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  1. I'm sorry, but Kendrick and Hero are years past their "top of the card" sell-by date for any national company. Yes, they're more or less contemporaries with Punk and Danielson, but they've also never come close to being as big. (And I say this as a die-hard fan of THE Brian Kendrick, and firm believer that getting a pinfall in that scramble match should make him a former world champ.) They'd be fine at the Lethal/Sydal level of "experienced vet who fills out the upper-lower-middle of the card."
  2. I like the sentence "The Royal Rumble itself is special, because I've won it twice." I know what he really means, but the idea that Randy Orton winning the Rumble twice is what makes it special...
  3. I saw the article, that's what prompted the question. Do they have some preexisting beef? Or is it just one indie promoter taking shots at another?
  4. Red Velvet is the best possible Brandi Rhodes. Their opponents both looked better than either of them.
  5. It's not like they're cutting him. His contract is up, and given that he started in November it's clear it was a short-term thing to begin. He was there for a few months, it didn't work out, and he moved on. That's how contracts work, in sports, entertainment, or just general life. Not every employee is a lifer.
  6. Mentioning of Adam Cole's eyes made me think of something else... did he have shoulder injuries in his past? Because they seem remarkably slender in proportion to the rest of his body (or more accurately, remarkably normal-sized when compared to the oversized pro wrestling standard.)
  7. Any word on Haas's condition? I think he was legit injured from what I heard.
  8. When complaining about Miro losing to Sammy, remember that since then he's had (IIRC) one match with a HEAVILY taped thigh. The guy is clearly recovering from something.
  9. It's much bigger in Canada. There are at least 6 in my city, and we don't even have 150,000 people.
  10. Depends on how sick Cody is. If they expect him to be gone a while, makes sense to do it on the show named Battle of the Belts. When the show was first announced, I thought it was going to be champion vs. champion non-title matches. Since it was of the belts, not for the belts. Then it wasn't til this week I realized the world title match wasn't on this special. I feel like maybe they'd have been better off running the two shows further apart, from a booking perspective if not from a marketing/ratings/tv time perspective.
  11. Team Taz vs. the Factory would be a great series of Dark/Elevation matches that occasionally spill onto TV.
  12. He and Lethal should have been in a trios match with Nash.
  13. Could a promotion work with a "regular season and playoffs" structure, rather than one where the championship is held and defended? Or would that be too hard to book long term?
  14. Fair warning - she was Allie, not "the Bunny." Sweet, put-upon assistant to Maria. I won't say any more than that because it's a fun storyline, just don't expect the same character.
  15. If the WWE is going to headhunt Jade, please by all means let them do it. Then AEW can sign her when they inevitably release her a year or two down the road after getting more experience. They're not getting much use out of their developmental system, but maybe AEW can.
  16. Is WrestleHouse 2 ongoing? I don't have cable so I'm hoping they'll put it all on YouTubeat some point like they did the first one.
  17. Peak Rey was great, but while I know some folks think older, slower, bulkier Rey is the bomb, I just don't see it. I think the last time Rey was involved in something that had me actively interested, it was getting fed to Cena at the start of them fucking up Punk's Summer of Punk run. And that was, what, ten years ago? Maybe if he'd gotten a change of scenery and wound up in LU or something he would have had some interesting storylines to work with, but he's basically just been a half-sized Big Show in terms of "floating around the midcard, then getting plugged into a main event storyline when they have nothing else to do." And being used to get his son over isn't doing his legacy any favours either.
  18. I question having teams named the Influence and the IInspiration in the same match. If nothing else it could have been built to with a sub-Midnight Express vs Midnight Express storyline.
  19. It just occurred to me that one reason to hold of on Page vs Cole is that poor JR would have to call the match. Anyone who remembers Benoit vs Jericho knows what I'm talking about.
  20. I'm just gonna throw my hat in the ring with "Johnny Wrestling" as Morrison's new name. From WrestleMania 2021 to Released 2021 Riott Strowman Morrison Wyatt Jax Bryan Lana Billie Kay Two more and you hit double digits.
  21. You did see the giant wrap he had on his thigh in that match, right? Considering he was mostly off tv in the weeks leading up to being slotted into Moxley's spot, it wouldn't surprise me if he needs some time to heal up and they just used him because it was an emergency.
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