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  2. He was basing that on the people in queue for tickets right? It's a flawed system but he should qualify that statement with where he's getting that idea from.
  3. LOL Rockets: https://deadspin.com/report-the-rockets-are-all-fed-up-with-each-other-1835583363
  4. Good recommendation. It's the farthest thing from an "everyone playing along with the joke" match. Starr is a mean bastard who brooks no bullshit, and OC is convincingly sympathetic underneath. Starr takes him lightly and gets carried away once and slips on a banana peel once, but doesn't look proper stupid. And the finish played into something earlier in the match and made sense. I watched expecting to be turned off at some point and got sucked into the whole 25 minutes. Really entertaining stuff. Thanks for that.
  5. Amazing how Fujiwara can do that buckle spot his entire career and not wind up with a zillion concussions. And you can always hear the *PING*.
  6. But then you can do World War 3 matches.
  7. Agreed. I'm not going to drive myself nuts with rare stuff or mailaways. But I'm hoping to get a few more and for the most part be good with what I got. I found a site some time ago that had damn near all of them for good prices. But it seemed too good to be true and despite trying to contact somebody from there weeks ago haven't gotten a response. So if not them then elsewhere it is. I have one WWE retro ring full of Hasbros and got a second one for the WWE retros. I swear if I need to setup a third one my wife's gonna kill me.
  8. He absolutely said they would have sold out Soldier Field. I didn't make it up.
  9. Yeah certain things are moving into "WHAT THE FUCK?!" territory price-wise.
  10. Making me and probably several other people happy, Kojima tweeted that he wants to earn a place in next year's G1. (I mean, he probably is done, barring a rash of badly timed injuries. But I will hope.)
  11. I can now apparently access all topics from all forums from the front page of the board. Rather than the regular forum list, there's a bunch of threads from all over. It's like the original board was, a wrestling thread next to a movie one.
  12. Hasbros aren't cheap these days. They're getting rarer and rarer.
  13. They really haven't been the same since Gordon Bombay left.
  14. Today
  15. I love the retros but prefer getting original Hasbros over them. But if they look worth adding I'll get them (no Seth or Dean for me, thanks) So far I have about 12 or so but after going crazy getting them I'm only getting one-offs like Flair (with proper chop motion), Goldust and now Diesel.
  16. It depends on how you think of wrestling really. I consider wrestling to be akin to comic books where there is an interior logic behind it that does not make sense in the real world. A pair of glasses makes it so people can't recognize Clark Kent is Superman or if I throw you into the ropes, you will keep running. However, that underlying narrative logic is still a logic and if you break it, the audience is left in a place where they can no longer believe in the admittedly fictional world. So if Game of Thrones is a world where there are dragons and snow zombies, it is fine but when The Hound suddenly pulls out a machine gun, there's a issue. Its a spectrum of ludicrous nonsense, don't get me wrong and if you like 'anything can happen' wildness, I have nothing against you. Its just not where I would want wrestling to be.
  17. But I post a Meltzer tweet is it really the truth
  18. Since I am in full burn it all down mode
  19. I don't think there will ever be a greater kung fu scene involving wine than the one in Dirty Ho. And if there is I would love to see it.
  20. Given the murder statistics for Baltimore I'm not sure about the was part for The Wire and Homicide. But I'm drawing a blank on current stuff that's relevant to the city. As for stuff filmed here recently they filmed a bit for "House of Cards" in Fells Point that closed things off for a bit (I'm about at most 2 miles from there). But I believe after shooting a lot of the cast/crew went to Admiral Fell Inn's downstairs bar to chill out. The bartender vividly remembers talking to Spacey and whoever else. And for film if I were to point to any movie that best represents Baltimore I might be inclined to go with the original Hairspray. It's not one of my favorites but it did a pretty good job capturing how it was like back in the day. It was filmed in spots I can easily pass through and the VFW Hall is right near a bar I go to. As for validation on accuracy not only can my mom vouch for it but when they did an event for it at Jailbreak Brewery we heard a few stories from those that lived there. So if we were to count all-time movies then that'd be my pick.
  21. I did some digging and apparently the yellow stripe is a reference to the old Hacienda club in Manchester, so they get points for showing their work. Sadly, I'm a portly fella and the world isn't ready for me rocking a Puma shirt...
  22. I'm not going to believe it until Rippa posts the tweets.
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