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  1. @Matt DThanks for organizing this! My apologies to everyone, I'm a week behind and not likely to be able to catch up with the two viewings until the weekend. Will have write ups by Saturday. Outside life went a little meat-grindery the last 10 days. Thanks to everyone who has widened my horizons, professional grappling-wise.
  2. I'll narrow it down: Lucha or World of Sport would be dope, but I'll take just about anything with the exception of modern deathmatches (just something I feel like avoiding these days).
  3. @NikoBaltimore I'm sending some more All Japan your way this round. While I am light on some of the intricacies of the promotion, I can relate some small amount of background about this match which features 3 of the Four Pillars of Heaven on one side in Misawa, Kobashi, and Taue. Opposite them are a trio of elders including the long standing ace of the promotion in Jumbo Tsuruta. The new generation is about to demand its due, and the old generation is not going to give up anything without being seriously surly about it. Someone is going to get some respect beaten into them by the end of the ma
  4. Thanks @Curt McGirt. This was really, really enjoyable. The Piratenkampf stipulation is fantastic. I love the way these guys work the tension spots as they try and grab the flag in the middle and close of the match. This ended up making me think repeatedly about a ladder match rather than a chain/strap match. With the flags in elevated positions and the wrestlers joined at the wrist the chain becomes the limiting factor on victory. Have they worked over their opponent enough to make the climb? I thought this worked so much better than most ladder matches where people make the sloooooow cl
  5. Here you go @Curt McGirt. This isn't perfect by any means, but it does have Bobby Eaton being king-sized. What's that saying about a good sauce hiding a multitude of sins? Bobby Eaton is that sauce.
  6. Lucha, World of Sport, anything European, US Indies, Japan outside of NJPW/AJPW/NOAH. Will early WCW and/or Mid-Atlantic stuff still work for you?
  7. @Matt D thanks for this. Even without your Cliff Notes I was able to follow the match a lot more easily upon first viewing than the previous trios match (supplemented by looking up some rules about what constitutes winning a fall regarding captains and so forth in CMLL), but watching a second time your comments gave me good insight into how the match structure was playing out. The ironic thing is that during my first viewing I somehow (spoiler alert) TOTALLY missed the low blow to Mistico that led to the third fall and originally thought "That's it? Giant set up for the captains to face off in
  8. The odds of me finding something you haven't already seen are absurdly long @Matt D, but here is my shot: It was that or just grab a random Nick Bockwinkel match so you could tout his greatness (no sarcasm intended at all). In fact, what the hell:
  9. Liked them both @Morganti. I am a sucker for ridiculous feats of strength, so if I were handing out stars Castagnoli/Lee would get 3.5 of them automatically just for Claudio's absurd press-slam of Lee into the cage. Great clubbering and meanness (though short of sadism) from Lee, excellent babyface fire and comebacks from Claudio. Really appreciate Claudio's choice at the end to go for the decisive victory instead of the the victory by escape. The Osaka Pro match just goes to show that people only THINK they hate mimes. What they actually hate are first year drama students in turtlen
  10. Mighty kind of you @Morganti. Three things I need to see more of: British Wrestling (World of Sport, but I'll check out something modern as well). Lucha Libre, but preferably singles or trios that have training wheels on them - think of matches you could classify as "A Young Person's First Arena Mexico/Apuesta/Trios". Mid-sized/small Puro Feds: Osaka Pro, DDT, Dragon's Gate. I'm woefully short on viewing these guys. ...and a general category: Any match where the heel gets their just deserts, as in "Yes, I paid money on a Saturday night to watch you reap what you have s
  11. @Morganti Full pomp and circumstance on display for Genichiro Tenryu's Triple Crown defense against Terry Gordy. Someone is going to get hit real hard...
  12. Thanks @AxB, I'd never seen this particular match. I don't think I've gone back and watched any of the Sting/Vader matches since I saw them originally when they were current. My brain's a little short on executive function this week so I'm going to bullet point this one: - I'm guessing Sting had had juuuuuust about enough of Harley's BS at this point given that he scoop slams him as the very first action of the match before the bell even rings. - If I could take one thing from this match and magically have it transferred into current wrestling it would be the crowd interactions.
  13. Hey @AxB I leave this here for you: Katsuyori Shibata has the NJPW NEVER Openweight belt and has been roughing up the Third Generation (arguably not as bad as Inoki worked them over from behind the scenes... end snark) and the last one in his sights is Yuji Nagata. I'm hoping I guessed right here and this is in your wheelhouse.
  14. Thanks @NikoBaltimore, you landed smack in the middle of my most glaring blind spot: Lucha Libre. Considering I've spent most of my life in California (and was born & raised in SoCal) I have probably just admitted to some sort of wrestling crime - a misdemeanor at least. At first, just looking at the competitors, I thought I had seen this before but that was actually the Mask v/ Hair match between Eddie/Barr & Octagon/Hijo so I am essentially going into this blind. Having watched it I can sum up my reaction as follows: I am completely confused, but oddly delighted. I simply d
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