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2019-20 NBA: Halftime

Dolfan in NYC

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I think the Capela / Covington trade is kinda like the 95 Rockets trading Otis Thorpe for Clyde Drexler.  Rockets had no power forward for the rest of that year, ending in the 6th seed, but put it all together for an all time run in the playoffs.  In this scenario, however, Harden is Hakeem and Russ is Clyde.  And, uh, I guess there's no power forwards or centers.  And, uh, I guess RoCo is nowhere as great as Clyde.  And there's no pissed off Vernon Maxwell being pissed off for no reason.  Actually Vernon was always pissed.  That's why they called him Mad Max.  Best dude to follow on Twitter, mainly on how he constantly shits on Utah.  So what was I saying?  Clutch City Bay-Bay!

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