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37 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

@Smelly McUglyI probably should have mulled over that before giving it to you. I was thinking "holy shit that bump was crazy I have to give this to somebody" instead of "holy shit that was a terrible botch and a dangerous idea for a spot that they shouldn't have done". Probably what they should have sat down and thought about themselves. I was also blanking on what to give until I thought of the Blood thread. I'll think up something better for you, what are your blind spots?

NOOOOOO don't apologize! I watched it and enjoyed it well enough outside of that bump.

The point of this project is to watch stuff outside of my comfort zone and to comment on it from my perspective, or otherwise, what am I even doing this for?

You don't have to pick anything else for me at all. I didn't mean to imply that you didn't pick correctly! Please forgive me if that's what you took from my review.

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Backlund/Patterson was one of the best "escape the cage" matches I've ever seen. There was a real sense of desperation the whole time, no fussing about, no trying to wear anyone down, just "I have to get out of here" the whole time. Lots of cheap tactics underlining the no holds barred nature of the match too; the kick to the nuts of Backlund while they were on top was especially mean. Boy did MSG love them some Bobby Backlund. It is strange how over he got in New York, being this goofy collegiate from Minnesota. 

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Its Noah!
My favorite promotion when i used to torrent wrasslin a decade ago.

Nakajima has grown up and isn't Kensuke's little boy any more, Grown Man shit in effect.

Go is embracing his Ace potential.

The crowd is extra quiet coz rona.

Very slow to start Nak throwin kicks, both dudes are stone faced as hell.
Go however is given death stares as they push to the ropes, Nak looks like a bored little shit.

Now they eye fuck, i mean eye fight against the ropes and we get a clean break before Nak strikes, gets reversed and walks away from the corner not gonna let Go get any real offense yet.

Nak keeps up the Heel tactics, and gets three light moves before eating a huge Shoulder Block, and a some chops that drop him

Go corner charge gets countered with a super kick, and then a Missile Drop Kick that my chest hurt seeing.

The Ref isn't being very assertive in the face of Nak's slow deliberate heeling.  The pace screams we are goin long.

And Then we get a leg capture suplex from the apron to the floor and Nak might of hit the back of his head on the apron goin over(I rewound, he didn't just barely)... time for the refs count and at 17 Nak rolls in and Go is in control.

Ref checks to make sure Nak isn't dead yet. Whip reversal and he kicks Go in the stomach. and its Go's turn to writhe outside.

Lots of selling, and deliberate pacing.  Nak kicks Go and starts shurging off some of the pain and is moving at normal speeds and whipping Go into the rails on the outside

Nak got a whole crew out with him, Go looks to be solo.  Go chops the ring post and then gets kicked in the back and then thrown back outside.

Nak goes after the arm on the outside and does some control and hand work on the outside, including some mugging near the announce desk.

Then we get a 19 count, which is poor tactics on Nak's count but we let it slide.  Nak is in control. Slow annoying assholish kicks get Go firing up but not getting anything done.

Forearms in the corner and more kicks to the arm and we are working Right (not left!) Go chops Nak but with nothing on them, and the chops are hurting Go more than Nak.  More kicks to the arm.

Cross arm breaker, and Go gets the ropes.  Nak holds on coz he has till 5 referee.
Crowd starting to clap a bit.  Go gets some space with a second rope shoulder block.  Still can't chop thou without hurting himself, and he goes machine gun anyway and evens out the damage a bit.  a chop lariat gets 2 and Go is in control. hits a fisherman buster of sorts for 2 as well.

Go tryna fight through the pain in his arm, gets a lariat blocked twice, Nak hits an Enziguri and then wraps up Go with an octopus

Go hits a chop and it is like when two big dudes shoulder block each other, its hurts both of them.

Nak with that soccer kick for a 2 count, a Nak suplex attempt is countered with a left armed lariat, NAk gets the brainbuster, and Go answers with a second lariato and both men are down.

Crowd clapping for both men who are down ref is not really counting, and we are 20 minutes deep.

Go with a chop and Nak with a kick and i think its strike exchange time, just paced slower than they used to be.
Commentary "if they don't cave your chest in they cave your soul in"

Test of testosterone content with this exchange of strikes.
You can tell when either man gets a good one by the facials.

