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  1. Watching uso vs dolph on smack down. With all the wrestlers and talent that have been let go, I see no justification for why dolph wasn’t one of them. What the hell does the dude even bring to the table anymore? He is the wrestling equivalent of watching paint dry. You had a window to do something with him years ago but that shit is CLOSED.I don’t get it
  2. I know it’s been joked about, but you really could have a decent startup for a new promotion based solely on releases
  3. Credit to Sting for changing up the paint to look like Darby. Subtle thing that brings Allen up a notch
  4. Look, I’m 40 years old and I look worse then Chris Jericho does. I barely step out of my shower without covering up. But is it really that out of line that lapsed fans who may not have seen him in years would be shocked that a dude who used to wrestle for a cruiser weight title has a beer gut? for the record, wrestling should have more fat guys. For every dude with a six pack, there should be a mick foley or a Samoa joe. And if you can go in the ring, who gives a shit what you look like? I don’t think it’s unreasonable a casual fan would be all “what the hell?” When they haven’t seen someone in a while. I watch all the time and ric flair horrifies me when they trot him out. We all laughed at hbk doing the job to his hairline earlier in year. Why is Jericho exempt from criticism
  5. Is there anyone not named Jared Leto who was really calling for this?
  6. so....they are going to destroy the WWE and burn it all to the ground and cause chaos and such....and pose for official photos? God I hate this angle
  7. As someone who initially hated the idea of him being involved in any way, I don't think this is wrong at all. The dude just gets it. The Cole match was leagues better then it had any right to be, and there is clearly still legs to him being involved. Plus he is helping get more TV time to Lorcan and Burch, which is always a good thing.
  8. Everything involving Moxley and Kingston was solid gold. I don't even want them to get physical between now and Full Gear. Just keep giving me promos like this and I'll give you my money. And also pure money was the introduction of Kenny Omega. This is an Omega I can get behind, and the line about how he once wrestled in north carolina was hilarious. And then he just kicked Sonny's ass, which was needed if he's leveling up. More of this, please. I know there are some people who are going to rave about the song and dance, but I'll be the out of touch old man and not get it at all. I like Jericho, I like MJF but my god did I hate this. But I'll file this under "clearly not for me" and go yell at some clouds
  9. AEW crowds, when we are back to normal, please chant "big muscle tits" at Wardlow. Thank you so much. PS, Mr John Silver, can you work that into the next BTE somehow?
  10. I was AT THIS SHOW. Jesus H Christ this is my 7th circle of wrestling hell to watch the god damn man of war vs the dumpster in the match that wouldn't die. Giant Gonzales vs Virgil was the previous holder of that crown then this shit show happened. No one went home happy this day, my friends. No one
  11. This drives me nuts. Why? Why turn him? You want Otis to be a single? Is there a reason he can’t have a friend? One of the best things about heavy machinery is that these guys feel like good friends who have each other’s backs. The world doesn’t need Otis vs Tucker. Let’s be honest, the window of Vince giving a shit about Otis is probably closing. Cesaro and Nakamura going to need to challengers soon! Damn “creative” drives me insane sometimes
  12. Happy....dancing.....Abdullah. I think this just broke my brain
  13. So that's clearly Mia Yim, Merceds Martinez, Dijakovic, Mojo, and tall guy #5. I like all these people. Especially tall guy #5. Big star, that guy. But seriously so the fuck what? Why are they so mad? When were they discarded or whatever? And it was bad enough when this group of dangerous outsider renegades got their own video packages highlighting the "invasion" but now they have their own logo? I mean, this angle gets dumber by the week
  14. Is it current Al Snow owned OVW or Danny Davis/Jim Cornette run?
  15. I was honestly stunned at a random house show at the Yum Center a few years ago how much people just HATED Aiden English. He was with Rusev but we hadn't started really appreciating Rusev Day yet. Literally any time Aiden moved the crowd lost their shit and were screaming all kinds of obscenities at him. Dude is really underrated and honestly I would sign him over Miro at this point
  16. So, at this point, is there ANY payoff that can come to the retribution story that makes this worthwhile? I've seen names thrown around like Dijakovic, Mia Yim, Chelsea Green, Dio Madden and can't help but think....so? I like all those people but if they are under the hoods then who the hell even cares? When one of them speared a guy during an attack a few weeks ago, had the thought that Roman in charge of them could be interesting but that is clearly out the window. Sami Zayn continuing his "Liberator" shtick with a group of goons to do his bidding to right the wrongs he sees in WWE could be interesting but he seems to be tied up with Jeff Hardy(not that I'm complaining about that). These geeks attack people, they start to chase down Garza and the blonde and.....we don't see anything else? It's clear there is no real plan and we are not advancing the story at all. You want me to give even a little bit of a shit at this point, you got to give me SOMETHING. Otherwise I don't think anyone would complain if these fools went back to Poochie's home planet and were never seen again
  17. That kid in the Simmons video might be my favorite fan reaction ever. He is ready to explode he is so god damn happy. Our weird current era aside, that’s one of the biggest things missing from the modern era. Moments that just make you so fucking happy that “my guy” finally won, or that fucking prick that I absolutely hate got his ass kicked. They still happen. I felt it when I was there live when Bryan won at mania 30. But I’d be hard pressed to think of another since then. We need more moments like that kid and less “this is awesome”
  18. As much as I would have wanted to see that, I loved his call of "RUMBLE YOUNG MAN, RUMBLE" while the kid was going apeshit. Maybe he has at some point, but I almost feel like Joe needs to address why he's commentating now and why he's not involved. Since when the never ending Monday Night Messiah angle started, he got involved physically and stood up to Seth. Then he disappears and comes back to commentating. At least throw something out like "the powers that be said I can't touch anybody. My job is to talk now." Something.
  19. That is a name I never got. I assume you want to pay homage to his uncle? NAME THE KID BARRY. No wonder the dude is such a weirdo
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