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Shine On - Musicians RIP Thread

Dolfan in NYC

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Can't believe I'm just finding this out now, but Takeshi Terauchi passed away back in June from pneumonia at 82. Japan's "God of electric guitar," who came to prominence in the 60s by fusing surf guitar sound with Japanese influences like the shamisen to spectacular effect. RIP.



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8 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

Aw man, the Chapman Stick is an awesome piece of equipment. It singlehandedly (okay, Adrien Belew had a part in it too) made the '80s era of King Crimson both modern and awesome. 


This clip is cool just because you can see Tony Levin playing one too.


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Gared O' Donnell, the singer from Planes Mistaken For Stars, died yesterday. Amazing band that I'm really grateful I finally got round to getting into five years ago, and saw live in London a couple of years back.

All their stuff is good, but they really hit their stride on their last two albums, Mercy and Prey. I'm at a weird point in my life where almost nothing makes me cry these days, but I listened to 'Penitence' by them yesterday and was on the verge. Listening to a fifteen year old song where a man who's just died in real life imagines saying goodbye to his family and apologises for all his mistakes will do that, especially when the song's that incredible.

One of the most genuinely difficult to describe bands I can think of, they sound totally singular and it was mainly down to his voice, which started gravelly and got gravellier from there. I guess they come under post hardcore, but that covers so much ground it's not much use. Just do yourself a favour and listen to Mercy.

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Mike Nesmith was a goddam genius and words do no convey how much his death hurts. My Best Friend went to see Mike and Mickey on he farewell tour and he noticed how gaunt Mike was and how frail he looked onstage, to the point several Mike songs were skipped oer on the playlist ohe could sit down and ley Mickey do e heavy lifting. 



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