Nak finally gets a temporary advantage with a back suplex, but gets Germaned for his troubles, and they are both strugglin to get back up and there is some stoic i am more manly than you kinda shit goin on.

So lets see whos chest plate can take the most abuse some more!

They block each others shot respectively, then we start again.

I am pretty sure this strike exchange lasted the length of a match in and of itself.

and both men are down after a hard shot each.

Three snap super kicks get Go lookin crazy eyed, Nak tries a suplex and gets countered into a Go Flasher.

Lariats countered with kicks to the arm, then an arm bar!
Transitions into a modifed cross arm breaker

Go gets the ropes again.

Go blocks the charge in but eats some kicks while sittin on the top rope.  Nak with the rana attempt, and they both almost falling off the ropes to the outside.
Nak throws Go to the guard rails and Go replies comin out with a lariat, and now both are down on the outside.

Nak in at 19, Go is being gentle with his arm, until he uses it like a club with a huge discus chop to the back of the neck, then a strange back suplex variant, almost a regal plex but instead of goin up and over he just does a back suplex.

a Go Body slam and moonsault gets knees to the belly welly from Nak.
Nak with a running kick as he tries to get his wind and hide the damage he has taken.  The simple low energy high reward strikes are nice.

Then Go gets a slap combo and a big kick and Go might be out!
Nak shovin the ref out of the way as he does some ground and pound.
Go looks like he is smilin as he takes the forearms to the face but its more like he got them crazy i ain't dead yet eyes.

Go with a titty twister as he climbs to his feet, just to eat a Nak Brain buster and a deep cover for 2!

Nak is incredulous, Go has glazed eyes

Go hits a sleeper suplex, some elbows and a lariat for 2, and Go is trnya fire up.  Body Slam moonsault combo attempt #2 and he hits it but can't cover right away and only gets 2~!~
the polite covid crowd is going the 2020 equivalent of banana!

Another few Go lariat with the 3rd turnin Nak inside out gets 2 as Nak gets the ropes.

Elbow pad removed, wind up and lariatoooo gets the dub for Go.

This match could of compressed the action down by about 10ish minutes in my opinion but it was good.



My watch through!


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5 hours ago, Smelly McUgly said:

 I watched it and enjoyed it well enough outside of that bump.The point of this project is to watch stuff outside of my comfort zone and to comment on it from my perspective, or otherwise, what am I even doing this for?



I really like this perspective. I certainly don't think a match needs to be flawless, or great, or even good, to be worth reviewing. From my perspective, the most interesting version of this project is the one in which the widest possible variety of matches are being reviewed. Our boy @NikoBaltimorestill seems bummed about picking that Taker vs Show match for me. I did not like (nor did I hate) that match, but I had a blast reviewing it, and really enjoyed figuring out why it neither blew me away nor pissed me off. 

This is germane to my review, because the match that @Matt Dgave me is definitely not a great, or even a particularly good, match by most standards... but I love that he gave me that match, I loved watching it and thinking about it, and it's exactly the kind of thing that makes participating in projects like this worthwhile.


On 12/6/2020 at 11:50 PM, Matt D said:


@El Gran Gordi, my friend, have you ever seen the Battle of Atlantic City?


I think it's kind of a miracle that this footage exists, and is available online. I couldn't even find a listing for this on Cagematch. It is, more or less, a WWWF house show from Atlantic city, but it's not a handheld. The camera work is professional quality and Gorilla Monsoon is commentating. (And Gary Cappetta is ring announcing)! Was this perhaps a practice run for Gorilla joining Vince in the booth?

Now: I just f'n love Andre the Giant and one of the things I love about him is that he can work so many variations of the "giant" character. I love rampaging heel Andre and I love BFG Andre and I love everything in between. This is a chance to see some "Late 70s babyface house show main event Andre" which is not something I think I have seen ever before. I am utterly stoked before I push play.

From a purely selfish perspective, I could complain that we don't get quite enough Andre in this match. The lion's share of it is worked with young Teddy DiBiase in the Morton/Kikuchi role, and it is a showcase for the heeling and stooging of Baron Mikel Scicluna and - to a lesser extent - "Gentleman" Jerry Valiant. Neither of the heels are at their physical peak at this point in the careers and both of them do that classic 70s-style flat-back bump where there is a split-second pause between the strike and the fall and where they sometimes spin around so that they hit in the "soft" part of the ring while slapping the mat with their triceps judo-style. It's very nostalgic for me.

