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  2. Creative has nothing for them, eh? At least we're getting all the librarian segments we could ever want.
  3. Hasn’t this premise been done before? (Maybe at DC)
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  5. FYI - apparently there is a small little bug for some people where Osiris won't immediately give you new missions YOu will have to keep talking to him and eventually new things will show. (You might even have to leave Mercury and then come back)
  6. The Titan ornament set that came with launch had to be temporarily removed (I don't know if it is back yet) because there was an issue where people where getting overcharged when they purchased it
  7. Tried the bottom solar tree in Crucible. That was not the place to try it. Tried the Bombardiers in Crucible as well. Didn't think it worked out too well. Its definitely more of a PvE perk in terms of usefulness. Thinking it may do well in Gambit using the shotgun. Will try it out tomorrow.
  8. I think they have plans for Kip, just not a plan right now.
  9. They really need to find a way to use Kip and Penelope more. I've been really impressed by Kip so far, and Penelope just adds to the act in a great way.
  10. Started Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame The Tag Teams today. Good book so far.
  11. Impact Motown Showdown from Belleville, MI this past Sunday 12/8. https://www.twitch.tv/impactwrestling/video/518994093 Elgin vs. Cage starts around 2:22 and is an AWESOME hoss battle. What a match. Hard for Sami & Rhino to follow.
  12. You spelled douchebag wrong.
  13. Wait, spiking the ball is a penalty?
  14. I must've missed that. Last week's was the first episode I wasn't fully engrossed in.
  15. I feel like we knew this before Dynamite went off the air last week.
  16. So far everyone in those segments comes off as a mega face. Including MJF although his segment was a bit more kayfabish. Butcher and the Blade will also make their In-ring debut tonight against Cody and.... QT Marshal.
  17. Part 3 of Crisis was the best part so far. That ending was pretty unexpected along with what happened with Oliver.
  18. the Rumble completely turned me off of Becky and I've hated most of her year. the last few months haven't been as bad, largely in part to the Sasha cell match being the first Becky match I somewhat enjoyed this year. Lately she seems just kinda there, and I think this match was a good indicator of Charlotte being far superior overall. 100%. Turned me off Smackdown completely and now he's turning me off RAW, instant channel changer. After a good few years, I think they ruined him last year making him Braun's bitch and then this year even worse with the fake face turn, back to heel turn, ok now this is the real face turn all coming off horribly. His imitation pipe bomb amounted to nothing. Bring back Shane O.
  19. Hasn't Big Swole been a heel so far in the ring? Then they do a promo video on Dark where she comes off like a gigantic babyface.
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