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  2. So it's good news/ bad news for Flip Gordon. He's going to be ROH champion, but he'll also be the only guy left on the roster. Defending against Invisible Stan every week in a series of what will be (in a face-saving measure) retroactively announced empty arena matches.
  3. I said it before but a Cain/Braun vs Brock/Fury tag match would have been so much better. Why they never go that route these days is beyond me.
  4. Even doing as requested and setting aside the moral questions, holy fuck is this an unappealing show. I don't want to see Cain challenge Brock. I don't want to see Tyson Fury do anything. These Saudi shows have all gotten pretty negative reactions and been bad just as wrestling shows. I can't imagine any reason to watch this.
  5. has Maria had her baby yet? If I was Mike, I wouldn’t ask for my release until then.
  6. This is a continuation a conversation from this weeks Dynamite thread that I decided to add to the October thread. There’s several Ring of Honor contracts expiring at the end of the year. Marty, Brody PCO, Cobb, Rush, Dragon Lee and Bandido, plus dudes like PJ Black, Shane Taylor, Tracy Williams and Beer City Bruiser. That’s a lot of talent on the market come January. Marty seems to be a lock. Does anyone know when exactly Marty’s contract expires in November? I’d like to see PCO and Brody King in AEW. The idea of Marty going rogue and not aligning with The Elite but having his own crew. Although PCO is challenging Rush for the ROH Title at Final Battle. They put the strap on Kyle O’Reilly and he didn’t resign. If PCO does win the strap and doesn’t resign he could always drop the strap to Jay Lethal at Wrestle Kingdom. Or PCO could turn up on Dynamite and toss the strap in the trash. Or they could have Rush retain and drop they belt to somebody the next day at the TV Tapings. Who I don’t know. Maybe Silas Young. If I was AEW I’d go after Rush, with ROH’s relationship with CMLL getting stronger I can’t see Rush and Dragon Lee staying in ROH once their contracts are up. Entice the brothers by allowing them to continue taking Mexican Indie dates. I’d make a run for Bandido too. Now that New Japan seems cold on him I’d go for Jeff Cobb too. I’ve seen him plenty live in ROH and Defy dude is very athletic and can go from what I’ve seen. Plus he has a pretty solid buzz in the Bay Area/PNW and when AEW starts expanding out there he’d be a perfect addition to the roster. How many people they sign at the first of the year I would imagine depends on if the start running the Saturday night house shows by then. Extra date a week would mean filling out the roster. Also if they do add a Television title with Weekly defenses on television with the 15 minute time limits you will also need to bolster the Midcard. With that in mind I’d look at Tracy Williams and Beer City Bruiser. Tracy is really good wrestler whose just been under the radar honing his craft in AIW, Beyond and Evolve before spending this last year in ROH. I think he’d be perfect for a Television Championship devision. Beer City is the guy I’d make a run at. He’s a classic boss. A tough guy looking for a fight. A throwback to the tough guy midcarder heels from the territory days who may not have the best win-loss record but you know he’s gonna give the face a run for their money. Bruiser was on Jericho’s Podcast and Jericho seemed to be a fan of his work. Having an advocate on the inside may help him get a contract. This is all speculation. I’d also make an offer to Silas Young when his contract is up at the end of 2021. I wouldn’t bother with Black or Taylor.
  7. Yuka is contracted to TJPW/DDT. Riho is a freelancer. Shida is the only joshi wrestler who is contracted to AEW full time.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, that Original Video Junkie blog reviewed such a movie and yes, the blade-fingered glove was changed to a dildo-fingered glove instead. Update. Yep, they reviewed it along with Halloween porn parodies and all the Avengers parodies. http://www.videojunkie.org/ Just go to the site and search for:
  9. Doing that to a horror movie is just... Ugh.
  10. My uncle rented the first Nightmare on Elm Street when I was five and me, my brother, mom and dad watched it with my uncle, who had already seen it. The main thing I remember is that being my introduction to the concept of spoilers as my dad talked about how much he hated watching movies with my uncle (mom's baby brother) because he tells you everything that's about to happen if he's already seen something and ruins it.
  11. I had hoped Mike requested his release when it was rumored the last time instead of signing the 5 year deal. I know most weren't huge on him but I've said before he was one of my favorites during his Impact run and would love to see him come back, always felt he's been the most underrated/underused guy in WWE the last couple years.
  12. Look, Halloween is probably my actual favorite movie ever. It's certainly the one I watch the most often.
  13. Presumably, yes https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/hbo-ceo-predicts-disney-will-pull-fox-movies-pay-tv-channel-1143413
  14. Just started playing this game and I love it so far. I have a question thought about weapons and armor though. Should I be vaulting or dismantling weapons and armor when I have no room for them anymore?
  15. That might all be true if it were the series finale. He definitely conveys his pride in Kendall in that last scene but there is no way he wanted or expected it to actually happen in that moment.
  16. As a dipshit kid at the time (cuz let's face it all kids are dipshits) I was way more into Nightmare than either Friday or Halloween. As I got older and re-watched some of them I realized just how wrong my initial impressions of them were. While most of the Nightmare series is perfectly enjoyable popcorn fare, none of them (save for New Nightmare) are really what I would classify as GOOD. Halloween on the other hand, I have grown to appreciate much more. Particularly for Donald Pleasance (though it's a shame he had to go out with that dumpster fire that was Halloween 6). H20 was a perfectly fine 90s, Scream-style slasher film and I thought there may be some hope but then Resurrection came out and (ironically because of the name) killed the franchise. Then I had a bad fever dream that Rob Zombie did a shitty remake which thankfully never really happened (SHUT UP IT NEVER HAPPENED!)
  17. And HBO still has it's long time deal with Fox that I think runs through 2021 for all new movies under that banner. Edit: 2022
  18. I wonder if Muppet Babies(the good one) will ever stream. . .
  19. Endgame goes up in December. We've talked before about the MCU movies - I think in this thread or the (old?) Marvel thread. They're streaming on other places until next year and beyond, so the entire MCU won't be on Disney+ until at least 2021 most likely, if not later. Netflix still has the most recent movies pre-Endgame, and USA just aired Ant-Man this past weekend. I'm pretty sure TBS has the rights to Guardians or something, maybe it's SyFy. But it's also kind of weird, since I'm pretty sure Ant-Man is one of the movies that's on Disney+.
  20. I'm pretty sure nearly the entire MCU is missing. I only saw a few titles. But they'll put them up soon enough and Endgame is going up soon too.
  21. Today
  22. Oh I already watched it and was laughing in disbelief at how stiff her ponytail was. It looked like she had braided her hair around a stiff cable. It may have been posted on the previous page. It does tickle me how bad this game looks.
  23. Dude I think that’s Curtis Axel? Or Fandango with a beard?
  24. Poor Trent Seven (I think).
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