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  1. I'm trying to watch some of the other Cyberfight companies shows prior to Cyberfight Festival. TJPW's Yes! Wonderland show was excellent. I really liked the #1 Contenders triple threat, the Kamifuka-Noa and Tatsumi-Yamashita. I had only seen Shoko Nakajima and Yuka Sakazaki before, I liked their Ultimate Party 2019 match so that convinced me to watch this show.
  2. I actually just watched my first Ganbare Pro show the other day! Bad Communication 2021. It was ok. I wasn't sure what to expect, I do not know what their deal is. Too bad they aren't on the main show but Cyberfight really loaded it up.
  3. It feels like April 2020, when everything was pushed back or cancelled. I'm enjoying the no fans DDT Tag League. Afraid it'll get axed too.
  4. Super Sasadango Machine and a very reluctant Danshoku Dieno challenged Sugiura-Gun to a tag match at Cyberfight Festival during the DDT Tag League Night 1 show today. Honda-Brookes vs Akiyama-Oishi was fun. Akiyama facing off with long time members of DDT has been great.
  5. I watched Ospreay-Shingo last night. It was really good but I could see the length kill it for some. I'm not sure if it was better than the NJ Cup Final, I'm leaning towards this one being better. Really hope Shingo actually wins it at some point this year. Had to watch it since Papa Dave gave it 6 stars. I don't agree with his ratings lately but this was excellent if you like the modern epic style main event.
  6. Re-subbed to Wrestling Universe today, I'm looking forward to Cyberfight Festival and wanted to brush up on everyone. Just watched Sugiura-Fujita and Kitamiya-Muto. I loved Fujita-Sugiura, I felt it was a strong style-esque grumpy old men, it was great. They said this was their first singles match, hopefully it isn't their last. I felt Muto-Kitamiya was Muto's best singles match so far. I hated the Kiyomiya match but this was much better. Enjoyed Muto having to use his veteran instincts to get the upper hand against the younger, aggressive Masa. The kneeling figure four headbutt di
  7. I just don't find any of their titles to be interesting at the moment. Both sets of tag titles are trapped in repetitive feuds. I was looking forward to Tanahashi holding the openweight title and that's over. Without the ability to bring in talent from overseas their jr division is stale. I don't find Ospreay interesting. I also like Great-O-Khan though.
  8. I watched White-Tanahashi. It was what you would expect from this match up at this point. It did not need to be that long though. The crowd seemed into it all the way through though so at least the live crowds are enjoying the current 'epic' main event style. I don't buy White-Finlay as a big rematch. I'm expecting something like Jay White defending vs Ibushi at Dominion or Grand Slam Tokyo Dome as well but maybe I shouldn't overlook Finlay getting a reign? It'll be a good match I suppose so I can't complain much.
  9. I gotta be honest, when I think of a Hulk Hogan fan I just mutter to myself "ok boomer". The quintessential wrestler for that era but hoo boy, I don't think Thelma and Louise drove any straighter off a cliff.
  10. Yeah, it is so bizarre to see Yano go from teaming with Iizuka as a brawling duo to a master of chicanery. I always love it when Yano gets matched up one on one with his stable mates. There is no reason Ishii or Goto should fall for his BS, so they don't. Yet it puts him at an advantage against guys like Moxley or Tanahashi. The perfect spoiler.
  11. I'd start a best comedic wrestlers thread but not sure how much interest it'll draw. The Jun Akiyama-Danshoku Dino match got me thinking about just how difficult it is to make it as a primarily comedy wrestler you still buy as a threat. Yano is another one but he was serious previously.
  12. Has anything been announced for the May 15 show? Since Ospreay isn't defending the heavyweight title and White just winning the openweight title, no big title matches are set up. With everyone off Dontaku due to COVID-19 precautions so close to it, I wonder if they can even use those wrestlers. Guess it's Master Wato's time to shine.
  13. I don't get the attitude era. Seems like Jerry Springer on steroids. Bad wrestling, trashy storylines. I guess you had to be there but I have enjoyed looking back on other eras and appreciating them for what they are. It's a big part of why I'm embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. I hate mentioning I like pro wrestling because the late 90s WWF is what 99.99% of the population thinks of.
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