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FEBRUARY 2020 Wrestling Photos

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Kickboxing is hard to judge because, you know how in Boxing there used to be one World Champion per weight class, but now there's like five or six World titles in every weight class? Kickboxing is like that, only with triple figures of belts. There are kickboxing World Champions who are the best kickboxers in the world, and there are kickboxing World Champions who might as well be backyard wrestlers.

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1 hour ago, nofuture said:


I was like "Okay - someone clearly photoshopped Belichick in there" but then I saw that Triple H was the one who tweeted the fucking photo.

Btw - for those wonder, the blonde women in the hat is Belichick's girlfriend. The other blonde woman is SI Swimsuit model Camille Kostek who is also dating Gronk.

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