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If I made a list today with my thoughts it would look like this (ask me in a week and the bottom half might be different but the top five will probably be the same and the top two have been set in my mind for a long time)

1: Terry Funk - Could work up and down the card, any where in the world, pretty much any style and has longevity over almost everyone. 

2: Eddie Guerrero - I'm biased as he's my favorite but like Terry could work anywhere and any way. 

3: Kazuchika Okada - By the time he is done he might be the best ever, an amazing array of matches with every type of opponent, it's amazing to be able to watch him do his thing and follow it all.

4: Jushin Thunder Liger - the bar for Jr Heavyweights he has longevity on his side and can still go when needed (See his Ishimori match this year) will be sad to see him retire but he has earned it. 

5: Shinya Hashimoto - The Strong Style standard bearer in my opinion, he worked the 90's NJPW style to perfection.

6: Bret Hart - Best in-ring WWF/E champion ever, could work with anyone, did a great job of making everything in matches matter and would change how he won which is still refreshing and wish more guys would win any way they could rather than just finishers.

7: Daniel Bryan - Basically modern day Bret Hart, he'd be higher than Bret if it wasn't for some of the unnecessary risks he has taken in his career, which if he hadn't done he'd probably be in the top five since he wouldn't have missed so much of his prime with injuries.

8: Andre the Giant - best at the big monster style, I love me some Vader but I'll take a healthy Andre match over a Vader match everyday and Vader was strongly in contention to make this list. 

9: LA Park - I don't watch as much Lucha as I should but I will always watch LA Park, he can bring hate like few others and is able to convey so much through body language, his brawls are must watch.

10: Dustin Rhodes - the last spot was the hardest and maybe I'm just being sentimental cause I can see the reasons to not put Dustin in the top ten but he has been top level since he started and has been fairly consistent over his career, it's a shame he had so many personal problems that cost him large chunks of time but when he is on he will not have a bad match.

I had a hard time keeping Tanahashi, Finlay, Rey, Regal and Vader off but I'm pretty happy with this list 

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Feeling Cute, might delete later.

1. Daniel Bryan - His ROH run as champion was my first true experience buying into a “Best in the World” Ace-type figure. He was the man and I really bought into his style. I really started getting infatuated with slower paced movies and compared to what I knew at the time, Bryan Danielson was like the Tarkovsky of Wrestling. Now fast forward to his WWE career. Sadly, I wasn’t in a good place in life and didn’t watch too much wrestling. So I missed a good chunk of the Yes! movement. But Revisiting it all, how cool has his ride been. His return match had a bit too much Shane, but I still had such chills. Turning him Heel I thought his eco-warrior gimmick was going to be so stupid, but he is so charismatic that he is my favorite thing to watch right now.

2. Mic Foley - All versions of him pump me up. Greatest promos, especially as different characters. Hell in a Cell vs The Undertaker is a Top 5 match for me. Mic could be so sympathetic while also being terrifyingly ruthless. Plus, I’m an instant he could add a touch of comedy. 

3. The Rock - As an 8 year old he would get me so excited that I would run around the house.

4. Kenta Kobashi - I like chops. It’s fun to watch him go from Misawa’s partner diving on top of him to protect him to becoming the old ace chopping the heck out of people. Such a fun journey. I really enjoy his NOAH work.

5. Stan Hansen - @Oyaji‘s List eloquently says how Hansen is a badass better than I could.

6. Ric Flair - The showmanship of Flair was so great, and yet his bits and signatures wouldn’t get in the way of his matches. Maybe the GOAT. I wasn’t a WCW kid growing up, so I didn’t watch much of his late 90’s work. But going through his NWA and early WCW work was a treat. It was clear to see how special he was. I was also big on his Evolution role.

7. Toshiaki Kawada / Mitsuharu Misawa - Yes, it’s a cop out for me to say both in a spot, but I feel they go so hand in hand that I can cheat with this. They worked so well together. It’s a type of wrestling a really love, which is a struggle to build off each other’s moves and letting everything look like it was earned. Kawada being such a rebellious badass trying to overcome the stoic Ace, Misawa. 

