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MLB OFFSEASON (P&C Report 2/14/23)


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1 hour ago, Cobra Commander said:

The Rays are the Tesla of baseball, which means that the people who are really into what the Rays do are really into what the Rays do.

Hopefully the "hire people from the Rays" approach works better than hiring Belichick's assistants/co-workers.

I think the 2008-and-after Rays tree is..

  • Quatraro
  • Montoyo: who lasted 3 1/2 years in Toronto and got bounced despite the team being in contention for a playoff spot
  • Baldelli: who has probably done better than you'd expect in Minnesota despite continuing the Twins franchise tradition of losing playoff series to the Yankees
  • Dave Martinez: who won a World Series with a great midseason turnaround, and has been presiding over the Nats being really godawful since then.
  • Derek Shelton: who is doing as good as you'd expect the Pittsburgh Pirates manager to be doing from 2020 to 2022

With Baldelli/Montoyo/Quatraro with Kevin Cash, while Martinez/Shelton were on staffs with Maddon.

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in all seriousness, hiring Grifol is something that has the potential to irritate various groups of fans depending on how things are going

White Sox fans might be annoyed if they continue to underachieve after hiring Pedro.

some Royals fans might be annoyed if the White Sox do win with Pedro because they'll think that the Royals passed up a Royals guy for Quatraro (of course, the White Sox job has better players right now, and the fact that they didn't get Quatraro probably says something for how dumb their front office is)

of course the reaction now is that the Royals didn't hire Pedro because they wanted to go external, but fans are more than capable of second guessing, like when no shortage of guys leave the Royals and have success elsewhere

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During the press conference introducing Grifol as manager, the White Sox also announced that Charlie Montoyo will be bench coach

The only hold over staff for Chicago will be pitching coach Ethan Katz and bullpen coach Curt Hasler

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Decisions are starting to happen on options

What is known so far

Exercising/Pick Up

  • Tim Anderson - White Sox ($12.5 Club Option)
  • Daniel Vogelbach - Mets ($1.5 Club Option)
  • Sonny Gray - Twins ($12.7 Club Option)
  • Luis Severino - Yankees ($15 Club Option)
  • Aaron Nola - Guardians ($16 Club Option)


  • Chris Bassitt - Mets ($19 mutual option)
  • Nelson Cruz - Nationals ($16 mutual option)
  • Zach Davies - D-Backs (??? mutual option)
  • Andrew Chafin - Tigers ($6.5 mutual option)
  • Wil Myers - Padres ($20 club option)
  • Zach Elfin - Phillies ($15 mutual option)
  • Josh Harrison - White Sox ($5.5 club option)
  • Tommy Pham - Red Sox ($12 mutual option)
  • Dylan Bundy - Twins ($11 club option)
  • Chris Archer - Twins ($10 mutual option)
  • Miguel Sano - Twins ($14 club option)
  • Jean Segura - Phillies ($17 club option)
  • Chris Sale - Red Sox (not opting out)
  • Eric Hosmer - Red Sox (not opting out)
  • Scott Oberg - Rockies ($8 club option)
  • Jorge Soler - Marlins (not opting out)
  • Mike Minor - Reds (??? mutual option)

Opt Outs (Players with Opt Outs have until Nov 10 to decide)

  • Carlos Rodon - Giants
  • Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox
  • Carlos Correa - Twins
  • Jacob DeGrom - Mets
  • Taijaun Walker - Mets
  • Jurickson Profar - Padres
  • Robert Suarez - Padres
  • Anthony Rizzo - Yankees
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With the offseason officially starting - 131 folks are now FAs

FA market doesn't officially open until Nov 10 so right now players can only negotiate with their current club (see the Diaz deal with the Mets)

Nov 10 is also the deadline for opt outs (as mentioned above) options and to offer QOs

Trades can happen immediately

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Some random staffing updates

The Rays have promoted Rodney Linares to be the new bench coach (he was the 3B coach). He replaces Matt Quatraro who left to become Royals manager

Cards have announced the following

  • Matt Holliday will now be Bench Coach
  • Dusty Blake was promoted to Pitching Coach
  • Turner Ward is the new Hitting Coach
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1 minute ago, Cobra Commander said:
The early writer tweets involves pushing the 5th best player on the ballot (McGriff) maybe because he was the 90s guy who treated the baseball writers the best.

