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  1. Anyone here have NicoNico? It's so frustrating following BJW on BJW Core. I really wanted to see the Death Match Survivor semi finals tomorrow. I believe it is airing on there in some form.
  2. I wasn't allowed to watch it until mid 2002. My first few memories are Smackdown during Heyman booking it and the TLC from Raw Roulette. So I was super into the Smackdown roster until about 2004 when I got more into ROH and other indies.
  3. AKIRA vs Nolan Edwards is probably my favorite death match of the year, from Masters of Pain 2021. Crazy brutal match. I had only seen one match of us since he missed all his Wrestlemania shows. SHLAK vs Shane Mercer was also nuts, a junkyard match on a trailer and old car outside. I think overall TOS 666 was better. Edwards, Alex Colon and G Raver did this a week after it though!
  4. I say Jake vs Shuji but there is no good way around this. That would have been my choice for his first defense if Jake beat Suwama. Hopefully Suwama can rest and recover but it doesn't sound good.
  5. Now would be a good time to run Kiyomiya-Okada... but that'll never happen. I'm unsure what the covid protocol is in Japan right now. If you have to quarantine 2 weeks regardless then no one will give up 2 weeks in America for 1 show in Japan.
  6. It really depends on who is available. I assume Jay White will defend the Never Openweight title but he was originally to defend versus Finlay, which didn't strike me as a big match up. I am guessing it'll be six matches total and Shingo/Ibushi is the main event. Really need something different on the undercard.
  7. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/vince-mcmahon-and-wwe-sued-selling-stock-while-failing-disclose-collapse-middle-east-deals?utm_source=TW-Fightful&utm_medium=Fightful Wrestling News&utm_campaign=dlvr.it Curious what, if anything, comes from this.
  8. @Curt McGirt, I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully sharing that here with us helps in some small way. There are 12 step programs that are non religious, if that helps. They aren't nearly as common though but maybe there are some nearby via zoom/virtual meetings. @Justin877, I'm glad it worked for you. I didn't mean to disparage all meds but for me I felt medication always was a step back.
  9. I can totally see Dave getting busted like Dark Helmet with AEW figures by Alvarez. "No Dave, I didn't see you having 5 star matches with your dolls again"
  10. Yeah, there is no clear way. If you used PayPal, then you're good. I wouldn't expect getting referred back to the DOA promotion to get any results.
  11. If you pre-ordered their show then it sounds like you aren't getting any money back. No surprises there.
  12. Yeah. The only Muto match I've liked was the Masa Kitamiya defense, it had a decent story and was his best paced. If the goal was to get eyes on Noah then I guess it's a success. Go's reign was great and it felt like per usual with the GHC there was no plan to end it.
  13. It's made all the worse now because he can't move. Marufuji looked afraid to even touch him at Cyberfight Festival. But there were people on here that wanted him to win the GHC back before the Go match.
  14. I can't see how much lower you can get then Ian Rotten trouncing you. Aries or Ki? Drake, stop it, get some help.
  15. I enjoyed his match against Nick Gage from the GCW/BLP show a few years back. Effy seems to excel at death match wrestling and it isn't for everyone.
  16. As I said on discord, at least it wasn't Marty Asami. Kong would pull all sorts of shenanigans then.
  17. I was on Lexapro for a month. Never again. That was the worst. Didn't help that there was miscommunication somewhere and I got prescribed the max dosage. That, Zoloft and Prozac are the three worst things I've ever been through. Feel for you on that, I'd be terrified.
  18. Wasn't the excuse for not following up Revolution in 2019 that it drew worse than any other PPV? I'm not agreeing with not doing another mind you, I just recall that going around.
  19. I figured Vegas=Moxley but that is the match I'm more looking forward to.
  20. Gotta be Nick Gage vs Jon Moxley on that then. Could be a fun weekend.
  21. Wrestling needs more grumpy old men. I love the old baseball stories of guys beanballing someone in a charity game over some slight from 30 years ago.
  22. I've only flown once, in 3rd Grade, before 9/11. I'd be so lost trying to even board a plane.
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