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Life in 2020 is terrible, but things are pretty snazzy in 1958. Come take a trip with me.

First match is Serge Gentilly vs Karl von Kramer. I totally expected Kramer to be the usual nerve-hold wielding German but nope. He's awesome with a lot of tricked out stuff:



Just amazing stuff. And look at how he takes Gentilly down and then how Gentilly immediately escapes.


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If we were still in 1957, I could blame this temporary lapse of physics on Sputnik:


On the other hand, I'll take this over hyper serious MMA leg kicking anyday:


How nasty is this? (Even though he's the heel, he gets a revenge one later in the match):



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I love everything about this exchange


Kramer kept going for double leg takedowns. He went once too often:


Interesting bit of roperunning here. Lots of character:


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Let's try to get through this match.

This is magic:


A lot going on here; I love the little ways Gentilly controls the limb:


Cravate kneelift, mean kick, and then this weird inverted gutwrench (he'd do a few of these until Gentilly turned it into a backbreaker and they went into finish of the second fall)


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We'll post it late tomorrow night. It's well worth watching. 

Love the hammer to the foot to switch advantage here:


Kramer had all the slick stuff but he'd also stooge and bump:


Match really had all sorts of things:


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1 minute ago, The Natural said:


The crazy thing about Okada's dropkick is how often it could be better if the person he was dropkicking was 6 inches taller.  

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