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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/1/16

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*Taped for Xplosion: Eddie Edwards def. Marshe Rockett

TNA Impact Wrestling - Airing September 1, 2016 from Orlando, FL

*Mike Bennett came to the ring for a promo. Bennett said his mission in TNA was to win the world title and tonight he completes that mission. Bennett calls out Moose because of the friction between them lately but gets Lashley instead. Lashley tells Bennett that Moose is done with him so he can't be confident anymore. Lashley is so confident, he wants it to be no DQ tonight. Bennett calls Lashley jealous of Moose and says he won't play his game. Lashley says he smartened Moose up and implies he may have promised him a title shot as well or he might just hate Bennett's guts. Bennett still believes Moose is on his side and will help him become champion tonight. Moose comes out and says his actions have done his talking, whoever got in his way he would lay out. Moose says he didn't talk with Lashley so Bennett is happy that he's still on his side. Bennett tells Moose that tonight "we" become champion. Moose says he hasn't forgot about Bennett eliminating him in the battle royal last week and tonight he will decide who leaves as champion.

*Broken Matt Hardy (w/ Brother Nero) def. Crazzy Steve after the Twist of Fate. After the match, Crazzy Steve says he came alone but Decay is everywhere including the Hardy Estate and King Maxel is now Rosemary's Baby.

*DJ Z def. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter, & Rockstar Spud in an Ultimate X Gauntlet Match to win the vacant X Division Championship when Lee & Everett argued over who would pull down the belt and DJ Z springboarded to grab it away from them.

*Drew Galloway came out to explain his actions last week. Drew said he came to TNA to stop the intruders and he was the leader. Drew says when he won the world title, he partied with the fans but when he lost it, the fans were too concerned with EC3 and Aron Rex. Drew says he shook hands after the match last week but then he looked at the fans and they weren't cheering for him, but for the damn referee so he blames the fans for what happened. Drew says Rex is trying to be the next Drew Galloway and he will be his messiah to teach him a lesson. Drew promises to put Aron Rex in the hospital the next time he sees him. Billy Corgan interrupts and says Drew is being paranoid and his actions are not acceptable. Corgan considering suspending Drew but was talked out of it. Drew calls Corgan a sellout businessman saying he's the president who went from a leader to Dixie's bitch. Aron Rex comes out and says he was the one to talk Corgan out of suspending Drew. Rex & Drew get into a pull apart brawl.

*Ethan Carter III def. Eli Drake

*Allie came out for her championship celebration with balloons and champagne. Allie starts thanking everyone but Sienna comes out and goes after her until Maria stops her. Maria blames this on Gail Kim and gives Sienna the night off. Maria says Allie is confused about the celebration as no one would celebrate her, she's worthless like the fans. Maria says Allie messed up everything including the color of the balloons. Maria reveals this celebration is not for her but for her opponent..

*Maria Kanellis def. Allie to win the TNA Knockouts Championship by forcing Allie to lay down for the pin. Maria told Allie to do it if she loves her job and then made Allie put the title around her waist afterwards. Maria then declares let the celebration begin.

*Lashley def. Mike Bennett to retain the TNA Worlds Heavyweight Championship after Moose refused to help Bennett. After the match, Bennett calls Moose into the ring and asks who he thinks he is, calling him a failed football player and says he's nothing without him so Moose lays him out.

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Next week! DELETE or DECAY! Can't wait for that. The Final Deletion's sequel the Apocalyptic Battle. Enjoyed tonight's horror movie scenes. Matt warning Reby that The Abyss was on his way and that Rosemary was in..the...house! The opening scene of the Hardy family singing Obsolete was hilarious. Prepare the Battlefield.... for MASSACRE!

Thought the Ultimate X gauntlet was super fun and the best of the many recent multi-man X Division matches they've had. DJ Z has done a lot of solid work lately and should have a good reign as champ, good promo afterwards too. Fun show-long story with Lashley/Bennett/Moose culminating in the main event.

