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Might as well do this again. Previous version of these posts have gone over networks and times. All of those change all this time and any thing I write now will be 20% wrong by a month from now. The best way to figure out what's going to air that week is to check my site Thursday night/Friday morning for the weekly Lucha Times post and match chart. I'm not even promising that'll be right most of time, but it's better than nothing.


On a high level... I want to get into lucha libre, what shows should I watch?


The simplest answer is just watch the TerceraCaida show - http://www.youtube.com/user/TERCERACAIDANET  - which is the highlight show you wish the US had. You'll quickly find out which people you want to see more of pretty quick.


The easiest answer is the one hour "CMLL on Fox Sports/Azteca America" show and the one and half hour "AAA on Televisa" show. That's the "A" AAA show and the closest thing to an "A" CMLL show. 


The best answer is "pick and choose what sounds interesting."  Lucha libre is not like US wrestling, you do not need to watch all the matches leading up to the big match to appreciate the big match. Most CMLL feuds are simply "Luchador X beats Luchador Y three straight weeks, gets a title shot."


AAA feuds are more adventurous but, if there's an important story point, they'll show you it a video package before the big match. Jumping around to title matches or just to the guys you like is perfectly fine and will not hurt your enjoyment. There can be great matches outside of the big final matches, but a lot of the other matches are the equivalent of house show matches. There's no need to watch everything to enjoy the best matches.


Not a single one of these show is in English, or even slightly presented for new visitors. There are plenty people who help explain why things are they way they are once you start watching, but expect little help from the offical people.


Is AAA on El Rey? When is AAA on El Rey? 


AAA is not on El Rey at this point. AAA will be on El Rey at some point. (AAA will be in English on El Rey.)


There really will be a point where AAA is on El Rey. It's a far distant point. Just use one of the 500 ways you have to access YouTube and go to their YouTube channel in the meantime. http://www.youtube.com/user/luchalibreaaatv/



Can I get lucha libre on Comcast/DirectTV/DishTV/Time Warner/whatever the heck cable system?


I hate this question. This is a dumb question. I've been asked variation of this question five million times since starting doing whatever the heck it is I'm doing. Planet Earth, stop asking me this dumb question.


Why do you have to be such jerk?


It's the internet.


You are basically asking me to go to your house and hit the channel guide button for you. That seems an unfair expectation. On the other hand, I'm happy to give you a list of channels that have lucha libre, and you can see if you have any of them.


AS OF 02/2014, these US channels are known to cover Mexican wrestling 


Azteca America - CMLL, "Lucha Azteca"
52MX - CMLL, "Guerreros del Ring"
AYM & LATV - IWRG, "Lucha Libre Zona XXI", "Lucha Libre" (same show)
Multimedios(2) - "Noches de Coliseo" - note listed time in guides is 100% incorrect

MexiCanal - Rayo de Plata promotions of San Luis Potosi, "La Lucha se le Hace"


Times & days check much more often than I'll bother to update this post. USE THE LUCHA TIMES LINK ABOVE, you'd probably have the answers to your questions already if you did that.


Wait, what about Galavision?


There is no lucha libre left on Galavision. There is no lucha libre on Univision. There is no lucha libre on Telemundo. 


Where else can I watch lucha libre?


Plenty of YouTube channels


AAA post their full shows within days of them airing at http://www.youtube.com/user/luchalibreaaatv/


CMLL doesn't post any matches, and occasionally hilariously uses stuff I capture. They do have a partnership with http://terra.mx, which broadcasts live about half the Friday night card and all of the Sunday afternoon show.


Sort Of Official

http://www.youtube.com/user/tvluchadelpasado/videos - posts highlight of videos he's selling thru http://tvluchadelpasado.wordpress.com/


Not Official At All


(http://www.dailymotion/com/user/thecubsfan and http://www.youtube.com/thecubsfan have more videos)


http://www.youtube.com/user/WarriorsX2000/ - Lucha Libre de Mexico

http://www.youtube.com/user/TKD117 - PLENTY OF OTHER CHANNELS.


