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SLAMMIVERSARY 2022 (June 19, 2022)

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Full card for Sunday

Impact World Champion Josh Alexander defends against Eric Young

Queen of the Mountain match (Special Enforcer Mickie James):
Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz defends against Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, Mia Yim, and Jordynne Grace

Ultimate X match:
X-Division Champion Ace Austin defends against "Speedball" Mike Bailey, Kenny King, Trey Miguel, Jack Evans, and Alex Zayne

Impact Tag Team Champions The Briscoes defend against The Good Brothers

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Influence defend against Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary

Monster's Ball match: Moose vs. Sami Callihan

Honor No More (Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Eddie Edwards, PCO & Vincent) vs. Impact Originals (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian & two wrestlers to be announced

Pre-Show: Impact Digital Media Champion Rich Swann defends against Brian Myers

Pre-Show: Reverse battle royal

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While I’m not watching the show, it does look like a pretty good lineup. The card looks a lot better than Rebellion!

My thing with Impact PPVs though is that I tend to wait and watch them on Impact Plus when they pop up a month or so later. I can’t justify paying $40 for a PPV when I’m already paying yearly for Impact Plus and it’ll show up there not long after.

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Due to injury, Jack Evans is out of Ultimate X, replaced by the returning Andrew Everett.

Sad to lose Evans, was looking forward to him having a possible resurgence in Impact if it was more than a one off, but happy for Everett as a big fan of his previous Impact run. 

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Reverse battle royal was amusing, a waste of the greatness of Steve Maclin though - sad that he didn't get a bigger spot on this show than that. Glad to see some good throwbacks that we don't usually see... David Young, Chase Stevens, and Slash's entrance with Father Mitchell was cool. 

Great victory for Speedball in a typically fun Ultimate X spotfest, figured it was his time to win the title coming off his first loss to Trey on Impact. Pop for the surprise Scott Hudson appearance!  Sami/Moose was a solid brawl. Kinda wanted Moose to get a big win back here even though it was Sami's big comeback and understandably he'd go over. 

Weak, did not expect the Briscoes to lose the tag titles so soon and for yet another Good Brothers reign. Kind of disappointing as I thought the Briscoes were in for a long run since they were so fresh to this division. Huge pop for the post-match arrival of America's Most Wanted though! I hoped they were coming for a full time return and to set up a triple threat but it was not to be. Great to hear their classic theme again. 

DAVEY RICHARDS~! Loved that choice, perfect to combat Eddie. When Dixie showed up, I almost thought she was gonna introduce EC3.  This was awesome and an absolute blast all the way to the finish. Loved the triple submissions spot and the eventual triple finishers. Only felt weird still to have PCO in this spot with Honor No More when he's been more or less a face for awhile now otherwise. Kaz hitting the Flux Capacitor on PCO was a terrifying looking spot, but cool to bust out his classic finish. Wonderful little moment for Brian & Earl Hebner to get to stand tall with the point up for Dave. Awesome that AJ got to do a little video message too.

Extremely disappointing ending to Tasha Steelz reign as champion. Jordynne's been doing some of her best work recently but I felt like she was the least likely winner here. Didn't expect that all. Deonna and Chelsea took a hell of a death bump through the tables, looked wild. Felt like they didn't do a whole lot with the whole penalty box gimmick, was just kinda there.

Main event was never in doubt, made doubly so after 4 title changes already in the night which seemed unnecessary. But the exchange of past TNA finishers was great, culminating in the Shades of Double J! guitar shot. Angle Slam on Doering through the table was epic too. Nice, definitive finish.  Pretty fun show overall despite some questionable outcomes, with the 5 on 5 being the absolute highlight.


Full Slammiversary Results: 



*Rich Swann(c) def. Brian Myers (7:07) with the 450 splash to retain the Digital Media Championship

*Shark Boy won the Reverse Battle Royal (9:45) that included Johnny Swinger, Chris Bey, David Young, Zicky Dice, Shera, Raj Singh, Bhupinder Gujjar, Steve Maclin, Shark Boy, Shogun, Aiden Prince, Mike Jackson, Chase Stevens, Crazzy Steve, & Slash (w/ Father James Mitchell)
-Final 8: Swinger, Young, Maclin, Stevens, Bey, Gujjar, & Shera got in to the ring to advance.
-Shera eliminated Chase Stevens
-Bey & Maclin eliminated each other.
-Swinger & Young eliminated Gujjar
-Swinger eliminated Shera
-Swinger eliminated Young
-Shark Boy pinned Swinger

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2022 - June 19, 2022 from Nashville, TN

*Speedball Mike Bailey def. Ace Austin(c), Trey Miguel, Alex Zayne, Kenny King, & Andrew Everett (9:55) in Ultimate X to WIN the X Division Championship.

