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  2. The algorithm is definitely improving. For the longest time, I'd watch hard-hitting matches from Japan and the territories from the 1980s and the algorithm would think, "This guy likes pro wrestling" and send me recent matches from WWE. Close, but no cigar. Now, it sends me random Kurisu and Aoyagi matches. It's learning. It's getting stronger. I'm equal parts happy about this and scared by it.
  3. 14 film giant Fellini set coming from Criterion in November. $250 list price feels a little high to me for 14:movies on 8 discs, even if the box is gigantic.
  4. The Spectacular Spider-Man. Spectacular is right.
  5. Ghost Armor was my stealth armor of choice, and once I start stealthing I didn't switch it even if I alert everyone. So if I was going to just walk into a place and start slicing up people I put on Sakai, otherwise I was usually in Ghost. The Terrifying perk is almost game breaking but so much fun.
  6. Same here. Still remember the WWF and WCW VHS tapes I rented from video shops and the movies as well.
  7. I am shocked -- shocked -- to see Ichiro Yaguchi isn't a partner in the six-man. Does he have church that night?
  8. 2020's KO of the Year in the last second of round two. Cody Garbrandt to Raphael Assunaco.
  9. Is this WCCW with an intro for Japanese audiences? Edit: kinda! "World Pro Wrestling was a TV show in Japan that ran from 1984-87, usually, but not always, weekly. It was never a promotion but was a TV show featuring wrestling from North America. Thing is, a LOT of the footage they broadcast was exclusive to the World Pro show. They ran a Ric Flair vs Ricky Morton cage match never shown here in the US, a Rockers vs Rose/Somers match never shown in the US (from the night that Hansen forfeited the AWA title), and tons of other exclusives, like the only-known full Bunkhouse Stampede match (other than the one from PPV, of course)."
  10. That Shawn Spears match on Dark was the first good squash I've seen him work tbh so forgive me dedicating a couple lines to it. The part where he squashed the jobber's head into the ring post while he screams for mercy was fucking great. The kind of thing I'd expect from Lance Archer but haven't seen Spears doing. Actual viscous looking stuff. This is the tone he needs, hopefully it's something we see more of because without it he's been really dull for me. But you see him do just a couple things like that here and he's instantly 10 times more interesting to watch. More of this shit, you are a heel. Hurt people.
  11. Michael Stevens is my new boy, absolutely loved him. He's right up there with Faboo Andre. Hopefully we get to see more of him again. Also really liked M'Badu. I tried to find anything about them online but couldn't come up with anything, anyone familiar? Wife and I also watched the Women's Tag Tournament. Fairly bummed about the final teams (not just because no Abadon) but that it wasn't...wacky enough. BTE was fairly good. Really enjoying the Dark Order segments, that definitely needs it's own spinoff.
  12. Need to do another run-through but I watched a good bit of it, and actually don't mind the crowdless matches with the sound off now. The announcing without Callis bugs me. Rayne isn't really a poor replacement, I just don't like her. Mathews insisting on saying "Kimber, Lee" every time had me racing for the mute button again. Whichever gal, Hogan or Steelz, took the kicks to the back from Havok before getting dumped completely on her head off the buckles deserved a run-in with some cold spray. I still cannot recognize Curt Hawkins at all. If you told me he was Zack Ryder I would believe you.
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  14. Disappointed to see Wolves knocked out, but Sevilla in the Europa League is tough to go against.
  15. Jun will be at the DDT/Onita's Street fight Club From Dramatic DDT blog: BAKUHA KOSHIEN “STREET FIGHT CLUB”, 25/08/2020 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1. Gake no Fuchi Joshi Vs Pocchari Joshi Full Face To Face Battle!: Miyako Matsumoto & Chris Brookes Vs Yuna Manase & Yumehito Imanari 2. Hage Torongezu Vs #STRONGHEARTS!: Jiro Kuroshio & Seigo Tachibana Vs T-Hawk & El Lindaman 3. STREET FIGHT CLUB Special Match ~Royal Traditions Match~: Jun Akiyama Vs Yukio Naya 4. Street Fight 6-Man Tag Match: Atsushi Onita, Yuko Miyamoto & Rocky Kawamura Vs Takashi Sugiura, NOSAWA Rongai & Kaz Hayashi
  16. The Twitch stream was having major issues but I was able to find someone streaming the AXS version on Twitch I found it right as Wrestle House started. Grace vs. Kimber was solid as was the NO DQ tag. Kylie vs. Taya next week at Wrestle House should be good.
  17. About a 0.3 on the Tamon Honda scale, needs to put some mustard on it next time.
  18. Just found out about Jim's passing and I'm absolutely devastated. One of the nicest men I have ever known, It just won't be the same at The Parlour without him.
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