. Some of the southern indies would be perfect for this. Maybe give a deal where you just loan the folks out to them, and promise to send bigger names four times a year or something.
  17. And I thought three Fuck Hulk Hogan were bad.
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