-Scott Hudson interviewed Team Impact Originals, who promised to do it for Impact tonight and said they agreed their 5th man was a no brainer when they saw his name.  

-Video from Sting talking about his history with TNA. Video message from Kurt Angle sending his congratulations to 20 years of Impact.

*Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie def. The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood)(c) (7:12) when Rosemary pinned Madison to WIN the knockouts tag team championships.

*Sami Callihan def. Moose (14:51) after a third Piledriver in Monster's Ball. 

*The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) def. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)(c) (10:06) when Anderson pinned Jay after the Magic Killer to WIN the Impact world tag team championships. After the match, the Good Brothers and Briscoes went face to face until America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) interrupted. Storm said they were all a lot alike as they like fighting and drinking. Storm proposed a toast to tag team wrestling and talked about how all the haters thought TNA wouldn't last but here they are 20 years later as they all raise their bottles in the air.

-A tribute video aired to Mike Tenay & Don West.

*The Impact Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, & Davey Richards) def. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, & PCO w/ Maria Kanellis) (18:48) when Sabin pinned PCO with the Cradle Shock. Referee Brian Hebner was knocked down, so Earl Hebner climbed in from the crowd and counted the final pin. Traci Brooks interfered to stop Maria's interference. Kenny King interfered until he was taken out by D'Lo Brown with the Lo Down. Prior to the match, Dixie Carter gave a thank you for 20 years of TNA promo and introduced Davey as the final member of Team Impact. Christy Hemme was the guest ring announcer. Scott D'Amore did commentary.

-A video message from AJ Styles aired talking about his history in TNA, put over his classic matches. AJ thanked WWE for allowing him to do this because they understand it was a special moment for him.

*Jordynne Grace def. Tasha Steelz(c), Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, & Mia Yim (18:21) in Queen of the Mountain to win the knockouts championship.

-The next Impact+ special will be Against All Odds from Atlanta on July 1. Impact returns to PPV with Bound for Glory on October 8

*Josh Alexander(c) def. Eric Young (w/ Deaner & Joe Doering) (18:43) after the C4 Spike on the exposed wood boards under the ring mat to retain the Impact Worlds Championship.


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I am little surprised that Good Brothers won given that they admitted that they half ass their work in IMPACT.  But they have that Bullet Club connection and that carries a ton of weight if you want people interested in your product these days.     

Everything about the show seemed great and the nostalgia was a great touch.     The Tenay and Don West tribute was awesome to see.    AJ and Sting seems legit happy to be involved in it.  

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Anything here worth seeking out? I'm interested in how the 10 man and Eric Young-Josh Alexander played out. And always interested in the Briscoes bouts. Hoping that title drop means 'Dem Boys' are gonna be free for that ROH show in Lowell. An Impact show celebrating the past that I purposely passed by isn't likely gonna be for me. Nor is a show with so many clumsy gimmick bouts. 

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4 hours ago, HarryArchieGus said:

Anything here worth seeking out? I'm interested in how the 10 man and Eric Young-Josh Alexander played out. And always interested in the Briscoes bouts. Hoping that title drop means 'Dem Boys' are gonna be free for that ROH show in Lowell. An Impact show celebrating the past that I purposely passed by isn't likely gonna be for me. Nor is a show with so many clumsy gimmick bouts. 

Those are the top two matches for sure. Probably nothing 'must see' but the 10 man was a lot of fun, boosted by all the 'outside' shenanigans involved.  Josh/Young was a solid main event, a nice TNA Tribute match with them using all the past top guys finishers which did create some variety in the offense.

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I caught a few highlights over lunch. The Briscoes are consistently terrific, but (of what I saw) that match didn't seem too strong. Doc Gallows blatantly getting into position while on camera was total amateur hour. Karl Anderson also seemed to suddenly forget to sell during at least one punching exchange with Mark Briscoe. I generally dig the Goods, but they did not look particularly good when my eyes were on screen. James Storm's flared jeans with shitty designs on the cuffs seemed specially tailored from the Jake Roberts collection. Caught a couple highlights of the 10 man - lots of talented ppl in there, and of what I saw it looked well worked. The big Chelsea/Deonna spot in the Queen of the Mountain match just sorta depressed me. I find these brutal spots so sad in such meaningless forgettable fodder. I'd never seen a King or Queen of the Mountain match, but the rules seemed completely senseless even by wrestling standards. The series of highlights I caught from Young and Alexander looked as crisp and well played as would be expected from those two pros. I think I might need to go back to this for a full view. That Angle Slam on Doering was unreal. Josh looked like a total dweeb waving a Canadian flag in Nashville. Is Violet By Design a country now? I wish they'd stop with the lame sell of Josh as this wholesome family man. He needs to be a killing machine not Hero Dad. 

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