They heel it up tremendously: Pulling the hair and tights, exposing the turnbuckle then covering it up, a blatant low blow and a ton of eye-rakes on Andre, and -again and again and again - Scicluna using a "foreign object" that he keeps hidden in his tights. It is delightful. For the most part, they work all of this expertly with referee Dick Woehrle, so that it seems reasonable that the ref can't clearly see what's going on, though he clearly suspects that something is.

This really riles up the crowd. Apparently the building is called "The Steel Pier" which is a great name for a wrestling arena. The crowd are the best thing about this match. They just go nuts in response to the old-school heeling. When Andre uses his long reach to allow DiBiase to make a hot tag, they jump up and down and dance in the aisles with delight. When it turns out that Woehrle missed the tag and must order Andre back into his corner, they are molten with rage. (That happens twice. Also, the heels clearly switch out without tagging, and the ref just lets it go because he didn't see it). Woehrle is the best at being the worst.

As I said: From a purely selfish perspective, I could complain that we don't get quite enough Andre in this match. But, in terms of working the crowd, we get precisely the correct amount of Andre. Whenever the crowd has clearly had enough, Andre steps in and busts things up. He eventually goes after Scicluna's "foreign object" and clocks the Baron with it, and gets away with it because Woehrle didn't see. Classic "turn about is fair play" stuff.

And they just keep teasing this crowd. Andre's house afire bit is extremely cathartic, but he cuts himself off by missing a charge into the corner and we actually get a Giant in Peril segment! 

After all of that, the ending is very satisfying. Just classic old school in-ring storytelling, perfect for its time and place.

I loved this. I might give it two stars, if that was my thing, but I loved it. 

EDIT: Also, w/r/t the Backlund vs Patterson cage match, here's what Patterson had to say about it:

“I told Bob before the cage match began—when I go for the door, or I go for the top, I’m going to dive for it and it’s going to be like a shoot Bob—so you better grab my fucking leg, or I’m going over,” Patterson remembered in Backlund’s autobiography. “And Bob was like damn, Pat, are you crazy? And I said no that’s what I’m going to do to make the match. But I had a blast with him—because when I’d hit him, he’d go down, but he wouldn’t stay down, because while he was down I’d be jumping up over the top trying to get out and he had to pop up and chase me to keep me from going out. Or another time, the door was open, and I was like, ‘Let go of my leg, let go of my leg,’ and as soon as he did, I would dive out the door and he’d catch me at the very last second, oh, it was awesome.”

That quote is from this article, a pretty damned good look at Patterson's career.


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I thought they went too long on the heat segment with Dibiase. Just kept waiting and waiting for that tag. Also, after watching JCP it felt like the work was really loose (as were the ropes). The crowd certainly ate it up, though. 

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Shiozaki/Nakajima was long but I think they paced it properly to go the distance. It seemed like they wanted to do their version of Kobashi/Sasaki, which were their mentors after all, and that isn't a match I'd like anyone to try and remake but this was much more tolerable. The stiffness was just incredible. There was a kick directly to Go's jaw at 46:15 that I had to rewind half a dozen times. It was so brutal that it actually topped Go's chops. When Nakajima was laying in those forearms and the ref was trying to pull him off, I honestly thought he should have called the match whether that was the plan or not, or at least start calling the ten. It looked like a legit knockout. And then of course Go gets up again and they do the finish. I guess I can accept it because his comeback was strong enough. I mentioned before that Go is really trying to be the new Kobashi and this seals it. Nakajima didn't heel it up as much as I expected but he brought the stiff for sure. Much better than the Go/Fujita stare-fest early this year though about the same length. 

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Forgot to mention them but the Scottish announce team for this NOAH stuff are awesome. Anybody got their names or any info about them? They even translate the Japanese when guys are on the mic which is impressive. 

They also reminded me of the Welsh commentary on one of the matches that I think I watched for the last Secret Santo haha

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I love the sports style commentary. I actually really enjoyed Shiozaki-Fujita and Shiozaki-Nakajima, both felt intense. Haven't seen Shiozaki-Suguira yet. 