8. Terry Funk - My dude @Oyaji‘s List again states Terry Funk perfectly.

9. Jushin Liger - Best mask in wrestling. My favorite junior. A total legend.

10. Roddy Piper - A complete POS. He could rile any crowd up. Someone crazy enough to pull hair or bite and not look like a wimpy heel. Just an abrasive ass. 


That was a tough one. I look at a list like this as being “Favorite” is different than a historic GOAT list. These are guys that got me to fist pump over the years.

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No order, US-based only, because I don’t wanna speak out of my depth and I’m a real sucker for a good promo:

Randy Savage

Chris Jericho

Rey Mysterio Jr
Owen Hart
Daniel Bryan
Ric Flair
Eddie Guerrero 
Dusty Rhodes
Curt Hennig
Honorable mentions to Rude and HBK.
Hot Take Honorable Mention: Brock Lesnar.
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Flair's number one with a bullet. 

Other nine are comprised roughly of Austin, Rock, Eddy, Hansen, Terry Funk, Kawada, Sting, Vader, Bockwinkel. 

I was 12/13 when Austin became the most over dude I'd ever seen in wrestling (not old enough to see that Hogan fucker on top, sorry) and, at that age, how could he not be my guy? That being said, I was also 12/13 when DX got big and they were fucking shite even at that age. I recently re-watched a bunch of 1998 Raws, most of it is the fucking shits but the Austin/Vince stuff still holds up for the most part but DX was as pish as it was when I was 13.

Terry Funk is pretty much the greatest professional wrestler who ever lived but Flair's still my number one for reasons. 

Of the whole Kawada/Kobashi/Misawa/Taue etc. shebang, Kawada was always my fucking dude. 

The rest are the rest.

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9 hours ago, Fuzzy Dunlop said:

Terry Funk is pretty much the greatest professional wrestler who ever lived but Flair's still my number one for reasons. 

Word. I’m as big of a critic of Flair’s repetitious matches as anyone but the fact of the matter is there’s never been a time when I haven’t been entertained by him

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Okay, after much thought.... No particular order, when you're this good trying for an order is just silly.

Johnny Valentine - The greatest ring presence ever. 

Jumbo Tsuruta - The greatest wrestler who ever lived. 

Kasuchika Okada - The Jumbo of this generation.

Jushin Liger - For thirty years he has been the pinnacle of the juniors. 

Tatsuya Naito - Best tweener to ever live. Who else could spit at the crowd and have them cheer him five minutes later?

Arn Anderson - When you look up "pro wrestler" there should be a picture of Arn Anderson. 

Dump Matsumoto - The greatest heel ever, terrified audiences (with good reason, she thought nothing of dealing out random whacks with her kendo stick for reasons)

Akira Hokuto - The flame only burned for a short time, but my God, it was brilliant while it lasted.

Mitsuhara Misawa & Toshiaki Kawada - Okay, I'm cheating, but if you were into tape trading in the 1990s, there's no way that you can separate this duo.

Hiroshi Tanahashi - He made NJPW watchable during it's very worst period.  At 44 he can still go.


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I liked the hot take idea above. Here are 10 of mine. 10 guys who weren’t always perfect, but always a pleasant surprise whenever they popped up. It stills applies when they appear every now and then on DVD or something.


The Headhunters               }any of  

SST/New Wild Samoans   } them 

Tracy Smothers

Steve Strong

Cactus Jack

Abdullah the Butcher (forgetting his pathetic, controversial recent times)


The Angel of Death

David Schultz

Wow when you try to do a list of dark horses it ends up heavy on the sports entertainment/gimmicky/crazy end. Doing straight working like this is hard because did, say, Tommy Rodgers have that fewer many good matches than, say, Chris Benoit? No...they’re just not all a click away.






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Bobby Heenan

















Curt Hennig



Terry Funk


and of course, Billie Kaye 😉

[and yes, I'm mad at myself for the 20 or so HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THIS GUY OUT names that I left out like Austin, Arn, Regal, Dusty, Bigelow, etc.  Comedy Jobbers are always dear to me and Richards is absolutely my favorite comedy jobber so I feel terrible about leaving him out, too.]

[and don't ask me to put hard numbers on any of these because besides Heenan and possibly Bret it's constant flux]

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