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The Cricket Thread, Mark 2


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4 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

RIP Andrew Symoonds. A great cricketer, have to think what if with his attitude sometimes.


been a shitty year for Aussie legends

Just heard on the radio but did a double take thinking I'd misheard. RIP Andrew Symonds, only 46. Terrible year for Australian legends passing.

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4 hours ago, SirFozzie said:

If 12-4 is New ZeaLOLand, 39-6 is New ZeaROFLMAOand



New Zealand: 132 all out.

England: 100-7.

I said to my Dad when New Zealand were struggling, we're still to bat.

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Congrats to England. Fantastic milestone for Joe Root. New Zealand gave themselves a chance but England were too good. Not sure why Wagner wasn't selected. We could have used him in the final innings. New Zealand will be left to rue that no ball on the Stokes dismissal yesterday, especially with the pitch flattening out like it did. Lords remains an unhappy hunting ground for the Black Caps. Only one win in 91 years. 

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