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MLB OFFSEASON (P&C Report 2/14/23)


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16 hours ago, BobbyWhioux said:

30 years, time to extort a new stadium from the mayor's office

To be fair - it is more just to extort more money from the state

Maryland ear marked a large chunk of money (like $500 million) dedicated to keeping the Orioles in Baltimore (there is also a separate pool of money earmarked for the Ravens)

As long as the Os were willing to keep agreeing to the extensions - Maryland didn't need to dip into the money.

So this was Baltimore's way of saying "Hold up - let's get that money"

The Angelos - for all their faults - know they have a good thing with Camden Yards. They just don't want to spend their own money to fix it.

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The Padres are weird

They just gave Yu Darvish a 5 year, $90 million extension (he was already under contract for this year so if you see some place say 6 years, that is why)

That means they will be paying Darvish until he is 41

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Other extensions from this week

Astros give Cristian Javier a 5 year extension ($64 million in guarantees). Buys out all his arb years and his first two FA years

Jays extend Bo Bichette. 3 years to buy out all his arbitration years ($33.6 is guaranteed)

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In addition to all the other rules changes happening - MLB’s Joint Competition Committee voted today to

A) make the ghost runner a permanent thing (in regular season games)

B) tweak position players pitching. Now can only happen either in extra innings or if it is the 9th inning and the team is up by 10 or more runs or trailing by 8 or more runs

This ESPN article was written earlier today so it is quasi out of date already 


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