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  1. Fuck Ohio? Tell me more, cause this sounds awesome!
  2. Having had my own battles with depression and mental health, my god did I feel "I don't deserve it. Who's going to try to rip this from me?" Eddie is fucking awesome and I respect the guy for being so open about his struggles.
  3. Clearly I missed that. Thank you! it’s a stupid reason, but it’s something!
  4. I think what annoys me most is we have no idea why Sonya even hates Naomi? She talks all the time, why can't she just do one promo where she says "Let me tell you about this bitch..." i don't even care at this point if its a stupid reason. Just give me a reason!
  5. There's no legit reason for him not to be there. None. The story and crowd response was RIGHT THERE and WWE just said "fuck it" and put him in a god damn battle royal. Makes no damn sense
  6. I'm not crying, you're crying. Why is it so damn dusty in this room?
  7. Christ, i just can't bring myself to care at all about this show. E vs Reigns was a potential wrestlemania headliner. Now it's thrown out on this PPV at a time when neither dude should be losing and the end result will be forgotten about five minutes after the show ends. Every person on this board can come up with better stakes and better ways to make this brand vs brand bullshit actually mean something while the "creative" department just throws shit out on Twitter, changes it later in the day, and then wonders why no one cares about these tag matches. Those interviews with Becky about Charlotte are actually interesting. Kinda make me want to see the match. Why are they not cutting promos like this on television? Why are they not using the hours of footage they have of Becky and Charlotte to make this crap compelling? Again, literally every person on this board could put five minutes of thought and make a more compelling reason for this match to happen then we have seen on TV. I don't remember a time when I was more frustrated with the current product or cared less about a PPV
  8. between NXT 2.0 and this situation, it just really disheartens me as a fan. What incentive do I have as a fan to get invested in anyone, since Vince or Nick can wake up on the wrong side of the bed and release someone? Kahn says that there will be more callups from NXT soon. Why should I look forward to any of them, since they will probably be fired or sent to Main Event purgatory for God knows how long? I love Swerve to death, but @Hagan is spot on, him and Adonis will be on main event filling the spot that Lucha House Party occupied by the Rumble if not sooner. We can all agree that Steiner's kid is great, but they've already done stupid shit with him(everything involving Chucky on Halloween Havoc is indefensable) and we all know there's more to come. I wish I could get more into AEW. There are great things and great wrestlers there(Punk, Cole, Dragon, Dustin, Miro, Malaki, etc)but it's just not for me like it is for so many of you. This is the most disheartened I have felt about the future of wrestling in a long time. How many of these guys cut are just going to fade away from the business all together? This just all sucks
  9. “SHOOT IT, FATBOY” Is often quoted by my brother and I over the years. I know in my neither are good movies, but I’ve seen them both roughly 500 times
  10. Note to WWE, its obvious you don't give a shit about the women's tournament. Don't book the damn thing if you ain't actually going to put effort into it. And please dear god in the name of all things good and holy, do not do what I think you're going to do and give us King Jinder. I'm sure he's a nice guy and people backstage like the guy. But god damnit he just sucks in every way possible. Finn, Woods, Film something backstage with Sami and make it look like he's there, literally EVERY OTHER OPTION IS BETTER. Please no Jinder
  11. If I could have one wish for all movies going forward, it would be for this trend to die a fiery death. I hate these slowed down covers that turn up in seemingly every movie and every trailer. Granted, it was well done(in my opinion)for this film, but it needs to stop from here on
  12. I want both AEW and WWE to succeed and have great ratings, blow away matches, and for fans of each promotion to watch their show and have the time of their lives.
  13. My only issue with this, is can't he explain this? We can't get a vignette or something where he explains where the name came from? I like the name, I like the history and I like Lee. Just take two minutes, Monday Night Raw, and EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT
  14. Watching uso vs dolph on smack down. With all the wrestlers and talent that have been let go, I see no justification for why dolph wasn’t one of them. What the hell does the dude even bring to the table anymore? He is the wrestling equivalent of watching paint dry. You had a window to do something with him years ago but that shit is CLOSED.I don’t get it
  15. I know it’s been joked about, but you really could have a decent startup for a new promotion based solely on releases
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