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  2. As far as PCO goes, I'm holding out hope that somehow, some way, Villain Enterprises (Scuril/Brody/PCO) have a 6-man match at Dominion, and they go full-bore on the PCO entrance and schtick, and the Osaka crowd goes bonkers. It doesn't matter if the ROH 6-man titles are on the line or not (but that would be a reason to have a match), they just need 3 willing opponents who will go crazy with them. Regarding Knife Pervert II, I'm assuming at this point it's Oka coming back from his UK excursion. The British flag and the broken Asahi bottle are either perfectly logical or total ruses. So, my other guess is Mark Haskins, whom Juice works together with in ROH. Could be more storyline-driven and perhaps a case of Juice putting in a good word for him or something.
  3. I'll admit to loving the Hardcore 24/7 nonsense back in the day, so I'm pleased they've brought it back in non-hardcore form. It leads to fun comedy bits and gives the lower card guys something to do every week. It's something fresh, I like it.
  4. Yeah, say what you want but Brock's new mixtape seemed dope as fuck and he wanted everyone to hear it.
  5. That 24/7 belt is fucking hideous. However, Brock new boombox fucking rules:
  6. It doesn't bother me that much. I never had much emotional attachment to the series. Season 8 makes me very happy about that.
  7. Hangman is full gear ready and he's a horse. He's not actually fat and didn't need the secret stuff.
  8. Do I need to watch BTE to get this “Hangman Page face of AEW thing”?
  9. Looks real funny. Like a secondary logo for McDonald’s 24/7 service.
  10. Finn Balor was gonna take those moves and get paid whatever he gets paid regardless of who wins the match. So Lesnar wins and you believe he should get paid more because Lesnar gets paid more. If Orton wins, should Balor get paid more? Orton presumably makes more than the rest of them. If Ali wins, is it ok to pay the wrestlers less? Their pay shouldn't be based on who's booked to win the match and isn't. They're salaried and make whatever they make based on whatever their individual contracts dictate.
  11. I'm too lazy to pull videos right now, but Sugar Ray is the definition of this thread.
  12. You guys are funny, thinking there's any chance this could be like the DDT title. You know what would happen the first time someone suggested it? Vince wouldn't "get it" and would squash it right away.
  13. Graham Potter to manage Brighton next season. I thought he did well at Swansea last season.
  14. For bands or artists who had a sudden drastic change of image, sound, or both. Like this:
  15. Three point technique..if do right, no can defence.
  16. The Attitude Era was WW.'s nadir in terms of quality. Nowadays they have good to great matches undercut by terrible writing. Back then the matches AND writing were terrible.
  17. Unlikely. They share no language. Dothraki speak Dothraki, Grey Worm speaks Low Valyrian and the common tongue of Westeros.
  18. I really liked Daga vs Tanaka, except for the magical healing leg damage sections. Where one minute you can barely stand, and certainly can't run, and then suddenly you can flying kick. But it was good. Swann vs Pillman the Second was pretty good, but it wasn't a patch on Swann vs Elgin from Friday's Impact. Couldn't get into the opener though. Felt like I'd already seen it done better. Generic brawl, with a sudden "I went to a fight and a game of Hockey broke out" spot during the adverts.
  19. But you can sew two wings on a pork chop if you have too
  20. I played them all. I like the Masa Funaki one.
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