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The International Boxing Association was banished from the Olympic family Thursday, ending a yearslong dispute fueled by defying advice and instructions from the IOC. Boxing, however, will keep its status as an Olympic sport at the 2024 Paris Games.

The International Olympic Committee voted to derecognize the IBA at a specially called meeting -- an outcome that was inevitable after being recommended two weeks ago by the executive board, a body chaired by IOC president Thomas Bach.

The vote was 69-1, with 10 members abstaining.

Boxing was never really in danger of being kicked out of the Olympics over the four years since the IOC suspended the sport's governing body in an effort to force changes.

"We highly value the sport of boxing. We have an extremely serious problem with IBA because of their governance," Bach told IOC members during their online meeting.

The dispute centered on the IBA's management under presidents from Uzbekistan and Russia the IOC disapproved of, its finances being backed by Russian state energy firm Gazprom, and the integrity of bouts and judging.

"The boxers fully deserve to be governed by an international federation with integrity and transparency," the IOC president said.

The IOC is already overseeing boxing competitions for the Paris Olympics without IBA involvement, as it did for the Tokyo Games in 2021.

It was unclear whether boxers representing national federations that stay affiliated to the IBA will be classed as eligible for the Paris competition.

Boxing can now be confirmed on the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic program, which the IOC and Bach withheld as leverage against IBA. Boxing is "guaranteed" to be in Los Angeles, members were told Thursday.


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On 6/29/2023 at 3:04 PM, Dolfan in NYC said:

Have to wonder if Lance Armstrong is making the 🤔 face...

He's busy producing a video series on whether or not it's "fair" for transgendered women to compete in sports.

Because clearly he's the expert on fair play.

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It is time again (as in later this month) for the IOC to vote on what sports will be included for the 2028 Olympics in LA

The finalists that will be voting on are

  • Flag Football (5v5)
  • Baseball/Softball (was in Tokyo but will not be played in the 2024 Paris games)
  • Lacrosse
  • Squash
  • Cricket (Technically Twenty20 - a shorter version)

Sports already officially out (as they didn't make it to the voting) - breakdancing, motorsports, kickboxing and karate.

It is unclear how many sports might be approved and if more sports might be eliminated (The IOC has a cap of 10,500 athletes)

It is also possible that some will be approved for the 2032 games in Australia too

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All five sports were confirmed this morning (only for 2028)

Lacrosse will be 6v6 (since I forgot to mention this)

The IOC also confirmed the returns of 3 sports with "issues"

  • Weightlifting (doping)
  • Modern Pentathlon (dropped horse jumping with an obstacle course)
  • Boxing (doesn't currently have a governing body)

The acknowledged that they have blown past their athlete cap and with either be dropping disciplines within sports or raising the cap (or both)

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While not official - hosts of some of the upcoming Winter Olympics were decided today

The IOC announced that France is the "preferred" host for 2030, Salt Lake City is the "preferred" host for 2034 and Sweden was basically told they would get 2038 or 2042 if they choose to resubmit

Technically - these decisions can change but since each place is the only candidate for each year - unless the countries change their minds, they are getting it

And not to be morbid but typing 2042 was the first time I ever went "Shit... I'm probably not gonna be around for that"

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We're officially 100 days away from Paris.  

The biggest issue right now is the organizers are going to need to figure out something for the Triathalon. 

Original plan was to do the swimming portion in the Seine.  However, as anyone who has ever been to Paris probably could have told you...   clean up isn't going well and the locals are getting really pissed about it. As it is right now the river is NOT fit for swimming.

Unclear how they'd modify it if the river isn't ready for July. 

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It's Dan and Dave all over again!


David Taylor, the defending gold medalist who NBC has built its Olympic wrestling hype around, will not be going to the games this summer.

The 33-year-old, who was considered the country’s best wrestler, can no longer make that claim after 23-year-old Aaron Brooks both won a tournament, and after doing so, beat Taylor 4-1 and 3-1 in straight matches to make the freestyle wrestling team. The matches pitted two of Penn State’s best wrestlers of all-time against each other on 4/20 at the Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of the nation’s collegiate powerhouse.

Brooks, who just became the seventh wrestler in U.S. history to win four NCAA titles, followed with winning the Hodge Trophy as the best wrestler, regardless of weight. Still, there is a huge gap between NCAA champion and even Hodge Trophy winner and Olympic gold medalist. Brooks beating Taylor removes his Olympic TV commercial narrated by Cody Rhodes had been all over NBCU programming.

Last year the two were in the finals to make the world team, and Taylor won 6-0 and 5-4.

Taylor and Adeline Gray, a multiple-time women’s world champion, were the two biggest surprises as far as not making the Olympic team. But most of the name favorites like Kyle Dake, Kyle Snyder, Amit Elor and Helen Maroulis will be representing the U.S. that take place from 8/5 to 8/11 in Paris, France.


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Posted (edited)
21 minutes ago, hammerva said:

Given the news that Clark will smartly not play for the USA women team, I fully expect a good week of "Caitlin Clark hates America" takes from the same phonies 

? Every version of the story I have seen is Clark was left off the Olympic roster, not Clark refused to play. Apparently, Clark didn’t expect to make the team since she skipped the national team training camp (she was still playing for Iowa at that point).  Only takes that I’ve seen are of the “missed opportunity” variety.

Personally, I think there’s probably a little something to the idea that people in and around the league would prefer someone else as the face of the league, but in general I think almost ALL the discourse around her is overblown.  The people insisting all the other players love her and no one is thinking about race, sexuality, or gender politics strike me as a touch naive.  Mostly it just seems exhausting.  Everything she does or has done to her seems to spark a referendum on social issues.  Sometimes a hard foul is just a hard foul and a basketball game is just a basketball game.

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If I had to guess the main reason why she wasn't selected because she couldn't go to the training camp for the team because of the NCAA tournament.  also probably because in reality if she could help they don't really need her as the women team is miles better than other countries 

While I agree that this decision isn't hers to really make,  media never let the truth get in the way of pushing bad sports takes for clout

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Posted (edited)

Caitlin Clark is Daniel Bryan Circa 2013-2014.

Everyone can see the potential Clark has and the crowd is behind her. But, for whatever reason, the "powers that be" don't want her in this spot. The funniest part will be once she overcomes these obstacles and gets the big win(s), they will say it was the plan all along. 

Imagine Stephen A dropping the "Caitlin Clark is a B+ player" line. 

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I don’t see a problem leaving a rookie off an Olympic team - or any other team, for that matter - but some of the rationales leaking out are wild, if true.  Clark was left off the team because her fans might react badly if she didn’t play a lot.  Clark’s teammates might react badly because a benchwarmer makes more money than they do.  The team is so good, adding another good player and making them even better might become its own kind of problem (lol, Dream Team shoulda left a few guys home, I guess). Clark hasn’t paid her dues.  Clark will be better off in the long run if sh’s left off the team now. Lol, really?  No shortage of flimsy excuses here. I half expect Hulk Hogan to pop up and say “She’s too tan.  Not tonight, brother.”  Of course, there would probably be some truth to that.

I’ve only seen WNBA and Clark a few times, so I’m in no position to judge, but it seems likely Clark is at least one of the top 12-15 people currently in the league, so it seems counterproductive to make her pay her dues when including her would probably draw a lot more attention to the women’s bball tourney. I’m starting to wonder if the hate for Clark in the league really is as widespread as the conspiracy theorists claim.

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