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Rampage - 11/12/2021

Dolfan in NYC

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55 minutes ago, alstein said:


It's too bad sting couldn't take the role Bill Watts did for him and beat the wrestling into Jade.   That's what I think Jade needs, maybe stick her in  feuds with Emi Sakura and Serena Deeb after this?


as for Dante- you're seeing Ultimo Dragon, I'm seeing a likable Lightning Kid.


I'm still seeing a young and somehow more athletic AJ Styles.

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Also, with TK snatching up Daivari & Nese, I wonder if he’s stockpiling cruisers for the Owen Hart thing. He should put together like a 64 man bracket and let it go for a while. Put matches on every media outlet they have. Make Dark & Elevation required viewing. And if you’re grabbing the best smaller workers in the world, you gotta go get Buddy Mathews.

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3 hours ago, AxB said:

THIS Buddy Matthews?

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Buddy Matthews On How Much WWE Time Off He Had To Visit His Family

Not a small guy.

Well, we know he is used to cutting weight in order to get down to 205, but still, holy shit Buddy! That would take some cutting!

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He's not close to 205 now...
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