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  2. PlayStation Plus: Free Games for June 2020 Call of Duty: WWII Marvel's Spider-Man
  3. More King Kong Taverne vs Ray Hunter. Like I said, Taverne would do a lot of the spots that smaller guys did but sometimes to comedic effect. All of this is hugely impressive to me: Some more grade A goading from Hunter: Taverne is no small guy but look at how quick he is!
  4. Call of Duty: WWII is one of the PS Plus games for June In conjunction with Memorial Day - the game is available starting tomorrow (May 26) The other games will be announced later this week
  5. I'd love to see someone way more knowledgeable than me have a bash at a 'Greatest Wrestler at Every Age', going from like 16 to 60 or something.
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  7. Private Party and Sonny Kiss are pretty shite. They need to shore up on basic mechanics before anyone could take them seriously.
  8. Bock was almost 52 when he had one of the best matches of all time that just happened to be an hour long.
  9. I remember back in '06-'07 People were saying that Finlay was Vince's favorite wrestler at the time and that he would've gotten a World title run if it wasn't for his age. Finlay is one of my all time favorites and I wish he had a run. It never appeared to me that he was 50 or close to it at the time. Looking back, especially after watching the Taker Documentary, he was light years ahead of where HHH and Taker have been in the past 5 years as workers. It's bad enough that both Taker and Hunter get to work 25 to 35 minutes or more for the matches they do have where they are quickly blown up and have to resort to melodrama for storytelling. Finlay was working a full time schedule and never seemed out of place, in fact he was steps ahead of everyone and made Batista, Lashley and guys like that better worker being in the ring with them. His ECW title run was cool atleast
  10. So. . .am I the only person that didn't know that the motion capture work for Kratos in the most recent God of War game was done by Shad Gaspard? https://www.thegamer.com/late-wwe-star-shad-gaspard-did-motion-capture-work-for-kratos-in-god-of-war/
  11. Sid just looks like a star. Some dudes just got "it" and Sid is one of those guys. He always seemed like a cool dude, even when he was in the horsemen he had these little mini feuds with Motor City Madman, Big Cat and the Nightstalker and he was over like a MF. Sid rules.
  12. This is a good move though. I've wanted them to do this for a while. Just a little bit of noise makes a huge difference.. plus, the way AEW has had the fans interact with the talent Pineapple Pete and all that, it's great.
  13. Hopefully this spells the end for JD From NY. That mark has a huge following.. disgraceful that any fan would want to be aligned with him and his channels. There are way too many "JD's" in the wrestling community.
  14. Jericho was 49 years, 6 months and 13 days old when he wrestled on Friday night. When Hogan fought Rock at Mania 18 - he was 48 years, 7 months and 6 days old.
  15. I definitely think there has to be a distinction between talent that is genuinely *developed* by the NXT/Performance Center system and experienced talent that already knows what they’re doing but gets shined up by being pushed on NXT TV. Because these are very different things. Going back to Asuka for an example, NXT didn’t develop her, but she clearly benefitted from being pushed as an ace on NXT for a year prior to going to the main roster. (That said, there doesn’t really seem to be an consistency, as far as “push on NXT=you’re instantly over on the main roster.” Plenty of pushed NXT acts are met lukewarmly on the main roster.) I think the issue, long-term, is that if you look at the recent history of NXT, their “success” stories have come far more from the latter category than the former (especially on the men’s side). So...what’s the point of throwing huge amounts of money into the actual developmental system if it’s not working? There’s a significant problem with developmental that’s being covered over by all the Indy signings they’ve done over the past few years. And you have to lay that at the feet of the guy who engineered the whole thing.
  16. WWE may be going the AEW route having some PC members and NXTers in the crowd starting tonight. https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/report-nxt-pc-talent-acting-fans-wwe-raw-smackdown-311801
  17. The NPB will resume play on June 19 120 game season. Play every team in your league 24 times No fans. No interleague. No All Star Game
  18. I think if we replaced "NXT" with "WWE Performance Centre" the conversation would be a little clearer.
  19. Guest appearance at the end. I had to skip through the SCU and Hardy bits, though I did laugh at "he kinda looks like Ruby Riot."
  20. To claim "did NXT make difference makers?" is a hard road to claim as well. To say "no, NXT didn't have anything to do with making this star" is to say "the star could have been signed, the day after their signing plopped on the main roster in an immediate main event angle, and absolutely nothing would have changed." Of the NXT wrestlers the only wrestlers who could have done that were Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura- and as I said, in McIntyre's case some reps as a main eventer needed to happen to make it possible to see him as a main event player and not a failed experiment. Even then, though, if the people NXT made don't count as difference makers, it just shows another problem: If just making top names doesn't make a difference maker, then you have to accept that being a true difference maker is effectively random. NO ONE can make a difference maker, because ultimately the only people who'll make a difference are people who attract the attention of non-fans (not even a smark vs. casual debate, but who makes someone who has no interest in wrestling say "I want to see what this person's about.') Looking at the people who did that- there's no common thread except their own success. There was blue-chip prospects like Rock and journeymen like Austin, there were wrestlers who could be considered one of the best on the planet like Daniel Bryan and wrestlers who didn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch like Hogan, wrestlers who were rising stars taken over the top like Punk and people at the tail end of their career like Cena...there is no one formula to determine who will change the game.
  21. What? You don’t believe Lexi Kaufman normally walks around saying things like “How dare you, sir”?’ i’m assuming it is not a work but the tweet isn’t worded like something i’d expect a real person to say in 2020.
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