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  1. Speaking of Jinder, what was wrong with his chest? Maybe it was the 4k, but he looked terrible. It's funny though. I changed the channel as he was coming out. Forgot about the match and then saw on Twitter Jeff lost in three minutes. They should have just released him if they are gonna job him out like that.
  2. All the Bryan talk, I think he'll end up back in the WWE. But he will just float around on RAW and NXT and NXT UK. I bet they would build up Cesaro getting his title match and Roman being all "if you can beat me, Bryan can come back". Personally I hope that doesn't happen. I would love to see him make a tour of the Indy's facing whoever he wants. But we forget his wife is a WWE Lifer so I would imagine her input ways heavily on him. Though Brian doing a world tour would make for a fun plot on Total Bella's.
  3. Blood & Guts was the War Games match I've been waiting to see since 1992. That was so much fun to watch. Ok, yeah the end with Jericho going into the crash pad was dumb. But I guess they had to do something big maybe to write off Jericho for a bit. Overall it was an fun match to watch. FTR are the MVP's for supplying the blood for the match. Cash had to of gone 0.8 on the Mutoh scale. But yeah, they need to get FTR back in that tag title chase. If Moxley/Kingston end up winning the belts at Double or Nothing (I assume that's where it is going), them vs. FTR at All Out will be a hell o
  4. He looked like Billy Jack with those tassels tonight. But I still see Dr. Death. Another good show for the most part. Cage vs. Hangman was a good one sided match. I was surprised Cage won. I was afraid he was starting to get caught up in the mix and was becoming another guy. Brian Cage (gotta specifiy which Cage with Christian in the company now) vs. Omega would be an interesting match. They must be saving Kenny vs. Hangman for All Out. That's the only thing that makes any sense to me. I still don't get the Nightmare Family vs. The Factory feud. Without Cody and Dustin this should be
  5. I only watched like the first half hour of the show. After the tomato bit I decided to not watch the rest. It's a shame Bobby Lashley is stuck as champion during this terrible time. If ratings continue to fall, they will blame him when it's not his fault.
  6. That was a good show last night. I still dont get the point of The Factory vs. Nightmare Family (has to be all for the Cody reality show), but aside from that it was good. Tay vs. Shida would have been a great PPV match. I thought for sure Tay was winning. But all this to build up Brit as the eventual champion should be fun. I guess we're getting Mox/Kingston vs. The Bucks. That should be a fun match Darby vs. Jungleboy was good too. Thought for sure Darby was losing especially after Sting and Luchasarus brawled to the back. It's 2021 and Sting was brawling with Luchasarus. Dar
  7. Her whole thing of being a damsel for him had me laughing so hard.
  8. So is the WWE wanting to do lucha libre all part of Triple H's grand scheme of having an NXT on every continent or is this something else all together?
  9. Vince knowing how to use emoji's is what gets me. You know that guy must send poop emoji's to everyone. LOL Boss...it's a classic.
  10. The Andre Battle Royal and SD Tag title 4 way are off Wrestlemania now and on Smackdown next week.
  11. The only thing missing for Pretty Deadly are NXT UK making one of those music videos Memphis would make for The Fabulous Ones.
  12. I watched the Cole/O'Reily video last night and was blown away by it. This is the kind of production that I've always loved from NXT. But at the same time it made me wonder how the hell can this company make something that great for this and they can't do shit for Mania. Anyway I'm looking forward to Walter and Ciampa. I can't imagine Ciampa is going to win and go back to WWE NXT UK...but stranger things have happened. NXT UK has built a great story that no one there can beat Walter so it's possible. IO/Raquel should be a good match. I just hope if Io does lose it doesn't mean she's
  13. If you browse the custom titles thing in WWE 2K19 or 20 there are literally hundreds of better designs for a US Title belt. Even a simple one for that with blue behind the stars makes it pop more. Riddle has become RVD for them. I mean they probably are going to do a skit together at Wrestlemania. The Dude's and Bro's write themselves.
  14. This has got to be the worst build to a wrestlemania ever. Smackdown is tollerable, but raw was down right unwatchable at times on Monday. Breaking up THB is one of the dumbest things Vince has done in ages. I like Drew, but we don't need him to win back the title just because we have to have that wrestlemaina moment. It's just sad it's like this. It could be so much better.
  15. I don't believe for a minute Vince will ever step down. It makes perfect sense for the WWE that they really don't have anything in mind if he steps down or worse. If Andrade doesn't have a no compete it is possible he agreed not to go to AEW for a certain amount of time to get that clause null and voided? It would be interesting to see him in AEW, but I figure he'll go back to the New Japan before anything else.
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