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  1. Tonight was a good show. I was glad to see Hit Row back. They had something special with them and for whatever reason they canned it before it could even start. Hopefully they get a real chance to shine this time around. GUNTHER vs. Nakamura was a great IC Title match. I wish they saved it for the PPV, but none the less it was a good one.
  2. It would be pretty funny if that happens and the whole match The Bucks tell him to stand on the apron and don't move only for him in the heat of the moment to tag himself in and end up costing them.
  3. That was a really fun show bookended by two great matches.
  4. Every time I was sure Mandy would lose she ended up winning and in convincing fashion. So I wouldn't bet against her.
  5. The road to video AEW put up for this show is pretty good. It has me so psyched for Jericho vs. Moxley. I hope Jericho is dusting off his old Lionheart tights for this.
  6. So what happens when the WWE Board is done investigating. Assuming this is all the money they found he used (it's probably gonna be more), does he have to pay the company back or what?
  7. This was a fun show tonight. I agree that Wardlow should be essentially Goldberg and he should just be demolishing people as champion. But this was good enough and I kinda want to see Wardlow vs. Satnam just to see if he could powerbomb him. Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter was a damn good match. I thought Hayter might pull out the victory thanks to Britt, but I guess they are saving up for Britt/Rosa at All Out. Claudio vs. Konosuke Takeshita was a great match. I thought he might be able to beat Claudio on a couple of different points in that match. Cant wait to see what else Claudio has in store as ROH Champion.
  8. This was a good episode under the Triple H regime. I hope Macafee does a bit shot telestrator every week. Tonight on ow, my balls. Ricochet vs Corbin was pretty good to open the show. Corbin got his power spots in and Ricochet got his flying in and it looked great. Great win by Ricochet and Pay with the trolling assist. I don't know why we got Shin vs Kaiser again, but I guess we needed a official rubber match. Nakamura vs Gunther should be awesome. The women s match was all right. I figured they would have Raquel run the table in the match. I was surprised to see Shayna win. The Raiders had a nice mauling. I laughed at one of the guys named Mulkey. The end with Roman was all right. I'll hand it to Triple h, the surprise return of Kross was well done. I'm not sure I buy him going fire Roman, but him vs Drew should be a fine enough feud. Overall not a bad show.
  9. He should use the Human Torture Rack as a finisher or maybe the old Hollywood back breaker Ventura used to do. Hell even a good old fashion bear hug with those arms would work.
  10. I just read Billy's post on Flair that he made tonight. He was way more pissed with Flair admitting he's drinking hard liquor again. Flair must have a liver made out of granite at this point.
  11. Was this a perfect episode? No. But it was still in my view a good one. Orange Cassidy vs. Jay Lethal was a fun match. I liked the work on the leg by Jay and Cassidy being severely limited by it. After the match, The Best Friends as Vincent Adultman gave me a good laugh. I saw the Ultimate Elite turning on the Bucks a mile away. Great to see Hangman make the save. But what the hell was Hangman wearing with those pants? Baker/Hayter vs. ThunderStorm was a damn good match. I figured it would be the usual AEW Women's tag that doesnt get nearly enough time, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did. Glad to see Hayter pick up the win. Missed the Hobbs match because I turned to Big Brother to see what was going on. The eventual Ricky vs. Hobbs match is gonna be so good. Cage vs. Hardy was the usual Cage vs. Hardy match. Matt is starting to look every bit of his age while Christian looks about ten years younger. Can't wait for Jungle Jack vs. Christian. That should be a good one as well. The Dumpster match was fun. Acclaimed have the best intro in AEW with these raps. The Mic Drop from the entrance through a table should make the intro video. Post match was nasty though. Those zipties didn't work and I swear one of the Gunn's foot got landed on by the edge of the dumpster. Jericho vs. Yuta was good. Yeah Jericho shouldn't try to do everything he did 25 years ago, but still he's effective at what he does. Wheeler is over. But Mox vs. Jericho is the match we're getting and Jericho promising to be The Lionheart again should be fun. Overall a good show as always.
  12. I was just watching this clip and a thought came to me. This is exactly how Roman Reigns should lose the Universal championship. An underdog on a flash pin. Roman can even win it back the same way Vader did a few months later. But I can just hear the reinvigorated Michael Cole on the call. " " WINS THE TITLE...THE TRIBAL CHIEF HAS BEEN DETHRONED
  13. It was a good show tonight. It wasn't the statement show some prophesized it would be as the first under Triple H, but it was a good start. It will be hard to boo Bayley, Kota, and Sky but I will try to do so. Oh who am I kidding. I can't ever hate Bayley. But the feud against Bianca, Asuka, and Alexa should be a good one. I liked the stuff surrounding the US Title tonight. Ciampa getting the win was a nice change of pace for things and him vs. Lashley should be a good one. Mysterios vs. Uso's was a good enough tag match. Much like with Roman, I can't think of any team that can take the titles off the Uso's. The ending was good. I guess we'll eventually get Beth Phoenix to be the one to put Rhea in her place.
  14. Someone has to cast Regal in something for a movie. He has some good chops.
  15. I thought it was a good show for the most part. The undercard really delivered which was a huge bonus. I thought Ric looked in good shape for the most part until his cardio fell to shit and he looked like a bloated corpse laying there. I'm just glad it ended on a good note with him hugging people.
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