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  1. Saw this on twitter. I'll have to watch the whole thing since I missed it. Basically Becky and Charlotte got into a real thing over this. https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2021/10/23/22741602/report-charlotte-flair-becky-lynch-backstage-confrontation-womens-title-exchange-swap-smackdown
  2. Congrats to Woods for winning the KOTR. Knowing the WWE they could have easily had him lose in a heartbreaking manner no less. I was surprised Zelina won clean over Doudrop. I'm glad she won though. She's perfect to be Queen. Aside from that, I thought it was a pretty by the basics WWE show. Edge/Rollins killed themselves. Goldberg got his win back and got to do his superhero thing for the kids. Only thing that made no real sense was Becky retaining the title. It's gonna be lame when they just swap the titles between her and Charlotte. I did like Heyman managing to not really show who's side he was on when he slid the belt in. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT.
  3. I only watched bits and pieces of the show tonight. I like Tony D'Angelo. The crowd seems to like him too which could be good in keeping him around. I cracked up when he gave the interviewer girl some cash and told her to go buy herself something nice. Pretty good main event. They really are strapping a rocket ship to Bron Breakker. I'm curious, if he were to win next week would he one of the youngest (in terms of overall career time) to get a main title? I know Goldberg was close to two years in when he won the title. Bron is only 8 months in here.
  4. Vince or Fox...(maybe both) to counter that has made the extra half hour of Smackdown commercial free.
  5. The prospect of King Jinder is not a good one. I watched most of the show tonight. It's sad they don't care about the women what so ever because there could have been some decent matches for the crown. The backed themselves into a corner on Smackdown with two heels going to the semi-finals. At least the three way with Becky/Sasha/Bianca looks like it will be interesting. I loved the brawl with Charlotte tonight. The more chaotic it was...the better.
  6. I read somewhere that his deal will allow him to continue wrestle in college, so he's going to be defending his NCAA title. Overall it was a pretty underwhelming draft in my view. There were no real shocking trades. Everything made sense in it's own way. Only thing that is slightly interesting is how they handle the Women's championships since the champions are now on opposite brands. I can almost see Becky retaining at Crown Jewel so they do a deal like they did last year with the tag titles and just swap the belts this way Becky gets back the title she never lost. I was shocked that Ridge Holland got a call up and without Pete Dunne no less. Well on the plus side at least all the couples stayed together. That was nice of them.
  7. Another year...another draft that doesn't make much sense. Why pick people you all ready have? I also don't understand the point of drafting champions.
  8. Becky just posted this on twitter.
  9. Another good episode. Jungle Boy has to get a big win at some point, but I wasn't upset with Cole using a shady move to beat him. Danielson is going to have to go on a huge winning streak and earn his next match with Kenny and I love that. It will put emphasis on the rankings and how important they really are. Cody needs to turn all ready. Embrace the evil from Arn Anderson. Hell, be the Texas Outlaw Dusty used to be back in the 70's. Go heel and then eventually you can turn back and be the good guy. Though, things have changed in the world people just want to root for the bad guy. I thought the Cassidy/Dark Order vs. HFO match was a huge mess just because of the sheer amount of people in it. They could have trimmed it down to a 10 man and it would have been fine. I loved Negative One doing the paper spot and Amanda being all "get your shit together" to them. If AEW was ever going to do a Trios tag title, Dark Order would be great for it. MJF continues to be an incredible asshole. I liked Darby not giving in and not giving MJF what he wanted by attacking him especially after bringing up the uncle that almost got him killed. Miro vs. Sammy was great. I was honestly shocked when Sammy won. I expected Miro to keep winning for quite a while longer. Should be a fun rematch when they do it.
  10. It was all right. I have to assume that all the Nightmare Family/Factory stuff was a feud done for this show so it will be interesting hearing Cody try to reason a high profile match with QT Marshall will sell tickets. He was really going in about that since it's what his Daddy used to say. Do a promo, you got 3 minutes...go sell me some tickets. Teil is going to be an interesting antagonist on the show. Brandi got Dusty's blessing to use the Rhodes name and that wasn't good enough for her.
  11. The show was so fun live. I missed the first half of Bryan vs Omega because we were still walking to the building. That's the one draw back to Arthur Ashe. It's a shitload of walking and that's just from the 7 train. God help those of us who had to park like a mile away at the marina. What I saw of Bryan and Omega it was amazing. MJF is so damn hated and those boos were loud. Cody made the mistake of picking NYC to be a white meat baby face. That was a good match though. Loved the black mist from Black. Ruby was so loved by the crowd. But damn , Britt is super over. DMD. Overall a fun night. Based on the size of the crowd I think they could easily get 30k plus at Citi field. Maybe more for a summer show. Oh I forgot. I can't believe I saw Sting tear up the place. It's mind numbing that he's over 60. Darby is gonna kill himself with those apron coffin drops.
