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  2. While I'm not an avid watcher of the genre that first Tyler Bate one is straight out of a British comedy. I absolutely love it.
  3. On tap for tonight: TNT Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal Inner Circle Pep Rally Mike Tyson appearance Dr. Britt Baker injury update
  4. First choice, because I really like both participants, and really enjoyed the match.
  5. I’d feel a lot better if I could see his hands.
  6. As with most things in that era, you can blame Jim Herd.
  7. Glad someone else is into Faboo Andre too. Dude is the perfect 2020 jobber, I hope he never wins a match. I also hope the Allie appearance is just to lure QT and Dustin into a feud with B&B, I enjoyed them as a trio and I think they had more they could do with that gimmick before they move on from it. Am I the only one enjoying Joey Janella these days? Feels like he's one tweak away from hitting on something good, someone needs to Paul Heyman him, hide the negatives and accentuate the positives. He's got personality but I don't think he'll ever be taken seriously as a legit wrestling contender.
  8. A new addition to misplaced graphics: Rest in spoiler tags for size:
  9. I remember that quite well and also how quick everybody was to point out that he got that cleared backstage beforehand. I bet now after it started up they won't be doing this anytime soon if ever.
  10. Today
  11. So, does HBO Now just turn into HBO Max or should I cancel HBO Now and subscribe to HBO Max instead? I'm confused. Not like it matters at the moment because I have a Roku TV and rarely even use my Chromecast. And also because Adventure Time: Distant Lands doesn't premiere until June 25. EDIT: Nevermind, just saw Niner's comment. Well, it's still moot anyway if it's not going to be available on Roku devices yet. That part is weird to me because HBO Now has already been available on everything, so why restrict HBO Max?
  12. https://shop.wwe.com/john-cena-and-bray-wyatt-wrestlemania-36-ruthless-agression-photo-poster
  13. WWE RAW logos through the years. First three the standouts.
  14. All of this. Nia Jax track record goes against her. Cheers, @NikoBaltimore.
  15. That, and Vince thinking he was Shelton Benjamin probably didn't help.
  16. Arn and Tully's contracts were up. Right before redoing them, Tully got popped for possession and was kept off TV and not renewed. Vince didn't have interest in Arn as a solo act, only with the team, so he wasn't renewed and Arn went back to JCP. For the WCW reunion, they did a reunion-ish with everyone but Tully. Don't recall what kept Tully out, but it's that reason that they slotted in Roma. So, we can blame Tully for Roma being a Horseman.
  18. Yeah, I believe so. Survivor Series '89 will always be one of my favorites. To be honest, I've probably watched the intro more times than the show itself.
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