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  2. Ramo2653


    Yeah it's ok on the FireTV/Stick, I'm more used to PS3/4 now. And iOS is ok once you get the hang of it.
  3. Cliff Hanger


    Based on what we heard today, Rousey is definitely a step down from Tricia Helfer. Loving that Skarlet fatality with the blood spikes. In general they seem a little more organ-y than we've previously seen, pushing even beyond 10's love of the slice-the-vront-third-off-the-skull shot that was in like 4 fatals.
  4. Nice Guy Eddie

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    I believe he left the grounds and may have scored dope. Then, he went back and slashed his wrists with a plastic knife on the hospital grounds.
  5. Death From Above


    I want to see some people put as much thought as all this into the Mortal Kombat franchise, just because I enjoy people having to acknowledge there's only like 3 or 4 actualliy good Mortal Kombat games and a whole bunch of other stuff we just pretend never happened. EDIT: I swear to god I didn't make a new year's resolution to just shit talk old franchises but here we are.
  6. odessasteps


    FYI, For you Sasha fans, she is on the E&C pod this week.
  7. mattdangerously


    Or someone could leave and become a Kenny Omega, because then you look like (checks notes)... Oh... If I were Cody, I'd fax Lanny Poffo an AEW contract that Lanny can take to Vince. Greatest rib ever.
  8. Tromatagon


    Someone ordered that Kenny at a local comic store. I guess you were able to get it through Previews here in the States. They haven't picked it up for months but they won't sell it to anyone else. So there's this Kenny Omega sitting behind the counter that probably only I notice but since I'm a wrestling fan I zero in on that shit every fucking time.
  9. John E. Dynamite


    But they didn't have Eyes on Me! VIII had elements that worked. I thought the game had really solid character design, the writing just wasn't enough to back it up. Here's a silly order to argue. VI > IV > IX > V > VII > III > X > XII > XV > I > VIII > XIII > II. I say this as a guy who never beat XII or XIII and am currently tooling around on XV when I feel like it / not playing through the entire Monolith Soft oeuvre.
  10. mattdangerously


    I get the feeling you're the kind of guy who's already lined up someone to come over and clear out your browser history in case you die unexpectedly. Nothing illegal, just stuff you wouldn't want your mom to see.
  11. Curt McGirt

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Damn, he didn't even wait to get off-grounds? If you hadn't said schizophrenia I would have immediately thought abuse. Darryl... oh man. He had this cheap fake leg that he'd have to basically kick when he stepped to lock into place. He got run over by a van while laying in the road drunk once. Dude was the first true junkie I ever met, on pills. My folks went away to Mexico one summer and me and my delinquent friends brought him over. He promptly ODed on pills, vodka and blackberry brandy and spent eight hours drooling on the floor talking to people who weren't there. Not a good situation.
  12. Nice Guy Eddie

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Wow. That's a hell of a story. I went to high school with a kid that stabbed his step-father to death with a samurai sword. I knew him, but not that well. He graduated the year after I did. He suffered from schizophrenia. The story went that the voices were telling him to kill his stepdad to protect his mother. He was spending the rest of his life in Trenton Psychiatric Hospital when he somehow was able to get off the grounds, then killed himself on the hospital grounds.
  13. AxB

    Feeling Poptimistic

    So, you ever feel jealousy towards a Dolphin before?
  14. I went down the rabbit hole of Mackie/Stan pressers and comic con interaction compilations and I think if they can transition enough of the chemistry they have offscreen in to a show it will be the best of the bunch regardless of story.
  15. Today
  16. Contentious C

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    IMDb says No Holds Barred was directed by Tom Wright, who somehow directed an episode of The Wire. (It was season 2, so those of you who hate that season can go, "Oh, that makes sense" now.)
  17. Curt McGirt

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Heh, close. One of my best friends strangled a 14 year old girl to death when he was 16. He cheated her on a dime, she called him a "cheap gangster wannabe", that's all it took. Left her in a strip pit and later confessed to his pastor. They gave him life. Now Darryl, the Feck fill in, that's a whole nother story...
  18. odessasteps


    I’d think between the music, dancing with the stars and that game show, he might have decent name recognition outside the bubble, even if it’s “that wrestler from dancing or that wrestler with a metal band.”
  19. Nice Guy Eddie

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    When I see Juice, I think Drexl Spivey.
  20. Nice Guy Eddie

    AEW - 2019

    starting at 6:05
  21. But video game nerdlingers.
  22. Knowing who Chris Jericho even is, is Wrestling Bubble talk. Never mind Kenny.
  23. I have a tendency to root for good guys and Mike Kanellis seems like a good dude. Had an aisle seat to a House Show a year or so ago right around when he was celebrating one of his rehab milestones. As he was stumbling back down the aisle after jobbing, I congratulated him on his accomplishment of being clean and he basically broke character to walk over and shake my hand and thank me. I hope he's happy wherever he ends up.
  24. I find it hilarious that Dave thinks anyone at WWE is running around frantic saying "What about OKADA?!?!? We'll look like TNA!!!!!!"
  25. AxB

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Lads, I think Curt just confessed to murdering someone.
  26. "Kenny is a bigger star than Jericho" is definitely some wrestling-bubble talk.
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