  12. Well I just got my ticket for Dynamite. I am psyched to see this show live.
  13. I know I've seen him do a judo throw on someone on Dark so I would imagine his offense would be more in that type of style. HOOK using a Dragon sleeper is like the perfect thing. It's a hook that HOOK can wrap onto you. Ok, I'm sorry I got a little caught up there. The rest of the show was pretty good. I loved how Rosario had no fear jumping onto Black's back like that. That was a fun brawl with Black and Cody. I think I'm the only one who doesn't get the need for Dan Lampert doing his cranky old man thing each week. But hey if Paige Van Zant got into Wrestling with AEW it wouldn't be such a bad thing.
  14. Aside from the new coat of paint/lights on the place, it seemed like the same kind of show that we've been getting recently. Just with more touches of Vince. Rex Steiner was a perfectly good name. So to go with Bron Breakker and not even acknowledge him as a Steiner when they love second generation stuff was a bit confusing. Also why did LA Knight take a match before the biggest match of his career? I know I'm looking for logic where there is none. The Creed Bros were something fun. Skipping to the main event, it sucked that they took O'Reily out of the 4 way. But his revenge feud with Pete Dunne should be fun though. LA Knight got busted open big time somehow after Ciampa did the plancha onto everyone. I was surprised to see Ciampa win. I figured Dunne was winning for sure. Von Wagner looks like the basic CAW character before you edit his gear and hair style. The wedding was amazing. Dexter Gaylord Lumis. You could just hear Vince and Bruce snickering over Gaylord. But the best part was when everyone objected and he flashed the axe. I couldn't stop laughing. Beth saving the wedding was also great. I can't wait to see where they go next with these two.
  15. It should have happened a few years ago. But better late than never.
  16. It was a pretty good show last night. Yeah, I was surprised MJF got some of what he said on national television , but overall I look forward to MJF/Pillman Jr. Wardlow is gonna be such a huge star when he snaps and beats the crap out of MJF one of these weeks.
  17. I missed Indi's bachelorette party, but Dexter's was amazing. Him slowly winning over Johnny was tremendous. Yeah if I were Danny and Oney I wouldn't be answering my phone with any Stamford area codes when it rings.
  18. Man what a show. I'm still buzzing from it. From start to finish (well the QT Marshall match was the lone exception) it was amazing. There really wasn't a bad match last night. Everything served a purpose. It's very rare I can honestly say I have nothing negative to say. Loved Ruby Soho's debut. I was legit surprised by Adam Cole being there. Marked out for Bryan Danielson. This was a show for the ages.
  19. Show went long, but it was a good show none the less. I was so glad to see Murdoch win the title. His Harley tribute was top notch. I'm excited to see where things go with the NWA into the rest of the year.
  20. Watched the show and I thought it was pretty good. The show had some technological problems, but aside from that it was a solid show. I liked the Triple threat opener. I'm just glad to see Kylie Rae wrestling. I figured she would win but was surprised Diamante got the win. Both womens semi final matches were good. I think The Freebabes have something. I just can't believe Jimmy Yang Wang has a kid who's wrestling. I figured The Hex would win it all. Purrazzo vs Melina was a good match. As was Kamille vs Hirsch. Two solid title matches. The invitational was pretty good. I was shocked that Chelsea won the whole thing. That should make for an interesting title match tomorrow night. Overall I think the show was a success. Hopefully it's a annual thing.
  21. I thought Holland vs. Thatcher was essentially the WWE machine vs. Indy talent. I liked Ridge Holland's whole look and slight tribute to Fit Finlay (he needs a bigger shillelagh though for that). But it's clear he's what the PC Machine will be churning out vs. Thatcher who was part of the Indy class that Triple H was buying up.
  22. Walter vs. Ilka was a damn good match. But I was wondering how people work with Walter. Like how many guys are like "ok, hit me as hard as you can". I can't imagine many would be up for having their chest turned into raw hamburger. Honestly I don't see Walter going to the main roster. One, I know he's said he doesn't like leaving Europe for extended periods of time. Two...we have everything said here in the last page. He's big...but not WWE big. Plus like I said. His whole gimmick is "im gonna hit you as hard as I can". Who wants that every night? I like Walter. But I can't ever see him on the main roster. Rest of the show was good as well. It's amazing how much the show flows compared to Summerslam the night before which dragged on and on.
  23. It's such a novel concept, you'd think the WWE would just try it once in a while.
  24. You know being the bitter and jaded person I am, a part of me thought this was all one big trolling effort especially by Punk on social media. I'm so glad I was wrong. God, that was something special indeed.
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