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  2. I'm still in the middle of a re-read, and, man, that's a book that has not held up to my memories of it. It's still great, but... genre writing in the 60s is tropey as Hell. And there are whole chapters where I was just groaning at how they unfold. Hope the movie doesn't hew too closely to the source.
  3. I really liked Flight until the way too neat and stupid climax.
  4. Power Hour was an important show at one point.
  5. WHAT IS THIS WORLD. Sunday 3:05pm, The National Football Conference Championship Sunday 6:40pm, The American Football Conference Championship
  6. Today
  7. I hope so, but they've said that multiple times over the last ~10-15 years, and it's been either complete bullshit or quickly dropped. ---- I believe Wonder Woman Earth One Vol 3 has been fully written already. Also it's going to be Rags' last project for DC at least for awhile as well.
  8. UFC Fight Night on ESPN 20: Chiesa vs. Magny January 20, 2021 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UFC Fight Island - Etihad Arena) Michael Chiesa vs. Neil Magny Warlley Alves vs. Mounir Lazzez Isaac Villanueva vs. Vinicius Moreira Roxanne Modafferi vs. Viviane Araújo Matt Schnell vs. Tyson Nam Lerone Murphy vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade ESPN/ESPN+ Preliminary Card: Omari Akhmedov vs. Tom Breese Ricky Simón vs. Gaetano Pirrello Su Mudaerji vs. Zarrukh Adashev Dalcha Lungiambula vs. Markus Perez Francisco Nazareno vs. Jerome Rivera Mike Davis vs. Mason Jones
  9. Hadn't realized it even came back. Wondering when everything else does.
  10. Play this over the weekend and loved every bit of it. Trailer doesn't do it justice. Dug the aesthetic, thought the writing was smart, the gameplay loop is pretty damn interesting, and the whole thing is wrapped in a brain-twisting sci-fi adventure out of a Kubrick movie. Basic plot: woman named En goes on an adventure to a remote part of space looking for the secret of immortality promised her by her grandfather, the cult leader. What she finds is a man-made space station that looks like an enormous palace and is run by a defective AI and "clones" of En made out of black goo
  11. More like Khan reading my post above, amirite?
  12. Nobody asked, but I'll beat that dead horse: AEW (read, Tony) need to remember that matches can end on disqualification, countout, rollup (as stated above), any other way then somebody hitting their finisher and getting a pin. Give it some surprise and spontaneity. I understand that they wanna do the ROH clean match, always a fair winner thing, but it's frankly boring. Piss the fans off every once in awhile, have them crave a rematch, cheat someone for heat. I'd even take a Dusty Finish if it's done with the right people.
  13. Don't worry the homeless Jays won't be getting anyone. Not great to try and sell players on the future when you don't even know if you will be able to play in Toronto in 2022 let alone 2021
  14. WCW always pulled weird shit like that. I recently rewatched the match from 1990 when Arn beats Muta for the TV title, and even back then I wondered "Why the fuck is this on Power Hour?"
  15. Upon hearing this, I've picked up the original novelization, as I'd never read it. IIRC, Youtube has the film up for free on their Youtube movies channel.
  16. Thoughts here: Big Josh was Borne getting a job from Dusty because he'd been good to Dustin in Texas. It's actually actively tricky for a ten year + vet like Borne to work a gimmick where he basically didn't know how to wrestle. Probably the highlight of the character would be the 2/3 falls match with Arn, right? Or the crazy "Why is this on the main event!" thundercage six man with Dustin/Zenk/Josh vs the York Foundation. I like the fact that one of the year-long storylines of 91 was Rich and Josh being friends and then Rich selling out and Josh having to fight his f
  17. I went on a big Bagge run last march during the initial lockdown. I bought a ton of the trades for a decent price.
  18. The WWE has announced both Jeff Hardy and Peyton Royce as declaring for their respective Rumbles ahead of RAW They join Jey Uso and Cesaro who each declared during SDL (Since we haven't updated the master list yet)
  19. That was the coolest roll-up sequence ever. From 17:25 on is awesome.
  20. DUNE is on my shortlist and since I am on a "staycation" that should definitely be doable.
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