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  2. So are the Chiefs going to cut him like they Kareem Hunt?
  3. Pat Mahomes is the cover of Madden 2020. Plan your fantasy football draft accordingly
  4. Sounds great and much preferable. Would've had a real oldschool vibe to it, Bryan cutting promos like that would be highly entertaining, and would've better kept up Kofi's momentum.
  5. Love that as soon as Goddell started talking the thunder clouds hit and it is pouring. Even Mother nature knows how he sucks. Either the Cardinals are fucking with people or a lot of teams are trying to get to them and waiting for the last sucker. Thought Murray was a no brainer By the way I can't think of any NFL team that would be worth getting 100 years worth of season tickets.
  6. I take comfort that I've never been sued by my mother.
  7. I'd wear it anywhere. I don't give people shit for wearing MAGA stuff as much as it pisses me off. If someone doesn't like that shirt:
  8. Bobby Lashley has one singles match loss on TV this year and that was the Mania match The remaining losses were mostly 6 mans and I’m not sure if he was the one pinned in them
  9. I was thinking the other way around. She beats Charlotte, who then goes nuts and injures Becky. Becky fights on but can't keep going vs Lacey and loses that title.
  10. Cool. I have youtubed the tent scene more than a few times since I watched it as it was awe inducing. I can see the film as a whole being a different experience if I watch it in a few years. Better or worse I have no idea.
  11. Yeah I'm all for this direction. It's like fighting game Garbage Pail Kids and repulsive is my aesthetic.
  12. Yesterday
  13. The strange cousin that the Polkaroo doesn't invite to family reunions.
  14. That first D'Vorah fatality is amazing, even if it owes itself to Alien/s.
  15. It's almost like the meanings of words evolve across times and generations. But ultimately, I agree with you because Eminem is garbage and we should take nothing from his life or career.
  16. I certainly am not a Vince/Bucky Beaver apologist.
  17. Midcard titles scream JTTS more often than not. Seth was an exception rather than the rule. Shit, just look at Samoa Joe. And Balor? Highlight of his career has been jobbing to Lesnar.
  18. Related to Lashley - in the WON Meltzer notes that there is heat on Lio Rush for.... well being Lio Rush Meaning he is extremely confident in his abilities and let’s everyone know (and how he basically should be in a top program)
  19. Lashley was IC Champ going into Wrestlemania.
  20. Fuck yeah I bought it. Not sure where to wear it where I won't get a ton of shit but I'll make it work.
  21. So @nate's story really struck a chord with me. My daughter is also 10(she'll be 11 in September). I've been a stay at home dad since she was born. We have three things we've always done together--watch Looney Tunes, watch wrestling, and watch superhero related shows and movies. We still do all three, but she's growing up and I know it won't be long before things start to change. We've watched all the Marvel cartoons that have been on tv since she was little--Avengers Assemble, Agents of SMASH, Ultimate Spiderman, the current Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther plus Earth's Mightiest Heroes and any animated Marvel movie we've come across. It wasn't until about a year and a half to two years ago that she decided she was ready to watch the MCU movies, she wasn't ready to see violence like that with real people until that point. In that time my wife has had a couple of promotions and had to travel a good bit for work(Toronto, New Jersey twice, San Antonio and the Philippines last year; Toronto once so far this year, China next month, South Africa probably in June and then maybe India and a return trip to the Philippines later this year) and we were searching for a house to buy(and finally accomplished in November). By the time we moved in December we had only seen Captain America: The First Avenger and the first two Iron Man movies. We started trying to watch one a week until two weeks ago, when we realized there might be a chance the drive-in would run a Captain Marvel/End Game double feature when they opened. We watched four or five movies the weekend before Easter and four or five this past weekend. We knocked out Ant-Man and Civil War yesterday; today we've watched Dr. Strange and are halfway through Black Panther with Spider-Man: Homecoming a real possibility tonight as well. We found out yesterday the drive-in is in fact showing a double feature though End Game is going on first(people have complained on Facebook, they don't seem to be changing it). We should get everything watched by then, but it looks like the weather could potentially end up closing things down on Saturday with too much rain(it's a grass lot, no concrete or blacktop). I have my fingers crossed the weather holds enough and we can go. I've had so much fun the last two weeks watching my daughter connect dots on who this character is or how they tie into the next movie coming up all from watching the cartoons and animated movies. I never read comics as a kid so the watching the MCU movies on my own as they came out, watching the cartoons with my daughter over the last 6 or 7 years and now rewatching the movies with her and my wife has been my only real exposure to the material but these last two weeks have added so much meaning to the films now that we are experiencing it together. My wife gets so upset when something happens to the characters, she was mad that Quicksilver died so I can only imagine how pissed she's going to be Saturday when we watch Infinity War and I have to deal with the fallout from that until we see End Game. I'm just glad that now we have these movies as another family activity to look forward to each year.
  22. The Summer of Mikaze is going to be dope as fuck
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