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  1. 3:22 And what a great promo. That could have been 1 of the scariest promos ever done had they took it seriously but of course you can say that about most of Cactus Jack in WCW.
  2. I mean psychology even in 2:57...going for leap frog stand still twice in a row and nope. Not going to work against the SST. Also I miss heels coming down the plain concrete or wood aisle out of the darkness surrounded by security, who went back and forth between protecting the wrestlers because the fans wanted to kill them and protecting the fans because they were scared that the wrestlers might kill them. And managers raising hell the whole time like it was no big deal from the time they appeared, through the match and to the time that they disappeared.
  3. The shows went back and forth between the 3 tiers over time depending on who was in charge, baseball, whether or not your champion was in the WWF or not, etc. I probably never saw the Power Hour as it aired. I only saw it whenever my Uncle taped it and in my mind back then everything was an A show.
  4. If this was posted forgive me but I saw many SST videos here were unavailable now. This is just so awesome. I remember watching this as a youngun knowing it was what we grew up to call a squash, yet I watched it from the start just to see what the actual heck would happen next. It was 2:57 and it felt like forever. Best sub 3 minute match ever lol!
  5. Not a C show but I wanted to share this cool match where JR also talks about Hulk Hogan, SMW, and references NJPW.
  6. I was thinking about him! I left him off because he never came on before or after football or rasslin but he is out of that same mold definitely. Loved him.
  7. I just heard about Betty White, who obviously went the same week as John Madden. What a thing. Who is left from the middle aged/upper aged bunch that we all grew up with, probably watching wrestling right before or right after they came on??? We also lost Bobby Bowden this year.
  8. Kirk has been judged unfairly by many because he made serious money without taking a single jab below the belt. That’s why people hate him. I don’t know how they can say it’s about his vaccination thing or his play on the field because they hated him before both of those things took a dump. Now with that said, the Vikings probably have a better chance to win Sunday because they don’t have the option to throw the ball and eff it up. Now with that said said, the Vikings will probably still try to throw the ball and eff it up.
  9. Right...I treaded lightly when I said I don’t necessarily know what that amounts to. I suspected that they knew and just didn’t give a damn any more than the league did for the same reason. The John Madden documentary is on again if anybody missed it. A cool thing about this documentary is the B roll footage of him and whoever announcing. They’re all over that place talking and pointing at the game in the upper deck before it was some exclusive cozy booth, with the same intensity as if they were coaching or sitting on the 50 yard line as a fan all in. Meanwhile the whole upper deck looked like there was a terrorist attacking going on that the 2 announcers had no clue about because they were so into the game. That’s what’s missing today!
  10. What a truth bomb this is. I guess it’s no surprise that a 90s football game is being blamed for head trauma. 90s video games were blamed for everything else that ever happened for a long time. I believe the NFL knew about concussions but I believe the players did to. What that amounts to I honestly don’t know, it’s just what I believe.
  11. John Madden was a huge Bobby Heenan fan. I’m sure everybody here remembers that story but I mention it to explain that what John Madden had was...IT. He was like a face version of Bobby. He even looked kind of like Bobby. Everything he ever said or did was uplifting and encouraging from yelling as a coach to laughing as a commentator. The only thing he ever did that didn’t do those things was die. I just loved the guy and will miss him.
  12. I watched this for the first time I’ve watched a main WWE show since the Bret Hart RAW I think. I don’t think I’d ever watched a Smackdown being a WCW fan who didn’t get UPN. I’d probably watch now but I usually work Friday nights. The Paul Heyman angle looked pretty good. My heart jumped a little when I seen the WCW footage. What I really couldn’t believe was the technology lol! One guy’s entrance cost more than an hour’s worth of TV that I grew up watching on Sundays.
  13. If anybody ever saw that old show NFL Top 10, they made whoever was talking look like this or that depending on the mood of that episode. When they put that dim lighting on Mark Madden a few times he looked like straight death.
  14. Apparently Mark Madden was on Flair’s Podcast? Wow I wouldn’t have guessed that Ric Flair could tolerate him. Gosh knows I can’t. They gave a list of the best sellers which was also weird as Ric isn’t a list guy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him do one. Does anybody have Sabu in their sellers list? It sounds wrong to put him in the list I know because it seems like what he’s actually famous for disqualifies him by default. There’s also the fact that he was really in pain lol! But if you ask me you can’t argue with the end result. Sabu rolling around like a snake who’d just been ran over was as selling as it gets IMO.
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