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6 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Shaxx yelling THEY CAN'T KILL YOU IF THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD! warms my black black heart

I forget the exact quote but at one point Shaxx told me to look into the whites of their eyes, and spit in them. 

And yeah, Failsafe is the best character in Destiny so far.

As for burning the Nightfall boss. We tried the arc super trick. Problem is you can't outright kill him with only 2 supers and it leaves a crap ton of adds to deal with after he teleports. I really think all we need is a couple of decent scout rifles with burns. We were using a hand canon and sub machine gun last night so range was an issue, you had to get up close and personal and the deaths were costing us time.

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Just got to:

Io and met up with Ikora. Where the last parts with Cayde-6 and Failsafe were hilarious, the voice acting from Ikora during the first mission is top-notch -- probably more emotion and depth for her than in the first game.

Archer Min has a definitive Dr. Who vibe to him.

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Damn, this game is pretty.

I totally blanked that I only played the first Destiny on my 360 when I was searching my tv stand for my old game to trade in and found the totally unopened Destiny: The Collection that I bought for the One right after purchasing it and never ended up playing.

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Screw it, we got one of our old clan buddies in and smashed through the Nightfall first try. My reward for the Nightfall? Coldheart, the gun we all got for free for pre-ordering. But at least it was at 274 light. Then we knocked out Shaxx crucible quest for even more gear. I'm sitting at 272 now. As always it's boots that are holding me back, everything is legendary or exotic except for my rare shoes. Why do you hate my feet Destiny?

I got 250 silver durst straight up from a Bright Engram. You'd have to be crazy to spend money now when you get the currency for free just by playing the game.

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Luke Smith just tweeted that the Raid's power level is 260-280.

So either they've made a concerted effort to make the normal mode raid more accessible to players or the hardcore player base just figured out how to game the leveling system in a way they didn't expect, because I see a lot of people already over the raid max level and that used to never be possible.

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I guess I got lucky buying it at Costco today - I got one of their last 3 copies and it had the free code for Coldheart in it, too.  

Aaah it's so easy to just dive back into this.  Played a few crucible matches and it felt so good.  Getting my ass kicked while trying to punch dudes 19 levels higher than me in the face.  Good times.  

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On 9/10/2017 at 1:16 AM, Basara said:

What issues did you have? The only real problem i found with RoI was if a Ghost or Artifact where holding you back since they were the hardest pieces of gear to find. If that's the case then Destiny 2 makes it even easier. Ghosts no longer have light levels and so far there are no artifacts. Of course there's always the chance of shitty rng and just not having a piece of gear that you need drop.

I don't know what the recommended light for the raid is this time, i'm guessing 275 or 280. You can get to 270 just by playing the game and doing public events and strikes which would be more than enough for a 280 raid. Nightfall aside due to the modifies, we were doing quests a good 20+ levels lower than the recommended light and didn't feel under powered at all.

I couldn't get past 275 and it was painstakingly hard and boring.  It wasn't even a game of inches anymore.  It was becoming centimeters.  It was a pain in the neck to just to that level.  I think the desired light level for RoI raid was 285.

Keep in mind for Public Events they weren't really easy to track in the first game like they are now. 

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8 hours ago, EVA said:

Luke Smith just tweeted that the Raid's power level is 260-280.

So either they've made a concerted effort to make the normal mode raid more accessible to players or the hardcore player base just figured out how to game the leveling system in a way they didn't expect, because I see a lot of people already over the raid max level and that used to never be possible.

I think they are really making an effort to make the end game available to everyone. Removing Ghosts and artefacts from being apart of your light level and having rare gear soft cap at 260 means you can enter the raid without any legendary or exotic gear dropping for you. Add in the in game LFG they are adding in a few weeks and literally anyone who plays the game could do the raid.

I don't think it's people figuring out how to break the level cap either. Aside from the first 2 days were we put in an unhealthy amount of time playing through the story I think I've only dropped maybe 6 hours in game for the rest of week one. And I can be 276 if I use my best stuff rather than the weapons that work for me. Even then I'm 272. I just got there by doing strikes, public events and the 3 'powerful gear' weekly tasks.

If you think back to year one the only way to get top tier gear was the raid. And until you'd completed it, and RNG, had blessed you, you had to raid under levelled. Nightfalls and Iron Banner were a step below that. Now you're guaranteed an end game light level piece of gear just for doing a bunch of public events or playing crucible for a bit each week. 

It's looking like the prestige level Nightfall and raid are there for those who really want to punish themselves.

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This is going to be a weird thing to say but I almost feel like there are TOO many public events.

It seems like they are constant with barely any downtime.

Now I am not really complaining at the moment because I need to do them to fill up the third subclass artifact dealie but I feel like all I am doing right now is bouncing between the walker and the witches when I am not clearing out the adventures on Titan

And all the people who never show up to help with me the Servitor in the EDZ can eat a dick

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41 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

This is going to be a weird thing to say but I almost feel like there are TOO many public events.

It seems like they are constant with barely any downtime.

Understandable given people complaining about PE frequency in the old game, especially after TTK when the timers for pre-TTK PEs got fucked up.

Your Normally Scheduled Encounter With The Walker Tank Has Been Pre-Empted By Darnu, the Horn Of Oryx.

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I got d2 Saturday.  I was only able to play for a few hours before bed, but I did get to put a significant amount of time in on Sunday, and then Monday evening culminating with the nightfall (where I got the skyburners oath exotic scout rifle).  As it sits now, I'm at 268 waiting for maintenance to end around 2pm *fingers crossed* 


I have not played any crucible yet


Here are a few observations:

-I said I cancelled the oreorder,did not say I wasn't getting it.

