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  1. Every single one of them has been reviewed on SC. Every Tuesday we review 2-4 more. Some match/review links might need to be added to the page above, but that link at the top will take you to all of them. There are several that stand out as the best, but I seriously doubt you would not entertained no matter the match you picked.
  2. I didn't love the Burning team, but really loved this match and thought it was them at their heel best. This match was just the thing I needed the day I watched it, thought it would easily take over the 1999 throne. I don't think I realized Phil's bearish King's Road stance, although that would explain why we haven't yet done our 1995 and 1996 champs yet. I thought the saves and layout of this match were so strong, and loved the partnerships on both sides of the ring.
  3. Oh I already have Finland Thor drafts, someday, someday. Wonder if Borga was the only guy to work one of the very first UWF tapings and the very last one. I did review all of his first run 1990 UWF run as The Viking... http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2018/05/bangkok-shocks-saigon-shakes-halme-rocks.html
  4. I don't think it's something you need to go back and see. But considering I often skip or zone out of Rollins matches, I really did like him here. Until he got to his end of match groaning. The groan selling was really bad. I thought Night 1 was really good, great at times, and kept me entertained top to bottom. Gulak/Cesaro was still probably my MOTN, even though it was under 5 minutes. I really loved it. But Bryan/Zayn and that out of nowhere actually good and actually entertaining Taker/Styles match put this show over the top for me. Not sure how they really do Reigns/Goldberg now and
  5. Next time I'm actually out of the house ( haven't driven anywhere since 3/16, yeesh)I and around someone with a Roku, this is the first thing I'm doing. I had no clue that match was taped. Looking up the card itself and there was a lot I didn't remember. Totally forgot Villano IV and V were on the card. I mean if you had asked me if I ever saw V4 or V5 live I would have said "certainly not". The Santo/Parka match was really exciting live, especially when they established early on that there was a rudo ref and Santo lost that quick primera. Every little gain Parka got felt like they could
  6. I remember that Walls, it was on one of the announce tables. I think he said that same story in that TV video package, how he immediately realized it was a bad idea. The end run of that match is still pretty fresh considering I haven't watched it in nearly 20 years, gonna have to watch it again soon.
  7. I had earmarked both of those. I have fond memories of the tag title change, remember watching it live (on TV) and it being everything I wanted. I also remember the sincere and interesting quad surgery HHH video the next week on Raw. Like much of this stuff I haven't seen it since it aired, but Austin is a forever favorite of mine.
  8. I watched Austin/Benoit from 5/31/01 Smackdown, a match I had not seen since around it's original airing (this is going to be a common theme for me, as I have not gone back and watched most stuff from that '99-'03 era), and these threads are a good way for me to jump back to stuff that was memorable at the time. There weren't many wrestlers I loved more than Austin in 2001. While it understandably popped the money boom bubble, Austin was so great as a heel that it was one of those failed ideas that worked great, just wasn't what people wanted. The set up to the match was really good, wit
  9. This inspired me to just seek out and start writing up all the Goldust/Booker T tags. There weren't actually that many, so I'm gonna start a Mini C&A for them soon. Do you happen to know if this is online?
  10. A couple different people suggested the Eddie/Edge No DQ match from Smackdown, and I watched that last night. Probably hadn't seen that since it around the time it actually originally aired. There's a ton of this era that I haven't gone back and watched, even though it's an era I loved at the time and have tons of fond live show memories. This wasn't going to surpass Danielson/Low-Ki for our 2002 top spot, but it was a great reminder of how the crowds got absolutely LOUD for so many people on the roster during this era. The crowd kept getting louder as the match went on and they were rea
  11. With a 8-6 job and a bargain theater cinema junkie I still somehow find time to write about wrestling every day, but there's still a ton of wrestling I won't ever see, that I want to see. I've been better about just following my whims about what I actually want to watch mixed with what I most feel like writing about. If I don't feel inspired in some way to write about it, I don't always watch it. I've said it before, but if I had this kind of access to decades of footage when I was a teenager, it's likely I wouldn't have hardly talked to another live human again. But now I have immediate acces
  12. I love when we get the chance to do some early 90s WWF, so Matt and I wrote up the unseen until now 1992 Survivor Series Showdown matches and I live for this stuff. I really loved Bret Hart/Papa Shango, felt like something that would be a Coliseum Video gem: https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/11/new-footage-friday-survivor-series.html
  13. I just came here to see if anyone had asked this question yet. I had so much fun doing the 90s and 2000s poll, and was always bummed that I missed the 80s poll. I would love to have that kind of Top 100 fun with this decade.
