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1 hour ago, RIPPA said:

I guess what is throwing me is the fact that you have to have a code to do it 

So why not just visit the actual person's island and that way be able to shop or tend to flowers etc...

I mean it seems clear it is a way to make sure no one can destroy your island but that isn't an issue for me

I did smirk at the flavor text you get from villagers if you talk to them (like since I tried it out on Mark's island - the villagers already knew me)

In previous games you could visit random islands apparently. That makes a lot more sense.

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1 hour ago, Travis Sheldon said:

If anyone is interested, turnips are at 197 this morning. 

Also, Flick is visiting. 

I'll leave my gate open until noon ish if anyone wants to drop by. 

I stopped by because Turnip Prophet said that I'm not getting above 128 this week.

Your commission is by the airport.

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Does anyone need the Mona Lisa?

Redd was selling it today and I bought it because it was the only real one he was selling.

Issue was I totally forgot that I had already acquired the real one.

Assuming I am able to mail it - I can send to whoever claims it first

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