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  1. I'm buddies with one of the guys who worked this show and was there live. A kinda sloppy Southern brawl main event, but the finish was a lot of fun and generated some insane crowd reactions.
  2. Right now, focusing all my energies on completing a Best of 2000s Japan ballot
  3. I don't think so. O'Reilly seems to have more of a sense of humor about things and "get it" from a character standpoint. Such as his hipster douchebag team in ROH.
  4. I'm late to the party, but jumping on board on this.
  5. Stumbled across a bunch (and I mean, A BUNCH) of old Memphis TV on YouTube. Complete episodes. Started off with a November 1978 episode in which Jimmy Valiant tagged with a young, blond, baby Wayne Farris, debuted his new music video and then turned heel. All in the same episode. Highly entertaining.
  6. Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1 was the best thing I've read in a while. Minor league super villains, presented in an Elmore Leonard-type narrative. Great stuff. Can't wait to get the second issue today. Have any other Marvel freaks out there seen this site putting the whole continuity in a reading order? This has got to be like the Mount Everest of comic-geek endeavors (I've got a Marvel Unlimited subscription and I'm about 1/3 into 1963 myself.)
  7. My latest retro ROH review is up, if you're into that type of thing, on the cluster-fuck that was the ROH tag title tournament. http://www.prowrestlingpowerhouse.com/roh-rewind-7-unscripted/
  8. Lucha noob question. Is there some sort of hierarchy to the various CMLL shows like WWE with its Raw/Smackdown/Superstars? Or is everything just muddled together into one homogenous stew of lucha? I'll hang up and listen.
  9. Yep, that was me. You can access all of my reviews here. http://www.prowrestlingpowerhouse.com/category/roh/
  10. Still going through my ROH rewind project from their very first show. I'm almost done with Unscripted. There's a lot of Wrestlecrap-worthy booking on these early shows, but some very good matches as well. I'm still hoping to fill out an AWA ballot as well.
  11. I will attempt to watch and review more stuff with my own patented brand of snark!
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