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  1. Also Pandas! Is a great random thing to have on a shirt
  2. I remember reading about WCW not making lwo shirts in Eddie's wwe published book.
  3. I actually saw the one at universal Hollywood. It was under construction but it's right near the Jurassic park and transformers area.
  4. Abado!!! Doo doot doot dooooo. I love me some Cena
  5. I'll be time looped Sting. Hanging out in the rafters and nose bleeds, occasionally dropping down, dropping a gem or two of some random insight, then hitting the scorpion death drop on some fool and vanishing without further explanation.
  6. I love Foley Orton and Foley Edge. I even liked the tag with Edge a lot. Foley Edge was definitely a "moments match" but i genuinely think Foley Orton was legit great. Especially with the alt commentary that was on the foley dvd.
  7. That is the textbook definition of yeet.
  8. Almost accidental Renaissance right there.
  9. Back when i still worked for GameStop, some of the crew would treat fire pro like a figure fed. We would make like a billion customs and then they would get stoned and we would all commentate the bots. Now that i also partake in thc i kinda wanna do it again. Maybe as a twitch thing
  10. All this action figure fed talk reminds me of the actual story of the first smash bros.. its a kid playing with their toys.
  11. Shhhhhh. The fact that ruthless aggression is being treated like it was damn near 20 years ago... Oh oh wait... It was? Shit.
  12. Bringing back the legends roundtable but talking about the 90s would be awesome. Even if it makes us all seem old.
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