The commentators are Mark Pickering and this other gentleman whose name I'm having a bit of difficulty learning: 


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On 12/6/2020 at 5:23 PM, moribund said:

@NikoBaltimore Here's something short and sweet that I think will satisfy the Territorial request: Maximum Jerkwaffle Tully Blanchard working a squash match on TV while JJ Dillon sells tickets picture-in-picture style... 


D'oh!  Forgot to post about this especially since it's a quick one.  But damn do I love Dillon hyping up Tully and the upcoming match while also throwing shade at Mulkey.  It was three minutes of Tully beating the tar out of a pale rag doll while he's talking shit about Dusty the whole time.  I honestly think the Mulkeys won that one time as a reward for doing so well at getting beat up in matches like this.  But while there's been squash matches that were way more competitive than it should be this was an effective way to do it and get their point across.  I think today's wrestling could use more matches like this.  Thanks for the pick.

And I will put this out there to kind of narrow things down but whoever gets me next I have a particular request.  I heard so much about the Four Pillars and while I may have seen some matches over the years I'm looking for one that would be an absolute must-watch example of what they were about.  And if possible a quick synopsis of things leading up to it would be nice too just so I know what I'm getting into.  Thanks in advance.

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On 12/7/2020 at 6:08 AM, NikoBaltimore said:

@moribundDamn, that is short and sweet.  Thanks, I'll check it out soon.  In the meantime since it's pretty much fair game I'm hoping this is something you like.


Thanks @NikoBaltimore, you landed smack in the middle of my most glaring blind spot: Lucha Libre. Considering I've spent most of my life in California (and was born & raised in SoCal) I have probably just admitted to some sort of wrestling crime - a misdemeanor at least.

At first, just looking at the competitors, I thought I had seen this before but that was actually the Mask v/ Hair match between Eddie/Barr & Octagon/Hijo so I am essentially going into this blind. Having watched it I can sum up my reaction as follows: I am completely confused, but oddly delighted.

I simply do not have enough knowledge of either Lucha conventions or the individual competitors (except for Eddie) to make heads or tails out of most of the match: Who won the first fall? Was there a first fall? Did those two refs have a beef? Why did Art Barr attack Eddie while wearing Hijo's mask? Why so much standing around? Does Lizmark always botch his first high spot? Will Octagon ever actually follow through on a dive? How long has Heavy Metal been hitting Hijo in the family jewels, and will Hijo catch either him or Art in the parking lot after some strategic icing?

I am so confused, but had a great time getting there.

Niko, did the fact I picked a Tully match weigh at all in your choice of this match? I ask because while I haven't a lot of Art Barr but he obviously had that "You are going to pay money to see me get punched in the face: Hate Me" skill that Tully had. What a tool. What a shame.

My biggest wrestling related takeaway is that Hijo Del Santo has that same native smoothness that Barry Windham had. Even though I don't actually come away with a good understanding of this particular match I am absolutely struck by that seemingly effortless way of moving he had. Super impressive.

My other takeaway is the delight in the commercials that remain attached to the footage. Why yes, I do want to save 15% on my international calls every Saturday. Thanks AT&T! And what about those poor people in the Penthouse of Death?!

Oddly enough, there is a commonality for me in watching both the commercials and the match: I'm left using my vaguely recalled High School Spanish trying to understand both the commerce and the match announcers, and my imperfect understanding of the language of Lucha leaves me just as short in my understanding of the match.

Thanks Niko, that was cool.

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On 12/7/2020 at 5:42 AM, Octopus said:

Thanks @AxB! I’m excited to check that out.

I was having a hard time deciding what to throw at you. I had a few in mind but I feel this is the the one.

Shinjiro Otani vs Daisuke Sekimoto from last year.