I will continue this when I think of other things to type.

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Depending on where you are at (I assume some of the channels we get in LA might not be available in other parts of the US) and packages, at the moment on Dish there is CMLL on LATV (Ch. 57) on Sundays either at 5 pm or 6 pm Pacific (6 pm is usually the newer show, and 5 is a repeat). On WAPAA (Ch. 826) there is WWC at 9 am on Saturday & Sunday. Its Puerto Rican wrestling, which I don't watch, but if you are jonesing for more wrestling, there is that as well.

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MTVTr3S is/was airing reruns of the El Luchador reality show with CMLL.


To get halfway decent reviews of El Luchador, take every review of Total Divas where they complain about the show seeming fake and/or the characters coming off badly and find/replace El Luchador as the show title.

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is AAA or CMLL currently airing on anything Time Warner cable carries, like Galavision? 


This is one of those questions which are really tough to answer, because I have no idea what channels Time Warner has and each local area gets different channels. That doesn't make a difference if you're trying to watch Raw, because every cable system is going to have USA, but lucha is carried on increasingly obscure channels.


Lucha isn't on Galavision any more - it's not on Univison or Telemundo, or any of the sub channels of those networks. Everyone's best bet for seeing lucha libre on US TV at this moment is "Lucha Azteca", Saturday afternoon on Azteca America. Azteca America is not everywhere, but in a lot of places. The show is CMLL, and it's usually the bigger matches from the Friday night show 15 days prior. It's the closest thing CMLL has to an A-show.


AAA will be back on in the US on El Rey sometime between July and December. (MAYBE.) 


Since you're on Time Warner, you may get Time Warner Channel Sports, or whatever they've abbreviated it. It was airing airing reruns of CMLL's Tuesday taping, but months delayed and possibly in reruns at this point. This is not recommended.

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If IWRG or CMLL is still being shown on LATV I sure as heck can't figure out when it's on. I'm on Comcast and LATV is only shown in really obnoxious 9AM-9PM blocks just titled "LATV Programming". A couple weeks ago 4 different airings titled "CMLL on LATV" were scheduled to air, so I recorded them all and none of them were CMLL. Three of them were infomercials and one was a music video program. 

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I get LATV broadcast over the air so your mileage may vary but I've found that the Saturday 3-5 PM slot is usually when CMLL might actually air when it's listed.

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It airs Saturdays? Hmm. Gonna have to check on that on Dish Network's guide.


Here in LA, CMLL airs on Sundays from 5 pm to 7 pm PDT on LATV.  5 pm is the previous week's replay. 6 pm is the new show. Of course it being LATV that will change at some point since it always does.

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MexiCanal - Rayo de Plata promotions of San Luis Potosi, "La Lucha se le Hace"


This is a local indy, right? I just got the Latino package on cable, and I stumbled across this and was impressed at someone holding a card in a double-wide trailer.

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So for the first time in many years (2011?) it looks like there is no CMLL on Lucha Azteca. Not sure if it will still be shown on LATV but there is nothing on the next two weeks of Azteca's schedule that sound anything like wrestling. 

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So for the first time in many years (2011?) it looks like there is no CMLL on Lucha Azteca. Not sure if it will still be shown on LATV but there is nothing on the next two weeks of Azteca's schedule that sound anything like wrestling. 


We figured out it's a one week pre-emptetion to cover the Pope in Mexico City. May mean they don't skip an episode and Azteca will be even more delayed from live - that's what they did when it was pre-empted by a telethon in November.


Lucha Azteca appears on some schedules for next week and not others; probably just a listing error.

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Lucha Azteca America today at 5PM Eastern was the Elite tournament. Was 4PM, which has been repeats, the current Friday night matches? Fox Deportes in US is not yet showing Lucha Retro on the schedule. What is up?


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