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  1. Someone on Reddit dug up the summerslam promo that the audio was actually from.
  2. We get a Horseman vs future horseman match! For the NWA tag titles! Jim and Tony on the desk JJ Dillon on the outside. Lets hook em up! The crowd is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT Lex is an early house of fire hitting a great pair of clotheslines and then an awesome Powerslam on Tully Torture rack EARLY and Arn is in to break it up goin right after the leg. Luger is an underrated seller in my opinion. Squirmin, writhing and generally making it look like its dying Arn and Tully have some of the best "miss communication spots" Windham has great punches and gets the hot tag hitting an awesome lariat and an awesome power slam before he slaps a sleeper on Tully! He holds on all the way to the floor! I bet Arn gives a great neck rub... which he gives to Tully before they get back in the ring. Tully does a flair tribute getting caught on the top. Barry locks Tully into the abdominal stretch and Arn breaks it up, gets tagged in, and hits his awesome DDT for 2, and a high back drop on Barry for 2. Knuckle Log pin sequence leads to Arn crotching himself. And we are 5 minutes deep and they have worked a sprint! Tully in and gets some back and forth before a high cross body from Barry for 2! They do some rope running and we get both man down! We get a great headlock->head scissors->bridge from Tully and Barry. Barry hits a sweet ass suplex but can't put the horseman away. Southern style tag matches are great. These dudes are selling everything like its death. Slingshot suplex only gets TWO! and the crowd is apoplectic! Windham finally gets the hot tag to Lex! Arn bumps and feeds for him and we build to a great double noggen knocker! Luger hits a shoulder block but then gets his momentum interrupted by a Tully knee to the back. Lex hits a sweet powerslam, it breaks down and then JJ brings in a chair... that Arn promptly gets run into. and Lex pins him for 3 and NEWWWWWWWWWWWW Champs!!!! The roof is blown off! Man Classic NWA (the rap group and the wrestling promotion) is so good. They went out there and condensed a 20-30 minute match down to a 10 minute sprint to get the crowd rocking! I would like to imagine that afterwards they all went in the back and pounded a 6 pack each while counting the money. This is a great example of how to put over your babyfaces without killing all the heat of the heels. JJ Dillion tried something and it failed. Even jumping into the ring to try and stop the pin but just missing the ref. So much good selling that is just over the top enough to play to the lights but subdued enough to not be HBK vs Hogan. Speaking of, Lex kinda hits the ropes like Hogan does and now that I have seen it I can't unsee it and now you can't either. Thanks @Jimbo_Tsuruta
  3. Anything. Literally anything. I'll grab you something fun. Maybe a macho man match!
  4. There were dispensaries here in California that set up clinics and gave pre rolls away.
  5. El Hijo Del Santo vs La Parka First things first, this is my first El Hijo Del Santo match ever. Lucha in general is a blind spot of mine. MY primary exposure to them was via WCW crusierweight action back during the monday night wars. All regional forms of wrestling have an underlying theme. It was written on this board someplace that lucha is all about manliness. Let us see how manly our stars can be. We start off hot and heavy with El Hijo teeing the fuck off on La Parka. There is some obvious hate being displayed here. Like the amount of hate being shown usually only comes up when one dude stole money and the wife AND the mistress. They brawl to the floor, Parka eats a post shot and is sellin and stumbling generally making El Hijo look like a world beater. They get back in the ring and there are 2 refs, that shit means it must be serious business. El Hijo breaks out the RUDO tactics and teases stripping the hood before BOTH refs are like dude, it was just your money and the mistress not the wife.. Santo's second trips up La Parka after a weird exchange but then the second get scolded and is like "hey man i did what you asked why you yellin at me?" It looks like some dissention in the faction and then Santo kicks La Parka in the laps of the front row. La Parka has yet to get any offense in, and The son of the saint hits a diving sholder block and a camel clutch for the first fall. La Parka' mask is torn. El Hijo del Santo is actin like the rudo in this match and just anger and hate and beating the shit out of LA Parka... Another awesome post shot to the face of La Parka and then the Ref is out to fuss a little like dude. get it back in the ring! Post shot 3 and 4 follow and the crowd is very polite and a submission attempt and LA Parka still has gotten no offence in. He looks like he has no machismo in this match. Headbutt and submission attemp for more wearing down of the skelleton. an ugly lariat and some more ground and pound and then some BITING! Everything About this makes LA Parka look like a chump without context. But its only the 2nd fall. La Parka is defending his mask but still getting no offense. The he gets crushed by a tope into the first 3 rows of seats. Santo tosses his back in the ring and climbs to the top... La Parka counters and stomps the shit out of Santo, finally getting some offence in about 10 miuntes. It is the approprately violent response the the ass kicking he has been taking up to this point. Just tossing him into the ring post and the stands and you can feel the "I didn't sleep with the wife OR mistress you dumb bitch, it was obviously your sister and her