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  1. Les Thatcher is coming to The Monster Factory! By Joseph Feeney III There are plenty of seminars in the pro wrestling world, going on every weekend, all over the country. Recently, I attended an “Everything BUT the Wrestling” seminar hosted by “The Quintessential Studmuffin” Joel Gertner, of ECW and TNA fame, at the Monster Factory. Mr. Gertner did an excellent job teaching the attendees a little about everything, including promos, backstage etiquette, when to speak up for yourself, the differences in wrestling on TV, and so much more. The next upcoming seminar, to be h
  2. REVIEW: Joel Gertner Seminar at The Monster Factory By Joseph Feeney [email protected] I had the distinct honor and pleasure of attending a tremendously informative seminar this past Saturday at the world famous Monster Factory, headed by former ECW and TNA talent, Joel Gertner. Joel is best known for his stint as the manager of the Dudley Boyz in ECW, and his always entertaining, profanity and innuendo laced pre match promos. He was also the commentator on ECW on TNN alongside Joey Styles. The Monster Factory is an extremely impressive venue, full of wre
  3. Name the most talentless slug you've ever seen pushed by an indy promotion... I'm gonna go with... "The Complete" Pete Hunter from PWU (Pro Wrestling Unplugged) in the mid 2000s...just absolutely awful, gassed up slug who looked clueless almost at all times.
  4. Since both of these books are now available on the Kindle, I was going to buy one for some weekend reading. So, if you had to choose, which book would you read? JJ Dillon or Ole Anderson?
  5. I distinctly remember the build to Hulk vs Andre drawing me in, in early 1987. I was 5 years old. I lost interest in the beginning of 1993, and stayed away until Hogan's heel turn in summer 1996. From there I slowly got back into the WWF as well, and discovered a late hour show called ECW. I was hooked on all three of the "Big 3" during the apex of the Monday Night Wars. I started to lose interest again sometime after Benoit won the title at Mania 20, and my interest was totally gone with the death of Eddie Guerrero. CM Punk's pipebomb promo brought me back.
  6. Randy Savage Sid Vicious JBL Sable Demolition Shane Douglas
  7. But I'll bet Douglas isn't 6 figures in debt, either. I believe he is also happily married as well.
  8. He also told several pointless, rambling stories about getting drunk and staying up all night. It's like having a college freshman on the panel.
  9. Planning to watch from Survivor Series 96-97 PPV wise. It's so weird to see that Furnas/Lafon push. Also of note so far is Leif Cassidy/Al Snow killing himself to get over in the opening match of the It's Time PPV against Flash Funk, and how over SID was in MSG against Michaels.
  10. Supposedly Rude was training for a return to the ring when he died, so it's possible. And it was for a return to the WWF to supposedly feud with Austin, if the rumors are true.
  11. Didn't he say they beat all those teams in a one night tournament in Atlanta? Something like that. I believe it was House Party '98 but I could be wrong.
  12. Two of my favorites that immediately come to mind are: 1. The FBI (Guido, Rich, Smothers) coming to the ring with a bowling trophy saying they are the World Six Man Tag Team Champions, and Rich rattling off names of teams they'd beaten, including The Von Erichs, Dusty & The Road Warriors, and The Koloffs & Krushchev. 2. Lance Storm coming to the ring with a urine sample to submit for drug testing, only to, of course, have it poured into his face after a DDT by Tommy Dreamer.
  13. I see. In what State can a sixteen year-old get a wrestling license? Kozina's even more of a jerk than I had previously thought, and that was based on meeting him a few times. I'd like to see him try that crap with someone that knew how to fight back. It would be dwarf-tossing 101. What's the story here?
  14. Lol mostly lurked on the old board yes. Davey not popular here? I'm just not that familiar with him.
  15. With the recent controversy with Davey Richards and him leaving Roh, some casting aspersions on his character, etc. It made me more curious about the wrestler. Was the hype Richards used to receive warranted? Are there any of his matches I should seek out? Does anyone have any knowledges of the accusations of a bad attitude being thrown his way, and does he deserve them? And finally, will he get a shot in WWE/NXT, or has he risen as high as he ever will?
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