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  2. @The Natural the dog has one too? I love that the dog is like "we're seriously doing this...."
  3. Everything should be shorter. Nobody has time for multiple-segment Seth Rollins matches. The longest matches should be 15 minute Ironman bouts. And they should be rare.
  4. I don't think 4 minute matches fixes much. The crowds would have to be so invested in the characters that they are okay with the in-ring action being short and secondary to whatever story you are telling. Most matches these days begin with the crowd sitting silently, these men and women have to work their ass off to get a reaction out there and if they're good they usually can get the crowd going but it takes more than a couple minutes. So if the plan is to shorten matches okay that means more time for story telling and you know what WWE is really really really bad at? Story telling.
  5. How to get back to 1998 or 1985: find a Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan. That's it, that's the whole game. When you have the guy at the top that draws new viewers, and is red hot, everything gets hot. The longer time goes, the more convinced I get that you can't book a company to a boom, you just need that guy. And WWE is specifically set up to not let anyone become bigger than the company ever again. 1999 might be the single worst booked year in WWF history, and it didn't matter because Austin and then The Rock drew people. This year is giving it a serious run for worst booked, and it matters because, I mean, Seth Rollins is no major star whether or not you like him.
  6. haha Yeah that was a rough night for him.
  7. Yeah that's why despite the loss in viewership if the 18-49 can hold on where it's at Smackdown will be fine but with that said I do think it's a bad sign when a show goes from 3.9 million to 2.4 million in two weeks.
  8. Big upset but I also didn't think the Badgers were in the elite class this year. I think on a neutral field they'd get walloped by the top 5.
  9. Yeah, that's one I really didn't expect.
  10. First really big upset of the season.
  11. Wisconsin beats Michigan 35-14 Michigan beats Illinois 42-25 So, obviously, Illinois beats Wisconsin.
  12. It's not working for me and it should be, I'm 100% that audience.
  13. Stakes, Surprises, Serialized Storytelling. Even one of the three would be nice.
  14. I could completely be misremembering, but I feel like there was one Raw where there was only 20 something minutes of actual bell to bell action. TV matches were constantly only 2-3 minutes long, and fans would start chanting boring at the first sign of a headlock. There was a period in the early 00s where they basically had to re-educate fans to accept longer matches.
  15. Man, the singer from Ghost looks like shit.
  16. Today
  17. JR commentary incoming.
  18. Finished it. Last fight was kinda underwhelming
  19. What an entertaining card. Lauzon's nasty Reverse Nelson, the Yair Stephens fight was gold, Reyes with the fadeaway, and Cormier and Cruz bugging out over that inhaler, this show nearly had it all.
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