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  1. Oddly enough the NJ chapter of Rescue Dogs Rock were supposed have an in store adoption event at the store I manage a few weeks ago so this is really fucking awesome. Plus Miz & Asuka are 2 of the best things in modern WWE.
  2. I have the AWF box set. I got from an FYI for like $5 back in like 2004. It was pretty corny but still fun since it had so many of my favorites from when I was a kid even if the round system was stupid. Tommy Rich & Greg Valentine as a tag team was the best though.
  3. This board needs more Dark Souls references
  4. Seriously. Abomination is the best way to describe it.
  5. Jericho-KO was good but not great. The tag match was ok. I was excited for the Hardys but they came out to that Team Extreme nonsense and abandoned the broken gimmick so that ended up blah. Matt definitely kept doing Broken mannerisms though. Without the broken gimmick the Hardys are going to fade out real quick though. Shane-AJ was good, but no better than most AJ matches. I hated Triple H-Rollins. You cant sell a leg all match long and then decide your comeback is going to be a buckle bomb that involves you running across the ring with a 300 pound man on your shoulders. L
  6. I hate myself for watching this. Most of the matches have been garbage and the show just wont end. To make everything worse, you have what was one of the worst main events in WrestleMania history with an Undertaker who botched pretty much every spot.
  7. Cross is hotter than Ruby. Also, I don't get the hype over Aleister Black. I thought the match was mehhh.
  8. Yea having the same issue. Was perfect during Galloway vs Lio and Keith Lee vs Dijak though. But has dropped out numerous times. This is the weekend of Keith Lee though. Dude just put on his 3rd great match in less than 24 hours.
  9. Last night during the Evolve card the lower portion of the screen would go purple or green for seconds at a time and drop in quality after. And when watching the Joey Janella replay it took forever to load and would stop to buffer several times.
  10. I passed out drunk during the Joey Janella show so I just finished it. Janella vs Jannetty was fun, nothing great. I don't know who looked to be in worse shape, Virgil or Hebner. Lee vs Lio was good but nothing close to Lee vs Ric. This was only the 2nd or 3rd time Ive seen Lio since I haven't big into indy wrestling lately. Severn vs Riddle was awesome. I love that Riddle took the mic afterwards and said they didn't plan anything and just beat the crap out of each other. Severn deserves a lot of credit as he was a bit slow on his feet but still looked great with grappling and submissions. Fun
  11. This Joey Janella show is a mess so far. Invisible Man and Glacier got pretty good pops in the clusterfuck match. I'm hoping Veda Scott wins cuz shes vegan like me. Dink just entered and I just remembered his name is Claude Giroux and as a Flyers fan I find that amazing.
  12. Triple H was trending on Twitter for greeting people waiting in line and taking pics with fans. Seems like he is a much better face for the company than Vince was.
  13. I subscribed to FloSlam just for this weekend. Ricochet vs Keith Lee was ridiculous. I have never seen Keith Lee before and he was definitely impressive. Will vs ACH was awesome too, the highpoint being the ending spot.(don't wanna spoil it since it just happened). Matt Riddle vs Dan Severn is going to be the high point of the night though, I'm sure.
  14. I haven't been to a live/house show for WWE since 1993 but I'd definitely go if the main event was advertised as HHH/KO/Joe vs Balor/Y2J/Sami. That was probably super fun.
  15. I'm more surprised by Elgin owning a sports jacket than him wearing baggy Wranglers.
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