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The Cricket Thread, Mark 2


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34 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

Yeah, Rudi Koertzen is one of those umpires you know by name like Dickie Bird and Billy Bowden. Thoughts go out to Rudi's family and friends xxx.

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27 minutes ago, GuerrillaMonsoon said:

How long do they persevere with these openers? Both are shit. Crawley has some potential, but ultimately there's some real shit along the way. 26 average after similar amount of tests. Nah.


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  • 2 weeks later...

South Africa outsmarting themselves at the toss by walking straight into a good seam attack in perfect conditions for seamers to attack helped England.

England resume this morning 40 behind, 111-3. The most shocking part of this is that Ron Weasley's big brother Zac is still batting. Are we about to hear the end of "it's been x innings since he last got a fifty?"

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13 hours ago, SirFozzie said:

Bairstow breaks his leg in a fall playing GOLF of all things, and will miss the third test and the T20 World Cup.

I heard Bairstow was out of the third test and the T20 World Cup. I didn't know the how until your post. Fucking golf!? Of all the things.

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Well, as someone who railed against four day tests, that we might get another result in three is gonna make me look stupid.

On the other hand, this test has lost two days, and four days scheduled would not give us a result.

At any rate, this is madness and it's great.

EDIT: England started the day 36 runs ahead, ended their innings within fifteen minutes 40 ahead.

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Didn't want to double post.
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