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The Cricket Thread, Mark 2


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  1. Tammy Beaumont makes England record women's Test score - first to make a double century.
  2. Opener beats Betty Snowball's 189 set in 1935.
  3. Beaumont's score is also England women's highest in any format.
  4. She overturned lbw decision on 152 and Australia failed to review catch on 61.

Congratulations, Tammy Beaumount!

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Kiran Baluch (Pakistan) - 242 v West Indies (2004).

Mithali Raj (India) - 214 v England (2002).

Ellyse Perry (Australia) - 213* v England (2017).

Karen Rolton (Australia) - 209* v England (2001).

208 by Tammy Beaumount. Well done, Tammy. 5th highest innings score by a woman in a Test match.

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My thoughts from the second test so far:-

  • Johnny Bairstow looks like the Undertaker to me and - without commenting on the rightness or the wrongness of the protest - I would have loved to see him Tombstone that one protester.
  • Apparently asking England batters to "please kindly not get out like total idiots" is too much of an imposition on their natural game. Oh well, if it pisses Michael Vaughn off, I suppose I can live with it.
  • Is Joe Root really the best healthy spin bowler in England, or does the country just mistrust that style of bowling? He has a better bowling average than the rest of the team combined in this test so I guess it must be the former.
  • I imagine England's plan is to be all out by lunch with a slender lead. In the unlikely event they're still batting by tea they'll declare.
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Nathan Lyon has been diagnosed with a significant calf strain. He will required a period of rehabilitation after this match. A decision regarding his availability for the rest of the series will be made after this game.

In Nathan Lyon's 100th Test consecutively. If I remember rightly only 6 have played 100 Tests in a row and he's the only bowler. Alistair Cook is #1.

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I would call it somewhat unsporting - especially as the umpire seemed to think that the over was done - but legal.

Still, those chumps in the Long Room would have been a national embarassment if all they did was wear those god-awful hats indoors. As for what else they were doing, jeez.

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