-fuck spoiler tags on the board, amirite?

-the darkness isn't in this story

-this is about the light

-better story then d1, but the bar was pretty low to be fair. 

-I may be a little salty over the abandoning of certain aspects of storyline stuff from d1. Fuck continuity.

-VoG shader is chatterwhite

-rare engrams stop at 260(for a while, lost sector chests drop a little higher)

-legendary engrams stop at 265 (kinda, vanguard tactician deal procs higher supposedly)

-farm public events up to about 260 

-fast travel is your friend

-rally the flag fills your super

-buy the planetary scout reports and treasure maps from cayde to show nearby loot caches, open chests (region chests, like goldchests from d1, if you wait to farm these out until you are past 260, the stuff you get will be useless, can't remember about treasure maps tbh)  

-kill high value targets, they drop loot that will help you (up to 260)

-save your mods, you will need them later.

**save all your tokens (edz, io, nessus, titan, gunsmith, etc) until you hit 260, THEN turn them in, the legendary engrams they give you max at 265.  

[email protected] the grind is real. Save your legendary shards until you are >265.  Infusion is a waste at 210, just put on the highest level blues and be content with your lot in life until the next higher blue drops 37 seconds later.

-wait until you are north of 265 before you do the planet specific quests to get the weapons (mida mini tool on earth,   drang on nessus, rat king whereever, etc).  They are the blue lookimg fuckers on the map on whateber destination you are at. These will decrypt  >265.  

-try to wait until you are north of 265 before you complete the weekly  milestones, these will give you >265 engrams.

-i hear Clan engrams will drop >265

-space pyramids=illuminati confirmed, but most likely are personification of the darkness as it was alluded to before vanilla Destiny, was seen (similar) in concept art waaaayyyy back in the day.

-There is probably more, but i havent gotten my coffee yet and Irma is pissing outside making it dreary.

-the floor is lava

-a purple ball!!!

-touch the pp.







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I'll be doing prestige level Nightfall or raid because it's part of the Platinum. And I'm probably nuts.

The constant public events have been helpful for me to get exotic engrams.

Oh and after the update I get the message after an update "this version of Destiny 2 is no longer available" when I try to connect. Anyone else with the same problem?

EDIT: Nevermind, the server maintenance ends at 2 pm today. That could be it.


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Can we take a minute to appreciate how good the enemy character redesigns are?

The House of Dusk Fallen, in particular, look super cool.  If you look closely when you kill them with a headshot, you can literally see their souls leaving their body.  I also like how some vandals skitter around like insects, like they did in the 1st mission of D1 but never, ever did again.

Of course, the Red Legion are just much more colorful and fun to look at than Cabal were in D1.  Psion jetpacks rule.  The new phalanx shields are much more interesting and less frustrating to deal with, too.  The warbeasts are a fun addition, also.

The Vex didn't change much, but I appreciated little details they added, like Minotaurs actually having an exposed crit spot and the hobgoblins' eyes glowing red when they're about to target you.   Harpies shooting the purple ray instead of lighting you up with rapid fire shots was a welcome change, too.

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Update is live.  Servers appear to be up.  I can stop being productive around the house now and waste away the rest of my day like I planned on.  

edit: except the damn game is at capacity.  WHY ARE YOU RUINING MY TUESDAY OFF DESTINY!?

edit edit: Nevermind the server update has just been extended until 12pm my time.  

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58 minutes ago, misanthrope304 said:

Holy fuck.  I am not sure whether to chide Bungie for overreacting or applaud them for being internet savvy.

The item in question is the Road Complex AA1 gauntlet set:


The symbol on the sleeves supposedly resembles the logo for the flag of Kekistan:


Kekistan is a made up country that found its origins on the 4chan boards because it's fucking 4chan.

Here is why the symbol could be interpreted as crypto-offensive:


“Most of all, Kek has become a kind of tribal marker of the alt-right: Its meaning obscure and unavailable to ordinary people – “normies,” in their lingo – referencing Kek is most often just a way of signaling to fellow conversants online that the writer embraces the principles of chaos and destruction that are central to alt-right thinking, as it were.”

TLDR: Kek = Racist / Fascist.

It's not even a traditional hate symbol, but with internet peeps making quantum leaps of association at light speed and getting offended at the drop of a hat, I guess it is more prudent to be safe than sorry since online rage spreads like a wildfire these days thanks to social media and the last thing that Bungie needs right now is bad press.

Personally I think they're being a bit PC and perhaps giving 4chan retards a bit more recognition than they deserve, but I suppose it is better to remove controversy rather than continue to address it.  Especially given that it has barely been a month since launch.

Takashi Miike made a similar decision for his upcoming film adaptation of the manga, Blade of the Immortal.

Here is the back of the protagonist Manji's kimono in the movie.



Here is Manji's kimono in the manga:



Your eyes do not deceive you and yes, the arms of the symbol in question are turning in the opposite direction of the symbol you THOUGHT it was when you first saw it..  Did you care about that distinction?  Probably not.

Yes, the manji was a traditional Buddhist symbol.  No, no one will bother to do the research required to not be offended by that at face value if they saw that image in a feature film..

You can argue historical and cultural significance and perversion of symbology all you want.  Someone would be pissed if they saw that on the screen in this day and age and all of the counter-reason in the world wouldn't explain it away.

Did Bungie overthink this? Definitely..  Was it a good call anyway? Probably.

I'd be a little pissed off about the removal of the arm armor, though.  Those arm blades are pretty sweet looking.

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