 The Ring Announcer is wearing a Bracelet that's a replica Title Belt! Shinjiro Ohtani is disturbingly middle aged! His hairline has now receded to the point that you'd think he was a Monk with a tonsure. The only other Daisuke Sekimoto 2019 match I've seen was vs Chris Dickinson, and that ruled as hard as anything has ever ruled. Daisuke backs Ohtani into the ropes and chops him on the break, and stands there with his chest out ready to get chopped back, so Ohtani single legs him and goes into a standing kneebar thing. I really liked that, because it's a wrestling commentary cliche to say the smaller man can't allow himself to get sucked into a striking battle, but very few wrestlers ever actually incorporate that concept into the actual match story at all. Whereas this, the idea that it's a Powerful Striker vs Intelligent Technician match up permeates into everything they do. And the strikes, they are powerful. The guys look pretty crimson to start with, because of the ring lights reflecting off the bright red canvas*, but Ohtani's chest marks up early, and just gets progressively worse throughout.

 Ohtani is a bigtime babyface to this crowd, and he's really milking them for all they're worth. He takes like a full minute between setting Sekimoto up for the bootscrapes in the corner and actually doing them, because he's just cheerleading the crowd to get louder for him the whole time. Then the expected, inevitable striking battle breaks out, and Ohtani adopts the bizarre strategy of running into Sekimoto's chops, presumably in the hope that he'll hurt the guy's hand with his chest. That... doesn't go well.

 Don't you just love a match that establishes it's story early on, and then just continues telling the same story throughout the escalations of intensity? Rather than one that has the early limbwork, but then turns into a big move spectacle where nothing before the "It's Go Time!" spot happens? Because this is one of those. It's like Ohtani looked at Sekimoto during the introductions and thought "That's a nice left leg, I think I'll take it home with me". Whereas Sekimoto is more of your pure power Kill! Crush! Destroy! type of guy, only he's out of a Puroresu Dojo so he's technically sound and can do a beautiful bridging German Suplex.

The match is very slightly edited where they've clipped out a few early sections of nothing happening, but it looks like that's only a few seconds. There's also the copyrighted entrance & victory music being dubbed over with generic royalty free stuff, but it's YouTube, innit?

But basically, this is a really good match.

* Never could get too invested in Green Mat NOAH, because I hated how they all looked either like they were ill, or they were aliens, thanks to the verdant upglow.

Edited by AxB
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I really fucking liked that match. The only thing I wanted was for Ohtani to go back to the leg for at least a hope spot close to the end; if he did that it would have been elevated into greatness. As it was it had an old guy approaching Dory Funk levels of hairstyle eating and receiving slaps and chops from the biggest piece of beef in Japan in years, and suffering for his vanity. I love that shit.

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Pat Patterson/Tony Atlas/Ivan Putski vs Peter Maivia/Wild Samoans 2/3 Falls 5/19/1980

Oh boy, Vince on commentary. Solo too.

Quite a few personalities here. I suspect the 2/3 falls is so both teams can drop a fall and have the 3rd end in double dq or count out.

It's a break to start. Crowd is loud, I've seen a few MSG shows from this time period on the network. Tony Atlas defies gravity on a dropkick. 

I love the referee giving the Samoans shit and them in turn talking shit to Vince.

Patterson is good on the apron illiciting sympathy for Putski, Atlas is a little too over the top for my tastes but I guess the people in the cheap seats got their monies worth. Putski is kind of an idiot, backing Sika I believe into the Samoans corner. 

Atlas makes a hot tag but Maivia cuts him off momentarily. Then he begs off and really is concerned when Patterson finally tags in. He rolls him up for the first fall to a huge cheer.

Second fall starts Maivia begins stalling and fakes a handshake. He misses Patterson in the corner big time. An assist from one of the Samoans stops his momentum. Odd slingshot spot that looks like a cue was missed by Atlas. Patterson then sling shots him into another Samoan who has poor timing to get in there then. 

They stomp on Patterson in the Samoan corner. He can't even stand up and Afa drops a headbutt for a two count. A second gets Maivia the second fall after the samoans distract the referee from Putski tagging in. 

Final fall starts off with Patterson still down. He counters a Irish whip with a big boot and both are down. Crowd dying for a hot tag. Maivia and Patterson collide in the middle of the street. Sika tags in. Patterson crawls under the Samoans legs and tags in Putski. He staggers both Samoans with a flurry of shots before tagging in Atlas.

After a quick string of offense Atlas pins Sika despite Afa trying to break it up. They headbutt each other and it appears to be on the verge of breaking down completely before Finkel announces the winners.

