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Mark it down people. Today is the day WWE started to fade away and be classified as obsolete.

The booking wasn't terrible on the night but they never should have had this awful card to begin with.

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Orton/Wyatt was horrid, but still, Orton shouldn't have won.



Aries/Neville, Styles/Shane were fun.

I liked the ending of Rollins/HHH


Also, nice nostalgic moment with the returning hardys, but I felt bad for the other three teams who more than likely got informed last minute none of them were having a WM win.

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The storylines for this show had been set into motion for quite a while now, but just because you can see the destination doesn't mean that it's a worthwhile place to go.  In many situations the outcomes could have been a lot worse than they were, but like LWP said they shouldn't have had such a bullshit card to begin with.

The CW match probably benefited from being on the preshow as it got a decent amount of time this way.  It was great outing from both guys and Neville's heel work is really on another level now.

I realize the Battle Royale doesn't mean anything and is just a way to give the lower card guys a Mania payday, but that was the least interesting result that could have happened.  Something tells me NFL Guy agreed to be a part of it as long as his pal got to win, or Mojo said he'd get him to be a part of it if he got to win.

Corbin/Ambrose really needed some NHB/street fight stipulation to make it more interesting, especially given the buildup.  It wasn't a bad match, just not something that felt like it should be on a ppv instead of the weekly show.  Corbin really should have gone over.

Shane/AJ was about as good as a Shane match could possibly be.  AJ did an admirable carry job and they didn't try to nonsensically overdo anything.  

Owens/Jericho was as good as you'd expect from the two of them.  The right guy won.

The Raw women's match was solid but the eliminations all seemed really abrupt.  It could be that I'm used to these long, drawn out finishing segments with submission escapes and lots of finisher kickouts.  I didn't buy the top rope elbow a sa finish, then post-match they mentioned Savage/Steamboat so I guess it was a tribute for that.  The lack of heel turns or other shenanigans was surprising (saving it for Raw maybe?) but it's good that they kept it clean.

I marked like a motherfucker when the Hardy's music hit.  They weren't doing the Broken gimmick but it was still great to see them.  I couldn't pay attention to most of the match due to dealing with some work shit, but it's good they won.  While neither of them are in their prime any more, they're still able to go and are a better option as champs than any of the other teams so them serving the transitional role is all well and good.

The Miz's vs The Cenas segment was mercifully short.  Not much of a match, but then again no one wanted to see that and it was basically all just a setup for the proposal bit (which they also kept thankfully brief).  

HHH and Steph look like a suburban couple who watched Sons of Anarchy and decided they wanted to do the whole "biker thing" on the weekends.  Then again that's probably not far off.  The match itself wasn't awful but was way too long.  I'm already dreading tomorrow night's tedious promos.

I can excuse the hookey bullshit of Orton/Wyatt when you look at it in context of the whole storyline, but the match itself didn't deliver.  The ending seemed really awkward.  And fuck Orton, he shouldn't have won.

Brock/Goldberg was exactly what it needed to be and probably the best they were capable of.  That leapfrog Brock did was quite impressive.  Hopefully this is the last we see of Goldberg.

I almost forgot about the SD women's match.  Naomi winning was predictable but this was another case of entrances being longer than the actual match.  But hey, they had to get the musical spots and blue angels flyovers in there.

Undertaker has been one of my favorite wrestlers since I started watching wrestling in 92 or so.  He's looked awful the past few years (tonight was no exception) and should have hung it up a while back.  Given how unpopular Roman is people are going to shit on the ending, but I'm glad it shook out the way it did.  Roman just needs to go full blown heel now.

Has someone calculated how much of the show was taken up with people walking down that obscenely long entrance ramp?

Where the hell was Samoa Joe?  When he wasn't in the battle royale I figured he'd be on special teams for one of the other matches but not a peep out of him during HHH/Rollins or anywhere else.

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Wrestlemania itself needs to just be a festival. Everybody's there for the weekend anyway. Have a two night deal with like 6-7 matches a night, this is just too much to expect people to endure all in one go.

Props to Steph for taking that bump, though.

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This wasn’t a bad Wrestlemania (remember last year, everybody?), I think, and I’ll come back here to be positive about the Best Friends match and the women and all the other good stuff at some point, but man oh man did I hate the Triple H/Rollins match. I, like, got legit sad during and after it, that’s how much I hated it. That was just boring nonsense to me; I really wish Triple H would stop. At least the Bray match had some LOLs. 

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Hardys are tag champs, Angry Neville is still the CW champ, and THE GLOW captured the Ladies title.   That's all I care about.  Everything else can go pound sand.

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Jericho-KO was good but not great.

The tag match was ok. I was excited for the Hardys but they came out to that Team Extreme nonsense and abandoned the broken gimmick so that ended up blah. Matt definitely kept doing Broken mannerisms though. Without the broken gimmick the Hardys are going to fade out real quick though.

Shane-AJ was good, but no better than most AJ matches.

I hated Triple H-Rollins. You cant sell a leg all match long and then decide your comeback is going to be a buckle bomb that involves you running across the ring with a 300 pound man on your shoulders.

Lesnar-Goldberg was pointless but the spear through the barricade and the Brock leapfrog spots were cool.

Wyatt-Orton was garbage.

Reigns-Taker was awful.

The 6 pack womens match was forgettable as they didn't even take the time to build up to anything.

The Raw womens 4 way was good but had weird timed eliminations.

The mixed tag match was garbage and the Cena proposal dragged the entire card down afterwards because the crowd hated it so much.

Overall, I'd say WWE should've signed Keith Lee so he could've continued his weekend of amazingness.




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First half was decent.  Second half was a complete and utter shit show, borderline horror show.

Two title matches were garbage.  Crowd was dead for Taker/Reigns and Wyatt/Orton.  Total complete fucking waste of the Rumble win on Orton.  What was that weird video production shit that went nowhere?  The cut out the nuts of Bray Wyatt yet again.

Reigns vs. Taker was horrible.  Taker should've stopped after the Lesnar match and made that his last.  He was clearly not in ring shape at all tonight.  Roman Reigns was terrible here.  He was using the Superman Punch as a transitional strike.  Undertaker was using his own finishers as transitional moves.  That botched Tombstone spot.  Arggh! What the fuck was this as a main event?  Just a total complete and utter fucking shit show.  What's the point of giving Reigns a win over Undertaker at his last WrestleMania?  So you make the man's retirement a complete and utter joke, where Reigns' win gets no reaction at all.  

Goldberg/Lesnar...meh.  It was sort of energetic for the four minutes it was on I guess.  

Owens/Jericho didn't have much chemistry.  It was more like a Raw main event.  Owens winning off an apron powerbomb was weird and not an exciting finish.  

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I started watching live right before Bray/Orton, and thought the last two hours was a boring pile of shit. Watching Taker like this was sad, but at least he didn't get hurt. Seeing him retire in the ring was quite a moment. Bray/Orton was one of the worst Mania matches I can recall. Brock/Goldberg was fun and didn't overstay it's welcome.

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