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  2. He must have worked for Fuller at some point, because some funny stories have come up involving him on the Studcast.
  3. Randy Orton: *poops in a bag 15 years ago* IWC: Booooooo Randy Orton: BLM IWC: Yaaaaay
  4. I didn’t realise how tall Adam Pearce was... or how small the Smackdown roster is
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  6. The U.S. is now officially Saint's Row. The stuff I'm seeing on Twitter.... what the fuck. I'm not condoning it, it's.. I'm speechless. This is The Matrix.
  7. The last time there was a Muppet TV show I predicted it would only last six episodes. Ironic.
  8. It's basically a badly written movie with some fun fan pleasing moments.
  9. So here's a random one: Does anyone have any Don Kernodle recommendations? Watching old Mid-Atlantic and he's become one of my favourites, but I've never seen any matches of his outside of that run from 82 to 86. Does he have any standout 70s stuff? His career seems pretty weird for a territory wrestler in that he pretty much stayed in Mid-Atlantic the whole time. Other than a year in St. Louis, a couple tours of Japan, less than a year in the WWF and spot shows in Canada, he stayed in the Mid-Atlantic territory for like 13 years of so. That's assuming that cagematch isn't missing anything. Did he have a job outside of wrestling and not want to move around too much? Even with having a territory you'd expect to see the odd couple month run in other areas.
  10. Punk is going to be such fun on next week's Fox Sports show...
  11. honestly, i don't read a lot of current Marvel books. that being said, these storylines caught my interest (can't speak to their execution, as i haven't read them, but i thought they were interesting enough premises that eventually i may check them out.): Punisher: Franken-Castle (2009). written by Matt Fraction (vol. 7 #1-21) Captain America: Hydra Cap (2017) (part of the Secret Empire storyline, released as Captain America: Steve Rogers, #1-19 along with whatever else crossed over with that maxi series) not a franchise that you mentioned, but the current X-Men storyline has been shockingly good. House of X #1-6, Powers of X #1-6, current X-Men series (vol. 5) #1-current (9?). i have NO idea where this storyline is going, but it's big. and crazy. one of the very few comics i'm following monthly. OMG this all fucking day long. This one i CAN vouch for and it was amazing. Released as Vol 5 #1-50 + 600-619. Brubaker's voice for Cap is pretty much the exact voice i have in my head, so this was pitch perfect.
  12. Me to my wife: "No one under 30 is going to get this reference." Her: (31) "I don't."
  13. He may have done some training with Modest at some point, but there is no way that he was his initial trainer. Modest at one point won the PCW Heavyweight Title, but that would have been a few years at least after Don Montoya debuted. That's likely as close as they ever would have been together, as Modest didn't work any of the XPW Philadelphia shows. Modest didn't get out of California much, if at all before the PCW work.
  14. I felt incredibly uncomfortable with that opening angle. I don't understand what they were trying to do there, but it was gross as fuck.
  15. I missed this, nice of Sasha to do this
  16. Yeah, my dad copied Dead Heat off the video store rental tape then recorded over it when it came on HBO. Random trivia; one of the big meathead robbers was also the big jacked up naked guy that causes all hell to break loose in Re-Animator.
  17. Nice. I'm sure since you know him to a degree he'll do a good one. I'm half tempted to get Big E to do one for a friend of mine. I think she'll love it.
  18. Otis/Mandy was an A+ segment. Fantastically written and well-acted by both. Jessamyn Duke doing the "Yes!" chants was just.. weird. On the other hand, there was a shot of Kacy in the crowd booing someone with a thumbs-down and it was just adorable.
  19. The opening with Jeff was just weird. I prefer WWE stay away from serious shit where police make sense. Otherwise it boggles the mind how the fuck whoever framed Jeff isn't going to be arrested for attempted murder on Elias among other things. The battle royal was decent and it was nice seeing Jey actually get used solo for once. Sonya/Lacey was a fun little match and I hope there will be more between the two in the coming weeks. Maybe another fight pit? Or would that be too soon? The Moment of Bliss segment was actually decent. Dug how it led to Sasha/Alexa which itself was a pretty nice match. Loved Bayley and Nikki on commentary. I jut love how Graves at one point simply gave up and laid his head on the table. Also loved Nikki Cross, defender of Michael Cole. Was nice seeing Gable back on tv and actually winning a match. Bryan/Sheamus was nice as expected. Good show all overall. Nakamura has been mostly on cruise control since jumping to the main roster, but he still puts out solid performances, especially against certain types who I assume he likes. I just wouldn't expect him to go all out unless he is booked for something big.
  20. Not the answer you are looking for but the most memorable Konnan match in WCW was Rick Steiner vs. Konnan on the second to last Nitro. Either Konnan was selling well or Rick really was beating the shit out of him. And Rick MURDERED Lash LeRoux a few weeks prior, so I'm guessing the latter.
  21. He's going to do it!!! Joel is awesome. He worked on the Lucha Fest show I helped Sam Adonis out on. Spoke with Joel for about 45 mins after the show. Couldn't have been nicer. We keep in touch on twitter somewhat. He loved the idea. Not sure if RVD has a cameo. I know Graves does and a few others.
  22. I don't know how Joel is these days. But all goes well you can't go wrong with that. Random sidestep but it does make me wonder if RVD has a Cameo account. Now that would be cool.
  23. It’s a very Canadian/hockey thing. There’s even a prominent hockey podcast called Spittin Chiclets
  24. I did see that Nigel McGuinness was furloughed by WWE, as well.
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