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I'm going to talk about the Hardy stuff in the main Hardy thread.  But hot damn is Decay awesome.  You have Crazzy Steve who is 1000% dialed into this and is super believable.  Then there's Rosemary who is oddly seductive yet scary in her own right.  No idea what Courtney Rush is/was like.  But if she's nothing like Rosemary then props to her for nailing this role.  And Abyss sure has evolved over the years.  The core of his character is still there, yet he's gone off the deep end now.  He's doing pretty good as the heavy who's lost all sense of reality.

With that said, this is a prime opportunity to make a horror movie with them in it.  I'm sure Borash can make something awesome that won't break the bank.  Find the right audience and it will not only bring exposure to TNA but also generate money for TNA.  They're horrifying enough to make it work, so why not?

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Decay were definitely the right choice for the next mini-movie. The previews looked amazing.

Allie was amazing. She always is but especially here. I don't really care for the title being involved in a storyline like this but she's been great.

Ultimate X was the usual. Not my favorite gimmick match but all those guys are good.

Drew Galloway was out there doing his best heel Bret Hart impression.


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That Allie / Maria segment was pretty great, if Allie had kicked out on 2 it would have been one of the biggest pops TNA has ever had.

all in all that was another pretty good episode of wrestling, Everything made sense (for TNA), most of it was entertaining and the Hardy stuff continues to be gold.


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Turned on the Pluto Machine at the start of EC3 vs Eli Drake. It was ok. IDK I don't have a thought one way or another.

Allie backstage with JB was good she was really happy about winning the Knockouts Championship. There's no way this is gonna end up well for she's too excited and this is pro wrestling. 

I said it when i reviewed one of these Impacts from June of '16 but whats with the 'moments ago' segments? Anyone who was watching Impact on Pop was watching from the beginning you didn't just flip through the channels and see wrestling on an obscure cable channel and start watching you were watching cuz you watch every week.

The Hardys are feuding with Decay and Rosemary is in Matts house with Reby and the baby. 

DJ Z cuts a promo on winning the X Division Title I missed the match from earlier in the show but DJ Z seems proud of himself and Eddie Edwards told him congrats.

We got balloons and a giant trophy in the ring. We see clips of how Allie won the Knockouts Championship in a complete fluke. Crowd is behind Allie and for winning a championship for just falling on top of somebody she is very happy about her accomplishment. Sienna and Marie storm to the ring, Sienna is upset and I looked it up Sienna was Chmapion and Allie won the championship by pinning Madison Rayne to win the championship. Maria is very mean to Allie poor gal, what did she do so wrong? I'm with @Ultimo Necrohad Allie kicked out at two the place would have lost their mind. Maria is an effective heel cuz I was actually upset at her treatment to poor ole innocent naive Allie. It's a good segment if you haven't seen it you should watch it.

Mike Bennett hands Moose a pipe backstage so I take it they're in a partnership. Bennett is wrestling Bobby Lashley for his World Championship next.

Allie is backstage and she is dejected she starts crying and honestly I don't like it. I stand with Allie. #JusticeFor Allie

I'm putting the video up of the segment of Reby and Rosemary cuz I don't think words do The Broken Hardy stuff justice so one should just watch it. And this sets up the Delete or Decay match.

So now its Lashley defending his TNA World Heavyweight championship against Mike Bennett in the Main Event. The match was fine Lashley retains his title after Moose wouldn't give Bennett the lead pipe and Lashley spears Bennett for the 3. I don't wanna come off as dismissing this match it was fine but thats not to say it wasn't a good match, it was. Lashley is a power wrestler but he also has spreed and agility to go with his strength. For A guy his size he can hit an impressive leap frog. Moose saunters out to ringside and we with the pipe and we go to commercial. We come back from commercial and Bennett is in control of the match. Lashley has the size and strength advantage so Bennett just keeps attacking Lashley not letting up but then he poses and Lashley takers over briefly before Maria gets involved. It's a no DQ match so Maria can get involved. Bennett hits some offense tosses Lashley to the outside as Moose stands around looking opposing Maria clothes lines Lashley from behind. So we are in the gaga portion of the match. I liked it better when Lashley was tossing Bennett around the shop. The action returns to the ring and we start setting up for the aforementioned finish. Perfectly acceptable TV Main Event. After the match Bennett berates Moose, who drops Bennett with a Killer right hand and thats the show. Well the show actually ends with a teaser trailer for Delete or Decay next week.


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