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  1. oh my god, i didn't realize how much I needed a live action Phantasm in the reevesverse until right now. It would be so easy to do and WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS RIGHT NOW
  2. I need to know what Terry's shirt says in full, cause we all know it's awesome
  3. That shirt is incredible
  4. God I love that scene too. Especially Alfred's reaction. Everything about this is just PERFECT. God, i need to go watch this again
  5. Mask of the Phantasm is arguably the best Batman movie, animation or otherwise. My god, the scene where Bruce is at his parents grave begging them to tell him its ok to stop being Batman is so heart wrenching. Best work Kevin Conroy has ever done.
  6. Hats off to FTR for the Hall inspired vests. These dudes kill it without fail in their legends inspired gear
  7. The whole thing just screams a work to me. As was mentioned, the interview with Helwani(and let;s just be honest, everything we seem of MJF)is in kayfabe. He always mentions how he wants more money and knows he can get it. Since we never see the "real" MJF, why not leak a story or two that he "really" wants more money and is pissed he's not getting it.Yes this brings up the question of why work fans in the first place, but it's 445 a.m. as I'm typing this, so clearly they can get people talking. Mission accomplished?
  8. Im just glad they finally acknowledged Bron is Rick's kid. I accept we are never going to get a name change, but thank god they at least pointed it out
  9. Just started to watch Death on the Nile on HBOMAX, and Poirot's moustache has an origin story. Five billion stars just for that
  10. I feel bad I can't bring myself to care about this show. I'll admit 2.0 is getting better then the dumpster fire it started as, but it still ain't any great shakes. Feels like this will be the last hurrah for Ciampa and Grimes. LA vs Gunther should be solid.
  11. Much like Jim Cornette said, he was the guy who worked with the guy who drew the money. And there's nothing wrong with that
  12. Is it me, or does Mr Cage look like John Travolta in those pictures
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