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NFL 2013: WEEK 2


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I don't think the Jaguars even have a primary fan-base at this point.


That sounds about right. When you need to show NFL Red Zone on your stadium's big screen to get people to attend your home games, there's a problem.


Lightning delay in Tampa. I made this joke once already but it bears repeating: Even God thinks Greg Schiano is an asshole.


John Lynch said what I was thinking at the same time. For having a coach that supposedly preaches discipline, the Bucs are REALLY fucking undisciplined.


Yes to both points. What an era this has been so far. At least the Saints are only up by 3.

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This is the part where I guess we're supposed to pretend that the play isn't dead the moment the ball crossed the goal line under control because a referee fucked up with Megatron that one time, so we had to invent a way to cover his ass.


What no review? Shit some actual common sense. I'm stunned.

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Andrew Luck is dogshit, I hope his idiot city burns to the ground.


You tub of lard, Iberian Peninsula dwelling, spitting in people's food piss ant.  You cheer for a team that was so inept that Barry Sanders retired five years early just to get away from the vortex of suck surrounding him.


When I look at Matthew Stafford, I know how you look--he's your twin with enough cottage cheese around his gut to make cannoli for Marlon Brando's ghost.


Do this for me and I'll love you forever. . .


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