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  1. This is such a fun time to be a fan. If Bryan is coming to AEW just so he can do his bucket list of Japan matches...It's all good.
  2. I saw something that they were going to open it up to the full 22,000 capacity. Either way this looks like it will be a special show for the ages.
  3. Well if most things NXT are ignored on the main show, I wouldn't be surprised if they ignore that he lost.
  4. Most of this show was good tonight. It's rare I am willing to say that about RAW, but most of it was good. I just don't get having Kross debut without Scarlett and to top that off you have him lose. Now unless they're setting up a Jeff Hardy in NXT run (which could be fun), it made no sense. I was glad to see Keith Lee return from the abyss they had him in. I was not happy seeing him lose only for it to be an after thought because Goldberg was back. Well him and Lashley spearing each other for five minutes should be fun. Congrats to Nikki. She's made the most of this and it's paid off.
  5. The more I think about it, the more I was wrong about what I said about the Corbin bit. Corbin is the type of guy who can make being so slimey asking for donations work.
  6. See this is why I wish there was a reality show on the network about the WWE creative process. Just watching people explain things to Vince. Like Go Fund me. This thing with Corbin is so dumb though. I did get a good laugh at the canned spaghetti line though.
  7. It was a really good show last night from start to finish. You can't ask for much more than that.
  8. I just watched the video. Perhaps if they made one a little more tv friendly (I know AEW had nothing to do with that one) they could have shown it in clips to build up his debut. I'm happy he'll be in AEW, but I hate these surprises. I mean if you're gonna rely so heavily on people reading the internet so they are in the loop, put out a press release on Twitter. MALAKI BLACK IS ALL ELIETE. I thought TNT told them to knock off the unannounced stuff after Sting's debut.
  9. I forget where I read or heard it, but it was said the difference between Dory and Terry was Terry could adapt with the times and that's how he stayed so relevant for so long. Dory wrestled the same exact match for the last 55 years.
  10. I just realized Cameron Grimes has to be Virgil to LA Knight's Million Dollar Man. Of course they'll go through years of abuse in about two months for a big blow off where Cameron finally wins the gold. It's great to see Tegan Knox back. Hopefully she remains at 100% for a while to come.
  11. I think we got a potential new Vader/Bundy in Otis. He can throw people around. Do the big guy big splash. Gable as his mouth piece just sending him to squash people works on so many levels.
  12. Yeah, I never got the whole deal with Kross and Scarlett other than they are a real couple. He needs her if he ever wants a chance on the main roster. She on the other hand doesn't need him if she got the call. LA Knight I could totally see filling the Ken Kennedy role if he got called up. But at the same time he would probably become the next EC3 and well we all remember how that worked out for him.
  13. I would assume USA is pissed because not only are they doing it on Fox, but they did it with little to no warning. The WWE thinks "oh well we threw it up on twitter...that's enough promoting". A match like this (which I hope isn't the end of the feud) deserves at least a month in the world of the WWE.
  14. Maybe the WWE's hot shot random booking is catching up to them. https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/usa-network-is-very-unhappy-about-the-hell-in-a-cell-match-announced-for-smackdown-on-fox/
  15. Yeah, I remember seeing it on Superstars as well. They showed clips from the match as well. Was the match ever released on any of the Flair DVD's they put out? I think it was originally on some Coliseum home video.
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