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Smackdown Spoilers for 3/28/14


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Seems like a pretty good show. Especially if you're a Shield fan.


* SmackDown kicks off with Batista coming to the ring for a promo. Batista says the fans begged him to come back and did nothing but boo him when he does. Batista starts knocking Daniel Bryan. We get a RAW replay. Batista goes on about Bryan until Triple H comes out, to a babyface reaction. Triple H tells Batista to leave his wife out of this. Batista says he wouldn’t have anything if he didn’t marry Stephanie McMahon. Triple H wants to know why it’s personal with Batista. Batista brings up how Triple H has lost every match they’ve been against each other in. Triple H says he made Batista into The Animal but he got soft and quit, and we haven’t seen the Animal yet since he’s been back. Triple H books Batista vs. Sheamus for tonight.

* The Shield is out next. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre in a match that actually saw 3MB get a lot of offense in. Kane came out after the match with The New Age Outlaws. Ryback and Curtis Axel are also out as Kane has booked a match.
* Rollins and Ambrose defeated Ryback and Axel when Rollins countered a Perfectplex into his finisher. After the match, Roman Reigns pulls Ryback into the ring for a big Superman punch and a triple powerbomb.
* Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow with a roll up.
* Big Show is interviewed by Renee Young and he talks about how twisted The Wyatt Family is. He says some of the stuff they say weirdly makes sense.
* Fandango vs. Goldust is up next. Cody Rhodes did not come out. Fandango gets the win after Summer Rae distracted Goldust.
* Batista and Sheamus are out next. Batista plays the coward heel and walks away from the ring. Back and forth match that saw a small CM Punk chant. Batista uses a steel chair and gets disqualified. Batista rolls Sheamus back into the ring and nails a Batista Bomb. He takes the mic and asks Triple H if he’s happy now. Batista says he will be champion and for us to deal with it. Sheamus apparently had a bruise on his face and a busted elbow from a shot into the ring post.
* Bray Wyatt cuts another good promo about everyone wearing a mask. Bray says he’s going to slay a giant tonight and then taunts John Cena.
* Vickie Guerrero is out for commentary on the next match. The Bella Twins defeated AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka after Tamina shoved AJ off the apron and brought her into the ring on a tag. After the match, AJ stared at Tamina with a sad look on her face.
* We get a clip of Santino Marella and Emma on a date at a restaurant. Santino says they’re friends with benefits but Emma is oblivious to what he says. He tries to talk but she wants to have a staring contest. Emma says they will always be best friends and Santino starts choking. Emma gives him some wine but he spits it all over her. Santino leans to the side and starts puking.
* Promo video for Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker.
* Jack Swagger defeated Jimmy Uso by submission after a quick back and forth match.
* Mark Henry defeated The Miz. This was a physical match in and out of the ring. Henry gets the win with a World’s Strongest Slam.
* Alexander Rusev and Lana come out to the stage for a promo.
* Bray Wyatt defeated Big Show with Sister Abigail in a short match that saw interference from Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The Wyatt Family poses over Show to end SmackDown.

 Is Show gonna join the Wyatt's? His comment was strange.

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Poor Ryback will be haunted by The Shield for his entire career. The number of triple powerbombs he's taken has to be in or nearing double digits.


Can't imagine Show joining the Wyatts, there's really no use for him there. I'm sure his comment is just to push the idea that they can get in anyone's head.

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This is their chance to have Torito and Claudio bust out some insane 19 revolution headscissors that's countered into a 200 revolution giant swing ending with everyone doing that hop spot.

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Shield stuff was fun. Batista-Sheamus was good-ish, but short, and Show-Bray ruled, but was way too short and they should've talked about Bray facing a former World and WWE Champion, like Cena and hyped this as his biggest match to date. Instead, they just had Show cut a promo, ran nine billion HOF vids, and seemingly couldn't be bothered to do something like that.




Screens -









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Cesaro: "I was a big fan of Razor Ramon. Just pushing kids in the fountains and being really cool." hahaha


They kept Batista/Sheamus nice and short and Dave was still gassing out by the end, but it didn't look atrocious like before. The Bomb looked pretty good with the roll-through as well. I dug the shooty stuff him and Hunter were dishing out to each other and Dave to the crowd a lot; if anything at least he's still great on the mic. Him foaming at the mouth at the end of the match was funny. THE ANIMAL indeed. 


Of course the Shield stuff was great (I've been missing Ambrose's finisher... whatever we named it again). The rabbit-lariat from Axel was pretty sick and deserved the replay. 


Wyatt/Show was great just for all the schtick. There was the best pan from Wyatt to a closeup of a huge-eyed staring Harper that made me cackle like a supervillain. Still hadn't seen the full Wyatt Walk yet aside from .gifs and that was INSANE.


Uso/Swagger was pretty good too. All these guys need to stay in tags though, singles matches seem a bit pedestrian after what we've seen so far.

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