girlfriend" levels of return hateredd as they brawl outside the ring. The Paint bucket introduced and used ruthelessly to pound a now BLOODY El Hijo del Santo, who's mask is ripped to expose the cut and since both guys are in white and silver the crimson it obvious and vibrant and dripping everywhere and your inner vampire is very happy. La Parka repays that 10 minute asswhoppin with intrest and early payments because now Santo is the one lookin like he slept with La Parka's mom, sister, and wife and is paying for it in blood. La Parka bites the cut then hits a snazzy suplex in the ring before a back brain kick and locks in the surfboard that gets countered, and the counter also gets countered before a BIG body slam. Blood is literally all over the ring. Both refs count a pin fall, but Santo kicks out at 2. Top rope rana gets the 3 for fall #2 an we are all tied up but one of the competitors is bleeding, the other is covered and we go into fall #3 La Parka looks like he just butchered a cowm and drags Santo out to the edge of the ring, hangs him by the ankles, and slams his face into the apron skirt a few times to make the blood really flow. Commercial break interrupts the match flow but you can graps what happens as La Parka is forearming Santo's kidneys, then tossing him crorner to corner and the crowd is finally starting to cheer for Santo who makes his combacks with a nice headscissors and then a bloody tope through the corner. The refs are counting and the seconds are encouraging Santo to get back in the ring who does, followed by La Parka diving in to JUST beat the count. Santo tries for the Rana into the pin fall and gets 2. Victory roll gets another 2 count. Santo is going into his technical bag but La Parka hits a nice drop kick and tope himself and the blood is literally running down Santo's body like a red river. El Santo sneaks in and locks in a submission holding on to the mask, then another that gets countered and we are still in a more technical bag. Surfboard attempt number 2 turns in to a pinfall attempt that only gets 2. The interesting thing is both dudes trying things they tried in earlier falls.. El Santo dropkicks La Parka to the floor, climbs to the top rope and dives. Very basic but considering he looks to have lost a pint its obvious that these guys are digging deep to try and put the other away. They trade pin falls which work as psuedo rest holds as they both exert as little energy as possible with the kick outs and attempts to wear each other down La Parka runs shoulder first into the post, then they fight on the top rope for somethin... and double crotch each other! In a battle of manliness hurting your nugs brings you both back to normal. one of the refs rolls Santo onto La Parka to the shock of the crowd but only gets 2. Some roll ups get traded and the front of La Parka's gear is basically transparent red. One ref gets bumped, nut shot, count, bumped ref recovers arm drags the other ref, counts to 3 and makes Santo think he won but no! He Saw the Foul! Santo is pissed and now we have a full on donny brook. Santo's henchmen beat up La Parka and his second while Santo runs away, proving that he isn't as manly as La Parka because he needed to kick another man in the jimmy junk. I still don't understand lucha, but I do understand blood and hate and vile villany. And this match had lots of it even with a confusing Rudo/Technico structure. I kinda wanna know the backstory of this feud. Thanks Curt~
  6. @Curt McGirt How about Road Warriors v Midnight Express
  7. For those aware of hip hop beef. See 50cent vs Ja Rule
  8. @SirSmellingtonofCascadia Sabu vs Disco Way back when, someone once described ROH era Homicide as a hardcore brawler in a technical promotion who eventually developed the technical skills to hang with the 'house' and Tommy Dreamer as the reverse, a Technical guy in a hardcore brawling promotion who developed the skills to be just as hardcore. Disco is a WWF new generation type gimmic in a transitional WCW. He was great in the crusierweight divison as the flashy overly gimmicky version of what Dean Malenko eventually becomes. Sabu is someone who could work in literally any promotion with as a hardcore high flyer. The stage is set for these two to hook them up on an early nitro! Disco's theme still slaps hard. Sabu is all business Dsco is dancin... Sabu dives for the feet a few times and then slaps Disco before hittin a springboard back elbow..then a springboard dropkick and his pose point for a 2 count Sabu with a hair mare and a beal before more dancin then a clothesline! and his disco point pose. Some chokin on the ropes workin on the count and commentary is putting both dudes over. Mongo on commentary makes me happy. Disco misses a splash, and pays for it with a springboard flip leg drop for 3 for Sabu! Sabu isn't done, Easy E Eric B calls Sabu Nuts Sabu jumps over the ropes and hits a seated senton that looks more like Disco powerbombs him. Disco is up first and worried about his hair, Sabu sprints down the isle with a table! Sabu hits a great lookin jab to set up Disco on said table... then jumps and the table does not fucking Break. Sabu gets heated and tosses furniture around and we go to commercial! I love Sabu. He is the right kind of batshit crazy that wrestlin needs. @Gordberg Danshoku Dino & Yoshihiko vs the Golden Lovers DDT is very much a Morganti wrestling promotion, much like Chikara, they bring the wacky but back it up with great in ring performers who go ALL the way in on the gimmic and the internal univere logic Dino and hte Doll are out first. The champs come out second, and kenny is in trunks not the long pants, as this is pre NJPW