I was unfamiliar with the work of all these wrestlers. These MSG shows are entertaining, I watched a few earlier this year from Billy Graham's and Bob Backlund's reigns. I was surprised the stipulation wasn't to allow cheap 50/50 booking. Fun match, took me well out of my knowledge base. Thanks to @Morgantifor the pick. 

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14 hours ago, moribund said:

Niko, did the fact I picked a Tully match weigh at all in your choice of this match? I ask because while I haven't a lot of Art Barr but he obviously had that "You are going to pay money to see me get punched in the face: Hate Me" skill that Tully had. What a tool. What a shame.

I wish I could say that was the reason but it was more just a happy coincidence. Glad you liked it. 

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Everyone did great last week. I think these are all new pairings for this round.

Six String Orchestra
Smelly McUgly

El Gran Gordi

Matt D

Curt McGirt


Nick, I'll get you something later today. 

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@Six String OrchestraLet's watch some late-stage AWA together.

I saw this match awhile ago while doing a random watch of '80s AWA on YouTube for no particular reason. It's messy, but I enjoyed it well enough, so I wonder what you might think about it. There's some talking at the beginning and the match is under twenty minutes long, BTW: The Road Warriors vs. The High Flyers. 


Edited by Smelly McUgly
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Ok @NikoBaltimore,  here's something we came across recently. Starts around 8:22.

It has some of the usual strap match issues, but less than you'd think. 80-81 babyface Flair had a sort of connection with the crowd and energy he'd never really have again once he calcified into what he would be throughout most of the 80s and this is a very good example of that.

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@AxB, my dude. You’re write up was great. Crappy week turned alright but still busy week pushed my review back. Aiming at watching your match tomorrow after work. 

I’ll pick something out for my friend @Curt McGirtthen as well.

Thanks guys. Excited to get some more wrestling in.

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Asian Cooger (a/k/a Kuuga) has been my drinking buddy since 2009. I first met him on his excursion to the west coast of Canada and America in 2003. He's a great guy and a great pro wrestler, a living legend on the Japanese indie scene. My favourite thing about him is that he always goes all out regardless of the size of the crowd. Here, he does his signature senton atomico in front of a smallish crowd at an ECCW show in Bridgeview Hall in the suburbs of Vancouver. I've seen him do it in front of literally twelve people (back when Osaka Pro used to run shows literally every day, and there had been a typhoon warning).

The ref in this match is SLAM wrestling Hall of Fame member and Canadian indie mainstay "Vicious" Verne Siebert, who is one of my oldest friends. The announcer is Scotty Sweatervest and I imagine there's a reasonable chance that his very nice wife, Stacey, is operating the camera. 

The only person involved in the match that I don't consider an actual friend is Cooger's opponent Scotty Mac (I have met him a few times and he seems to be a good dude as well). 

This match was from the tour where I first met Cooger but for some reason I couldn't go to this show (which also had a Bryan Danielson vs. Chance Beckett match on the undercard), so I was thrilled when someone sent me the link for this video. If you try to search for "Asian Cooger" you can get a lot of non-pro-wrestling NSFW results. Also, his name often gets spelled "Asian Coogar" or "Asian Cougar" which can make searching for his matches even more difficult. ]

Anyway, of course I loved every second of this. I'm looking forward to your rambling random thoughts as a kind of second opinion from someone without any irons in the fire:




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And i shall provide them. Tomorrow when i watch. Anything in particular you want me to hunt down? Coz my bread and butter is goofy shit. But I'll find stuff that i like and want to share song the lines of what my dance partner would enjoy. 

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Hey @AxB I leave this here for you:

Katsuyori Shibata has the NJPW NEVER Openweight belt and has been roughing up the Third Generation (arguably not as bad as Inoki worked them over from behind the scenes... end snark) and the last one in his sights is Yuji Nagata. I'm hoping I guessed right here and this is in your wheelhouse.

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5 hours ago, Morganti said:

And i shall provide them. Tomorrow when i watch. Anything in particular you want me to hunt down? Coz my bread and butter is goofy shit. But I'll find stuff that i like and want to share song the lines of what my dance partner would enjoy. 

I am a glutton for goofy shit. I was a regular at Osaka Pro for years 😁 Give me something that will make me laugh out loud, or at least shake my head, and I'll be happy. 

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