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  1. That’s probably my favorite match the two had together. I love that tape! And yes, that Luger match is very good. Of course, everyone talks about that tag match. And I agree, it is good but as someone mentioned earlier, Diesel spends half of the match on the floor so he’s pretty much a non-factor until the finish.
  2. Kemp is the brother of the Gable Steveson guy they signed from the Olympics.
  3. Sending good vibes and friendly thoughts to you @JLSigman I remember the last time I was in the hospital was when the majority of my leg was amputated. I was in horrible pain, couldn’t sleep and cried several times. It was awful.
  4. Julius and Damon will probably be really good.
  5. I feel like this will be a really fun show. I would’ve preferred Bron vs Dragunov straight up though without JD in the mix, other than that, no major complaints about this card.
  6. Great lucha six-man but the commentators completely ignore the action in favor of hyping up Starrcade.
  7. I’m currently reading “Twelve Nights at Rotter House” by JW Ocker. It’s like my fifth read through and it gets better every time. Fantastic haunted house story that’s told from the first person perspective. Really makes you feel like your in the abandoned house with the dude in the book! I also recommend his book “The Smashed Man of Dread End”. Ultra creepy middle grade, teen monster book. Has a bit of a Goosebumps vibe to it.
  8. Between San Diego and Philadelphia ... I honestly don't care who wins. It's just nice to have someone other than the Braves or Dodgers in the LCS. If I had to pick one, then San Diego just because they haven't been to the World Series in what ... over 20 years? I'm pulling for Houston in the AL, mainly because they're not the Yankees and they're managed by Dusty Baker. Ideally, Houston to win the whole thing so Dusty can finally say that he won a World Series as a manager.
  9. Really hope that Hangman is okay. As soon as the ref called for medical and they cut away from everything, I had a feeling it was bad. Like...real bad. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the show tonight. I hopped up and down (literally because I only have one leg) in excitement when Final Battle was announced. My roommate looked at me like I was crazy.
  10. So there's this today: https://www.f4wonline.com/news/aew/tony-khan-well-have-great-news-soon-about-weekly-roh-shows Basically, Tony Khan says that there will be another ROH PPV this year (assuming it'll be Final Battle?) and a weekly ROH show to air in 2023.
  11. Nice cards! I just bought a box of WWE NXT myself over the weekend. Haven’t opened it yet though.
  12. Guess that means I’ll be able to watch the game then before Dynamite since they’re both on the same channel today. Wonder what’ll happen if the game goes extras and overlaps with AEW?
  13. Only caught a bit of Raw and thought it was good. Still confused why Baron Corbin is now managed by JBL and has ring gear similar to Austin Theory.
  14. Hi friends! I haven’t been around in a while so I figured I’d check in. I’ve had some struggles recently and I pretty much had to check out from online activity. Long story short, I had a really bad breakup with my now ex-girlfriend, then in the middle of all that I got Covid. My mental state wasn’t great after the breakup so I’ve been to therapy and now ended up moving in with a friend up near Cleveland. I’m doing a bit better now that I have a nice support system between my friend/roommate and continuing video chats with my therapist. I celebrated by birthday back on September 2nd as well and my friend/roommate took me out on a little trip to Pittsburgh and we just spent time enjoying the city that weekend. I’ll be around here and there and will pop in with comments occasionally. Hope everyone is doing well! I sure missed all of you!
  15. Found this while searching for old indy stuff on YouTube. It's from the old HWA in Cincinnati in 2006: Chad Allegra (Karl Anderson) & Rocky Romero vs. Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer
  16. Takeshita vs Claudio was just awesome! Definitely the best match on any of the Battle of the Belts specials so far. I’d say last night was probably the best overall BotB episode they’ve done.
  17. I think Drew will win at the UK PPV. No reason for him not too. However, I don’t think he’ll have it for long and they’ll switch it back to Roman at either Extreme Rules or the Saudi show. That way, we still get Roman vs Cody at Mania (presuming Cody wins the Rumble). Or, alternatively, Drew could hold it until Mania and we get Drew vs Cody at Mania (again, presuming Cody wins the Rumble) if they’re still going for the Roman vs Rock match.
  18. At least they acquired someone. From the few games I’ve watched this summer and based on what I’ve heard about on the local news, they were in need of a catcher since it sounds like Tyler Stephenson has been hit with one injury after another.
  19. Been watching a bunch of old SMASH Wrestling shows that are free on their YouTube channel (including the last show they did before the pandemic put them on hiatus) along with stuff that's on Impact Plus and I've really been enjoying it. They've got their comeback show coming up this weekend with Speedball vs. Alex Shelley as the main event and also Veda Scott and Matt Cross on the card. They've got a lot of good homegrown talent too with Kevin Bennett, John Greed and my favorite Psycho Mike (who's just freakin' awesome!). With that being said, does anyone know if their show on Saturday will be shown anywhere? From watching their old shows, it sounded like they were being taped and then shown on Fight Network (I think) in Canada. If so, is there any way in the states to watch it?
  20. That Nats/Padres trade is just insane!
  21. Really hope Jose Siri gets a chance to shine in Tampa Bay. I’ve liked him ever since he lit up the Midwest League with Dayton in 2017 with that nearly 40-game hitting streak. While I know that success in the minors doesn’t always translate to the majors, hopefully he’ll get some playing time in Tampa and be able to replicate some of that success.
  22. And now this from WrestleVotes on Twitter. First hour commercial free? That’s interesting. Hmmm …
  23. For the first time in a while, I’m genuinely curious about WWE and I actually want to watch Raw. Has anything even been announced for the show tonight though?
  24. I got a message from my mom that some of our cousins near Whitesburg, KY lost everything in the floods down there. I used to go visit with my grandparents when I was a kid as they were from that area. We would drive down for a week or so each summer I was off school and we'd stay with my grandma's brother who lived in a holler called Spring Branch up the side of a mountain near Jeremiah, KY. There were also big family reunions where we'd grill hot dogs, hamburgers, skip rocks and my great uncle would make his famous corn fritters. I remember the little towns down there like Isom, Blackey, Fleming-Neon and Jenkins. Those were some fun times as a kid. It's horrible to see what's happened down there with all the flooding. I don't know if anyone has seen pictures of the flooding from there but it's terrifying.
  25. The Reds traded Tyler Naquin and Phillip Diehl to the Mets for some prospects last night. I’m guessing their sell-off has begun? Guessing Castillo is probably next, but from what I’ve been reading, it sounds like pretty much most everyone (except for Votto) is available and they’re heading for 100 or more losses. Like I’ve said previously, I haven’t kept up with baseball at all this year so besides Castillo, Mahle, Drury, and Moustakas, who else would be on the trade block for them?
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