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All things Bond...James Bond. Bond 24 Title announced.

The Natural

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Here you go:

James Bond 24 is titled SPECTRE.

Monica Bellucci is official for the cast. She is playing "Lucia Sciarra."

Lea Seydoux also official. She is playing "Madeleine Swann."

Andrew Scott (Moriarty from Sherlock) playing a character called "Denbigh"

Batista and Christoph Waltz also official. Waltz character is "Oberhauser." IMHO that will be Blofeld's alias. Oberhauser was a ski instructor for Bond in the books.

Batista is playing "Mr. Hinx."


Yeah...Batista is never coming back to the WWE.



Note the shape of the broken glass surrounding the bullet hole. Remind you of anything?

Try this:


Looks like a Batman poster to me. Is that what you were getting at?

Well, SKYFALL was virtually a remake of THE DARK KNIGHT, so it wouldn't surprise me if this ends up being Mendes' homage to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

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I'm really disappointed that the women don't have sexual double entendre names but that's what you get with Serious and Grim Bond.


I think it is simpler than that.  Bond villains are comic book villains so even the semi-serious stuff is still tongue-in-cheek.


I just think that the double entendre for female character names just isn't as acceptable as it used to be.  Part of me thinks that is a good thing even if it used to be tradition.


Also, blame the success of the Borne movies.

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Hail Hydra... i mean Hail SPECTRE


Hopefully this won't devolve into a OMG MARVEL RIPPED OFF JAMES BOND, because Lee has already admitted in several interviews that HYDRA was patterned after SPECTRE.


I don't even think you can count the number of Bond references in the classic Jim Steranko art run of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.  Valentina de la Fontaine was every Bond girl of the time rolled up into one with a little badassery thrown in for good measure.

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There was an urban legend that COBRA stood for COnversion by Blackmail, Revolution and Anarchy, but that was proved false by Larry Hama, GI Joe comics co-creator. 


The organization got its name for Cobra Commander's creed that the organization would one day entwine the world in its coils like a cobra swallowing its prey..


The movie version of "Gi Joe" is supposed to be an acronym (Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity) but it is never presented that way in the film title.  The comics and cartoon series say that Gi Joe is a code name.


SMERSH is also a villainous, fictional espionage organization where the name isn't an acronym.  It is a portmanteau of the Russian phrase, "Death to Spies." (Smert shpionam.)

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Good point.  Also, that and many of the other silly Bond tropes were mercilessly parodied in Austin Powers so you probably can't come back from that.


Holy shit I was right dudes


Daniel Craig: Bond movies had to go darker because "Mike Myers fucked us"



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As successful as Craig movies have been, i would love to see retro Bond movies set in early 60s.


Skyfall and the Bourne movies pretty much guaranteed that will never happen.  If the new devs were smart, they'd have set Casino Royale in the 60's.  The retro time dilution has actually helped the new X-Men franchise rather than hindered it. 

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