  14. Not intentionally, we just like jumping around to different things. If you got any years you'd like to request, or specific challengers, I'll bump them up the priority list
  15. Thank you. I think that Cornette is underselling his performance in the match. Sure it was worked under a familiar manager-forced-into-action territory match, but his performance was great when compared to people working that same formula match. I have seen plenty of in-ring Cornette, and this was easily the best of it, best shtick, best actual ring work, best bullshit. He has a great memory of it and I dig that insight he provided. I wish he didn't present it as us getting tricked by the magic of complicated wrestling storytelling into merely thinking Cornette looked great, it wouldn't be an
  16. We wrote a nice mix of weird stuff this week: Jumbo vs. Brad Rheingans in perhaps the peak "oooo this guy could be cool" of Rheingans career, a ECW era Terry Funk being a weirdo in Germany against Duke The Dumpster Droese, and early career Necro Butcher/Hotstuff Hernandez Texas indy match worked like an Awesome/Tanaka match. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/11/new-footage-friday-funk-droese-necro.html Also, any synopsis of any kind on what Cornette had to say? Did he talk about anything directly related to what we wrote, or more talked about the match itself?
  17. We reviewed the full AWA SuperClash IV show, and I loved it. A 15 minute Tully Blanchard clinic, Texas Hangmen, hard fought Masa Saito/Zbyszko match, and a killer hidden gem cage match with Destruction Crew vs. Paul Diamond & The Trooper. Total classic 10 minute whirlwind tag main. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/09/new-footage-friday-awa-superclash-iv.html
  18. This is really sad and I didn't actually know things were going tough for him. During the Berzerker project I tried to contact him but I have no connections and didn't get far. I'd love to interview him and do a long write up. And for those of you don't know how great the Berzerker actually was during his 2 year WWF run, or are skeptical yet want to be convinced of his WWF greatness, I will use this opportunity to promote my Complete & Accurate Berzerker. It's my favorite project that I've done (so far). I love this dude. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2017/02/complete-accur
  19. I am finishing up a write up of the show. I was underwhelmed, but liked the Kingston tag, dug Ruas match, thought that Shotzi bump was insane, etc. That's enough things to make my time feel not wasted. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/07/evolve-131-10th-anniversary-special.html
  20. Dick Murdoch vs. Johnny Rodz in Kuwait was the match I never knew I wanted. Murdoch is racist southern Charlie Chaplin.
  21. Check out this new to us FULL WAR handheld show we reviewed from 1993, WAR vs. NJ in Korakuen! The best thing about WAR handhelds is we get to see how mean and nasty these guys were all being when the cameras weren't on. This show is filled with tough guys. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/03/new-footage-friday-we-declare-war-62593.html
  22. The brain trauma match is one of our highest rated NJPW matches, so mashed banana brains don't bother us.
  23. Agreed. Those two looked like they could take on anyone in the world. As violent as any shootstyle I've seen.
  24. If we had reviewed nothing more than this 1991 handheld match of Richard Slinger vs. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, it would have been completely worth it. I've seen a lot of Kikuchi, and occasionally you see this total dickhead side of him come out. You're so used to Kikuchi being the one eating a beating, that it's shocking how sadistic he can be. And then you realize Slinger is also a total monster who came up entirely within the Japan dojo system, and these two just beat the shit out of each other for 10 minutes. The whole match feels like they're taking liberties with each other, and while it never go
  25. Commentary hasn't bothered me, but I think I just learned to mostly tune out commentary ever since Heel Michael Cole. I thought the triple threat was easily the best WOW match since they've been back, especially loved the Jungle Grrrl/Tessa parts. Jungle Grrrl feels like someone who could have gotten really good if she hadn't gone on to have an actual normal live post original WOW. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/02/wow-women-of-wrestling-episode-4-2819.html
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