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  1. Decided against the blog and instead will post thoughts and gifs on my Twitter. Check out @byrninghammer if you're into that kind of thing. Thanks!
  2. In the midst of the pandemic I have taken to starting from Jan 90 of AJPW TV with the goal of watching all of the 90s TV/big matches. I started off with Roy Lucier's channel and he was missing Feb onwards so I found an archive *cough* torrent *cough* of what I'm assuming is all the important matches/angles. Sidenote, I've seen a lot of AJPW, especially from the 90s, but as it's generally considered one the best periods of in ring work, I thought with all this free time it would be as good as any time to start a project like this. My question for you is should I start a blog and write about it? So far I've been tweeting about each match but I'm curious if anyone would want another write up on 90s AJPW. I've never written a blog nor wrestling reviews/musings but I'm definitely interested in the idea.
  3. A little update since starting this thread, I've made the decision for the time being to watch the weekly programs I want, which is essentially Dynamite, along with pimped matches from other shows, while also watching big NJPW and WWE shows. As of late I’ve been fortunate/unfortunate in that where I’m living there is a state of emergency due to a wild blizzard that happened last Friday; unfortunate for the blizzard and not being able to leave my house until today, but fortunate because I caught up on a lot of wrestling. I’ve been digging the Segunda Caida website as well as the Wrestling On The Internet Not From The Now thread, watching a lot of matches I’ve never seen before. Just watched Harley and Wahoo from ‘78 today for the first time, great stuff! One takeaway from this thread for me is to enjoy what I want and not feel I need to watch everything. With all the great content there is just not enough time in the day to watch it all. Don’t get me wrong I’m still going to try and watch it all but not feel like I NEED to.
  4. I think that's a good point about watching wrestling for it to be enjoyable. Growing up in the 90s I was a hardcore WWF fan, would rent all the Coliseum tapes, and that was the extent of my fandom, maybe catch the odd TV show. That changed when Austin came on the scene and I'd watch RAW more often but not all the time. Fast forward to the early 2000s and I meet a guy in my hometown who turns me onto AJPW and everything Japanese wrestling. Since then it's been an obsession to try and stay on top of it all. I think the obsession, along with listening to the Observer regularly, has created the need to watch every recommended match I hear about or read and thus has created my dilemma.
  5. I'm new to fatherhood at 5 months now and that definitely limits my watching along with work. I agree though that there is no issue with too much wrestling. Maybe the issue is I want to watch too much, hah. I was loving NWA Powerr, missed the PPV and fell behind. Although it looks good with Scurll and Steiner in now. Always loved Steiner, for better or worse. Speaking of the Observer, since becoming a Dad I can count on one hand the amount of newsletters I've read but I always catch the podcasts to keep me up to date.
  6. Long time lurker here but I figured this would be the best forum to discuss. There's too much wrestling. Throughout the week I watch AEW regularly, NJPW big shows, big WWE shows, while also trying to catch up on older stuff such as 80s Lucha, Mid South, and early Mid Atlantic. The latter stuff I almost never get a chance to watch and all of this doesn't include wanting to watch NXT among other things. My question to you is how do you stay on top of it all? Do you just pick a few promotions to watch regularly? Just watch recommended matches? Just the old stuff? I know there is no one answer to these questions but I'm just curious to how everyone else navigates the massive amount of content available to us.
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