pre bullet club pre best romance angle ever. Dino looked a lot slimmer back then. We get some hand shakes from Ibushi but a slap from Yoshihiko to Omega! Dino and Ibushi start things off... Dino offers the hand again and suckers Ibushi in for a kiss and a pin attempt! Then like many a persoin would like to... goes for Ibushi's hog and tries to tag in Yoshihiko before Ibushi breaks and tags Omega. Side headlock and we are Dino is feeling out and getting into the heads of but would prefer the pants of his opponents. Yoshihikoi is legal and Kenny looks shook...but calms himself and goes for the handshake... Yoshihiko kicks away the hand... Crossbody for 2 and Omega stomps aways and gets a back breaker but is countered into an arm drag... Ibushi stops the Yoshihiko dive attempt and gets booed! The Lovers are now the biggest heels in the business. Ibushi with a figure 4 on Yoshihiko, but its reversed! Kenny comes in to reverse the reversal and we get a rope break... Ibushi with a very intimate chin lock on Yoshihiko and then a big back suplex that Ibushi takes right on his neck because he doesn't love his neck like he loves Kenny.. Dino breaks up a pinfall after some awesome striking from Ibushi and now we ge a cartwheel splash from Yoshihiko after a running dick tap from Dino. The challengers are in control and i have a big grin on my face watching. Double dropkicks sends Yoshihiko into the fuckiunbg bleachers (the doll handler fucking yeets Yoshihiko like a damned frisbee) Dino is in peril! Side note, Omega's green and yellow scheme is kinda jarring after watching Modern Omega in the blacks and silvers... Disrespect from Omega to Yoshihiko on the outside as he beats on Dino. Some nice chops and some dick based offense generate a warm tag from Yoshihiko...including sweet chin music then the doll handler gets kicked in the face... then a sweethigh speed prawn hold thingy for 2... Dino is once again in peril and hes literally working for 2 people and you love it because its serious buisiness while being completely wacky... Yoshihiko saves Dino from a lovers double splash off the top... Then hits a sweet ass Space Flying Tiger high angle double moonsault to the Omega on the floor and you are sad because that move isn't in fire pro.. Omega goes for the Stop sign enziguri but gets hit with the kiss of submission! Then the kiss of death! Ibuishi from off frame hits a sweet ass missle drop kick but gets caught (catching Yoshihiko) with a cross body We get double count and Yoshihiko gets up at 9! Kenny breaks out the video game throws... first we get the Final Atomic Buster! then the Tekken Giant Swing... The giant swing has busted open Yoshihiko and we have a handicap match. So many things Kenny does to add "panache" to things look silly at a glance but speak to his kinda 'Video Game character' gimmick... like his little run in place before hitting the ropes. Its things like that that differentiate him from so many other people Dino is in peril and the Lovers are workin him pretty good.. Omega dropkicks the knee, tags in Ibushi and Ibushi with an Ankle lock... Lights out... Undertakers Dead Man Walkin theme hits! Yoshihiko returns like Terry fuck Funk all bandaged up but riding a fucking tricycle and wrestling fans you pop like the road warriors are comin. The lovers look a little worried as Yoshihiko enters...Double Chokeslam to the lovers Anticipation builds and Yoshihiko with the heat seeking missle dive! Dick piledriver gets 2!~ Assised Yoshihiko Destroyer! Dick driver attempt 2... Ibushi with the save! Omega with the pinfall while still stuck head to junk...but only for 2.. Yoshihiko and Ibushi exchange strikes! Omega breaks up the gentlemens fight...Powerbomb to Yoshihiko! Omega goes for the hadoken but hits Ibushi! Hadoken Germen Suplex pin broken up by Yoshihiko but a double Hadoken takes him out. Dragon Suplex from Ibushi to Dino only gets a long 2 count. Yoshihiko gets pile driven into Dino's dick... and then a double 450 gets the win for the Lovers! This match was pure sugar and all 3 humans (and the doll handler) in the match deserve all the flowers for making a compelling match with a blow up doll work... even if some of the things can take a wrestling purist out of it. They work so hard. I love the Golden Lovers Post match we get a Dino promo Yoshihiko has lost an arm.. Show of sportsmanship... then Yoshihiko is bleeding out! then the Italian 4 Horsemen show up and it looks like they are challenging the Lovers or scolding Dino or... I dunno somethin. Its very angry sounding and my japanese is 20 years rusty (i failed it first year in college twice) Kenny speaks... the Yoshihiko was killed!! Assassinated by the Italian 4 Horsemen! Revenge has been promised and Kenny's music plays as we get a sad double hadoken of Yoshihiko guts into the crowd.
  9. First off let me get this off my chest. I fucking love the new day. They are me in a nut shell being geeky black dudes. With that being said. Big meaty men slappin meat is one of the best most useful phrases to describe hoss fights I've ever heard and still use it to describe matches to my wrestling loving friends to this day. That and meat festival.
  10. It's Goldberg. Came up on the pod pre pandemic.
  11. The New Days genuine love for each other as brothers always comes through no matter the medium.
  12. @SirSmellingtonofCascadia I bring to you two of my favorites if this is too long I'll go find something shorter I'll get both reviews up Tuesday I had a rona scare and a party and am planning my 40th birthday party so was whelmed.
  13. Cena disrespecting Roman got me all kinds of excited.
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