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  1. If Flair is wrestling anywhere it needs to be either Zona 23 or DDT.
  2. @Zimbra, sorry to hear your wife is also recovering from surgery. I look forward to the match you sent me, I have seen so little of both WCW and WWE's c shows.
  3. The worst part is Sting still won't see this coming.
  4. Was he? I saw mixed reports. I don't doubt you, just never saw it confirmed by anyone reputable.
  5. It's not too surprising that NXT isn't working. There is no set call up plans, they mix international and indie wrestlers with performance center trainees, and it tried to compete with AEW so they couldn't focus on developing talent. Is it meant to be OVW/FCW or is it a third brand? They seem to be wanting it to become a developmental brand now. If there is such a disparity in goals then perhaps it is best to jettison the talent hired under HHH's original vision and quit with the round peg/square hole drama this current set up has caused.
  6. Some classic Muto/Muta BS vs Kiyomiya. Guy is a drain on NOAH if he doesn't eventually put Kiyomiya over big. At least that youngster Ogawa got to stand up to him today. I just have no faith in Muto to do the right thing here and until I see it, it just feels like a waste. That aside, Marufuji-Sakuraba was fun and worth checking out. The strike exchange segment was fun due to Sakuraba's charisma. The Jr tag title match was good and Hayata vs Yo-Hey was ok. N1 should end with Kaito pinning Muto but Kenoh and Nakajima feel in the mix.
  7. I'm a little concerned that we're headed to a repeat of that weird period from April 2020 where there were no fans again. That was rough. I was thinking during the NJPW today, didn't Tokyo just post a record number of new cases in a day?
  8. I feel like Inamura was meant to win this. I could have seen him beating the winner of Sugiura-Tanaka for the Zero-1 title. Oh well.
  9. Show today was worth watching if you have enjoyed NJPW this year. The send off matches were what you'd expect. Tsuji-Naito was slightly better overall but I liked the finish to Uemura-Okada better. Uemura just not quite there yet, so close. Did it ever get confirmed exactly where they are going on excursion? I've heard both are going to Mexico but I don't follow lucha so I have no clue what the state of the scene is. I presume it'd be CMLL then. The two six man tags after are skippable. The LIJ-Bullet Club match did not convince me EVIL is a credible challenger. The main event for the NEVER Openweight six man tag titles was excellent and if you watch nothing else from this show you should seek it out. It's long and if you hate the long NJPW main events then stay away. I thought they told a good story. LIJ issue a challenge afterwards. These belts have been elevated by the CHAOS run with them.
  10. Chris Dickinson? That'd be my pick. He's a NJPW Strong guy and he wrestled Moxley at Bloodsport so there is a slight connection.
  11. I remember thinking Roman was set up pretty good with Rusev, Strowman and Bray as future long term rivals in 2015. Boy was I wrong.
  12. @Zimbra, did you ever get a chance to watch that ROH match I recommended? Either way, here is a change of pace from that: There is some hardway blood here but it's a glorious beat down by Kingston on Shane Storm from Chikara.
  13. Olympic record shattered but my phone won't embed the tweet.
  14. Kiyomiya-Nakajima from the Kongo vs Noah show was really good. Kenoh-Kitamiya was good and Alejo looked ready to challenge for the Jr title. I'm hyped for Marufuji-Sakuraba. Should be an interesting contrast. The Jr tag title could steal the show, Ohara/Harada is a fun team.
  15. Jeff Jarrett vs Josh Barnett for the next Bloodsport
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