It is more that he (supposedly) didn't do PEDs and knowing the voting tendencies of the committee votes

But go with your narrative if you want

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Maybe I was a little unfair to some parts of the writers-sphere since the McGriff HOF vote %s really weren't all that high. But some writers seem to take the approach that the HOF is for supporting nice guys and their buddies as opposed to the best players.

The top 5 similar batters to McGriff on BBRef: McCovey, Stargell, Konerko, Bagwell, and Ortiz.

4 of 5 are in. 2 from the 60s/70s. 1 from the 90s (and it took 7 tries to get Bagwell in somehow), and 1 from the 2000s (David Ortiz, the most popular PED guy of all time)

Year to year, McGriff led the league in 3 statistical categories (HRs in 1989/1992, and games played in 1995). His top hits total in a year was 182. His top HR total was 37. His top RBI total was 107 even while spending 76% of his PAs as a cleanup hitter. But he accumulated numbers because he played forever (2490 hits/493 homers).

He's around a likely/average HOFer in HOF Monitor/Standards, but not close in black/gray ink.

The 8 candidates on the HOF Monitor: Bonds 340 (10th all time for hitters), Clemens 332, Palmeiro 178, Schilling 171, Belle 135, Mattingly 134, Murphy 116, McGriff 100

The 8 candidates in bbRef WAR: Bonds (163), Clemens (139), Schilling (80.5), Palmeiro (72), McGriff (53), Murphy (46.5), Mattingly (42), Belle (40)

McGriff probably does better on a HOF ballot than 12-24% (followed by 40% in his final year) if the strike didn't prevent him from reaching 500 HRs (he was 3 HRs from his career high when the strike happened in 1994 and fell 7 short for his career). I guess that spending a certain percentage of his career in San Diego (a small marker where he was overshadowed by Gwynn, and also he was moved to SD just in time to miss out on the Blue Jays 1991-93 run) and expansion Tampa Bay.

McGriff is the top bbRef WAR guy in regards to candidates who didn't get accused of PED use, suspended for PED use, or didn't spend part of the late 2010s sabotaging their HOF case by tweeting.

Veterans Committees give us stuff like "Hall of Famer Harold Baines" so it's sort of a thing where there'll be some grumbling if any of the 8 get in. If they induct Bonds/Clemens, the writers can just grumble that "they didn't get in the normal way"

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The non-VC part of the BBHOF voting is basically gonna be "will they induct anybody".

Your top 5 bWAR candidates are.. ARod (who is gonna get boycotted), Rolen (who got 63% last time and has a few years to get to 75%), Beltran for the first time, Manny Ramirez (29% last time) and Andruw Jones (41% last time)

Then there's Todd Helton (52% last time), Billy Wagner (51%), and the several % of voters who are okay with Gary Sheffield but not ARod which is a decision.

The two reasons why I have doubts about Beltran being first ballot are (1) the Astros scandal and (2) the electorate, while evolving over time, still took awhile to get Andre Dawson in, and I suspect there's enough voters who won't vote for Beltran for both reasons to keep him out this time around.

So it's possible that Beltre next year is the next BBHOF inductee picked by the writers.

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10 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

just saw this tweet which has info not in Rippa's post-

Paxton team option declined, Sale opts in, and no word on Hosmer (who likely opts in because duh)


I legit forgot about Sale since I feel like he made his announcement like two weeks ago

EDIT - Oh yeah and I am waiting on Paxton since it is a mutual option. Boston declined their part but Paxton hasn't decided on the player option yet ($4 million if he picks it up)

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